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In between a cloudburst by S.M. Plottner c 1997

In between a cloudburst and
An avalanche of sky
Comes a sliver of Spring,
The Spring of youth gone by,
A dream that time
Will always be,
A frolic of elation,
Before the avalanche descends
To determine your vocation.

In between a beam of beauty
And waterfalls of rain,
Comes a grasp of grace,
The grace of breath again,
A hope of love
That never leaves,
A scent of silent mirth,
Before devouring flood demands
Insurance of your thirst.

In between digging out and
Muddying the waters,
Comes a wisp of freedom
From the search for cure,
A now of peace
Without pretense,
A triumph for an instant,
Before the avalanche of flood
Examines your existence.


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