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My Spain pics

Well most of my friends wanted pics.. so here they are..

This is darrell and elaina during our last night.. all dressed up!

this is pic of Lindsay, colleen and Elaina

these are some of the other people.

this is me and colleen all dressed up in our pretty spanish skirts.

this is a group of us waiting for our teachers at a cathedral

this is annoying paige.. he liked to hang out in our hotel room alot.. and draw penis' with toothpaste on our windows.

this is the coolest thing i've ever seen.. a catepillar orgy@#$%^

this is dave sleeping on the bus.. we have lots of pics of people sleeping.. cuz thats all we did on the bus.

LOOK!@#$%^ asses asses heheh

welp, this is all of us everysingle one of us weirdos..

the boys and girl having a huge beer!!!

this is colleen once again what a sexy bitch@@

this is eric wif his pretty hair during chicken day heheh

mm sexy colleen on a bus.. hehe sleeping elaina aswell

look at what a weirdo darrell is

look jon jon and vish vish.. vish always poses for pics.. hehe

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