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My Favorite things about xl 106.7

check out there web sight

go here to there web page its way better then mine tho.

Well I Hope You Enjoy This Page!

in this very room you will find awesome things on some djs i think are kool. so take a look around and enjoy!

aight i will start off and tell you who the people you here on the air. heres how i thought of them in order okie dokie?

Kid Cruz~~ aight now kid cruz is tight. hes so kool. and he is funny too. he does the hot 9 at 9 my fav thing he does. cause it gives the listeners a chance to introduce a song and say hello to a friend.

johnny magic~~ i like to listen to him and doc holiday when i get up at 6:30am for school and leave around 7:30am so check out the morning show some time on 106.7 FM. oh yea it goes until 9am.

doc holiday~~ hes nice and a really outgoing person well at least at the nsync concert at disney world thats the first time i ever met the guy.and hes also on air with johnny magic its called the DOC AND JOHNNY MORNING SHOW!

marianne marosan~~ now shes on the morning show too but she does the news and im glade she does cause i dont watch news on tv cause its boring but she makes it haev more excitement. so check her out sometime.

buckethead!~~ ok bucketheads on the morning show too but hes kinda in da background but i still like it when he talks cause when he does hes says nuttin but funny stuff. and i love his name buckethead its so cute.and finally someone else agrees on me that wrestling is a sport! cause i love wrestling and dats what im gonna be.and nuttins gonna stop me

hildi~~ now she is on the air for the all reqest lunh and most of the day. now if you wanna here some good music listen to her while you do whatever. shes kind. and a kool dj.

stan "the monkey boy"~~in the mornings on the weekends you will find stan "the monkey boy" playing your favorite bands and songs.and he does club xl mixes.

adam cook~~ now you can listen to him on your way home from school if yas a teenager and he will brighten your day. i always listen to him on my way home from school. and hes funny and check him out cause he will play anything they have that you wanna listen too.

pete de graaff~~ ok hes on 1-3pm and on weekend nights. the time i get to listen to him is on the weekends on the party zone at 6. you get your songs but with a faster beat and i think its a tight job almost all the djs have there own little time on air.

uncle johnny~~ cant sleep? tune into him and he will make you lol about just any old thing. i listen to him alote when i am still doing my home work or i wake up and forget about doing my home work.

gary holms~~ ok now he does the other half of the party zone. hes kool i have listen to him a few times. but i give him mad props for saying he would be a wcw wrestler if he was not a dj. i love wrestling as you can now see so its kool djs i like are into wrestling.

nikki night~~ ok now she has come up with a new version of summer girls but its called summer boys. i love the song i wish they would play it more on xl but i understand why.she plays all alternative at 8pm. on sundays i like the music thought i would never listen to that type boy was i wrong p.s nikki make some more songs your good at it!

ok now i have been listen to xl for the longest time and i really enjoy listening to them that is why i decided to make a page about them YES i have done some reasurch about them but thats cause there not stuck up. i would not ever do this for stuck up djs i have run into a couple local djs. and thanks for playing the best music and thanks for letting me start my day off good. i found out if i dont listen to you guys i have a bad day at school and sometimes when i listen to you in school i get in trouble but oh well. i stay outta more trouble when i listen to you guys so thanks a million!