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Christopher Andrew Joannou - Bass

Born: November 10, 1979
Mother: Sue Joannou
Brother: None
Sister: Louise (his twin)
Pets: Dog, named Khan (German Shepherd)
Misc.: Surfs, plays pool & once had blue hair
Current Age: 19
Height: About 170cm
Weight: ???
Guitar: G & L
Amps: Soldano
Fave CD's: "Sausage" by Sausage, "Hi-fi Way" by You Am I, "KoRn" by KoRn
Fave Groups: Free, Deftones and Blach Marke
Chris is probably the shyest and quietest member of the band known to many fans and the band themselves. In an interview he said, "My vocal cords limit only limit me 2 hours of talking a day, so I have to limit it." During the interviews he mostly says one-liners while Daniel usually finishes the sentences off or tries to expand them. He gets really weird when he's been drinking and starts babbling about shit. Ben and Chris like to gang up on Daniel all the time. Daniel was maybe joking about that in an interview at the Toronto I&I. "2 to 1, Ben and Chris versus Daniel..." He has a girlfriend for about 3 years and according to the article in Jump...they seem pretty close. There's not really much to say about him but to Daniel and Ben, he's probably normal.

Pics Of Chris