by Erich Fromm

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Published in The People in Your Life: Psychiatry and Personal Relations, edited by M. M. Hughes. NY: Alfred A. Knopf, 1951

This is an article by Fromm in which he gives a sociological analysis of the nature of a man and a woman. He discusses the relative influences of biology and society in establishing "gender relations" between men and women. He critiques both the biological and societal poles of the debate...which rages on to our own day. He doesn't deny the influence of either...stating that we'll never know what is attributable to biology until we relativize the learned gender identities and roles so prevalent today. Although written some time ago, Fromm's insights are instructive...especially his view that we must see the relation between biological men and women as essentially a "human relationship" first.

Possibly his most important insights here involve the nature of "equality" (and a critique of conceiving of it as "sameness."

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Also, the first 17 images are the article itself. Images 18-25 is a series of questions addressed to Fromm and his responses.

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