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Sam, sammy, sammy sue

OTay most people would call me pathetic and low, as which Erica did the other night, but when you have nothing better to don't really care, plus when people get so gay that you can make a page of them... you might as well.. now this will probably be considered as me starting shit.. but considering .. when you've lost all respect for both people.. meh.. Now, i do have so little bitty wince of respect for erica.. as she never took sides.. so.. unless i get pissed off at her.. for some strange reason.. her pics will not be on this section.. unless they include erica was a good friend till the end.. (i sound like we were dating)also for her and her friends like megan and cindy.. couldnt care less about them.. just sam!@#$% but yeah.. Sam deserves it all till the last drop.. (the times when the shit wont dissolve)but yeah.. this is sum pics i fucted with.. pretty gay and all.. but heh.. brought me joy..Enjoy =P~~~.

i will add more pics as soon as i scan em =]

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