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(Courtesy of Lynda Bigler)

This is the first of a series of articles about Advancement opportunities and procedures. If you ever have any questions about Advancement in general or your advancement in particular, call Mrs. Bigler at 636-8660 or ask her at a meeting.
PART I. THE TRAIL TO FIRST CLASS: Tenderfoot, Second Class, First Class
Most boys who stay in scouting earn their First Class rank in less than 18 months. The younger boys benefit from parental encouragement as well as assistance from the other boys in their troop.

  1. Requirements for the ranks of Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class may be worked on, completed, and signed off at the same time. A boy does not need to reach one rank before working on another. Example: First Aid requirements for all three ranks can be learned, completed and signed off at the same time.
  2. As soon as a boy has mastered a requirement, he should demonstrate that requirement's skills to a boy holding First Rank or higher. If he is successful in demonstrating the skill correctly, the older scout will put his initials and the date in the younger scout's book. That requirement is then considered completed or EARNED.
  3. When a boy has had a requirement signed off, he should show his book to Mrs. Bigler who will then update her records and the Troop Advancement Board.
  4. When all requirements for a rank have been earned, the scout should ask the Scoutmaster for a conference. During the Scoutmaster's Conference, the scout will be asked questions about what he learned to earn that rank and how he feels about his scouting experience.
  5. After completing the Scoutmaster's Conference, the boy should let Mrs. Bigler know he needs a Board of Review. At a Board of Review, the boy meets with three to five adults who will again question him about what he learned to earn the rank. He will also be asked to voice any concerns he has about the troop or other problems he may be facing in the troop. The boy will also be asked to share what he has enjoyed about scouting and if there are any improvements he could make in the troop.
  6. The scout will be awarded his rank patch and card at either the next available meeting or the next Court of Honor. However, it is the day of his Board of Review which counts for rank advancement, NOT THE DAY HE RECEIVES HIS PATCH AND CARD. If the scout was awarded his patch and advancement card at a meeting, he will again be recognized at the next Court of Honor, but will not receive a second patch and advancement card at that time.
  7. Keep all rank advancement and merit badge cards in a safe place such as a safe deposit box or some other place where they will not get lost. Should a boy go for his Eagle rank, these cards can be used to check against the boy's Council records if necessary.
  8. Merit badges can be earned at any time. However, merit badges are earned just for fun before a boy has attained First Class rank. A boy must earn a specific number of merit badges to advance to each rank higher than first class - and those earned before he is First Class count toward later advancement. They should not be a boy's primary focus during the trail to First Class.


The following Merit Badges have NEW or CHANGED requirements:

Bird Study Communications** Electronics Environmental Science** Graphic arts Journalism Rowing Skating Small-Boat Sailing Snow Sports (previously Skiing) Theater Water-skiing

**Eagle Required.
If you are working on one of these badges right now, STOP! New books are not yet available for all of them. We DO have new books for the Eagle Required and have access to the new requirements for other badges even if we do NOT have the books YET.
Merit Badge Counselors: Only the Eagle Required MB books are currently available. However, the 1999 Boy Scout Requirements Book has the new requirements listed.

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