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Welcome to my page. This page is for the show "The Magnificent Seven" and the talented actors who starred in it.

Even though the show is no longer on the air the number of fans keep growing. Which just goes to show how great the show was. Keep checking back as I get more added to the page if you have sugestions please email me. More coming soon.

Check out the latest addition: "Magnificent Moments Male Box"!!!!

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Chris Larabee & Vin Tanner (Michael Biehn & Eric Close)

Ezra Standish& Vin Tanner (Anthony Starke & Eric Close}

Vin Tanner (Eric Close)

Buck Wilmington (Dale Midkiff)

Josiah Sanchez (Ron Perlman)

Nathan Jackson (Rick Worthy)

J.D.Dunne (Andrew Kavovit)


These are some of my Fav picks of Chris.








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July 17, 2002

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