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Memory Motel - Eighth Floor

Can't blame it on the sun no more, no
Can't blame it on the radar weather
Can't blame it on my lucky stars
Or my mother or my father
Well, I'm holed up in the bell tower
Looking for four walls to bounce off
Looking for a donkey
I could maybe pin a tail on.
Well I've taken to staying up late
I've taken up bowling
I take a couple aspirin
And I call my lover in the morning
Well I've taken to talking to myself
And I don't even get it
Gotta get out of my head
It'll drive me crazy if I let it,
Who holds your hand
When you're alone?

---Patty Larkin

I wish my life
was a non-stop
movie show,
Hollywood, CA,
circa 1997

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In the event
of something
happening to me,
there is something
that I'd like you
all to see,
Marblehead, circa 1998

I want to go home

This land is your land,
this land is my land,
The Circle,
Indianapolis, circa 1989

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