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Sociology 225

Lane Community College
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Summer 2001 (8 week term)
Thursday 9:00AM-12:50 PM...Rm 126

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LCC Catalog Course Description
Class Policies and General Comments
What you'll need for SOC 225
Wadsworth's Virtual Society Surfing Lessons---A Tutorial
Required Reading Materials
Schedule of Topics and Readings
Assignments and Instructions
Due Dates
Summary of Points in Course
Grading Scale

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LCC Catalog Course Description

An examination of selected social problems,basic facts, effects on the individual and society, and explanations. Problems will be selected from the following three areas, but not all topics will be covered each term. 1. Systemic problems: racial and sexual discrimination, inequality and poverty, militarization and war, ecological problems, overpopulation, urban and rural problems, life cycle problems. 2. Problems of specific institutions: government, economy, family, education, religion, social services. 3. Personal pathologies: mental illness, suicide, alcoholism, drug addiction.

Grading Scale

A = 94-100 (Excellent)
A- = 90-93 (Good/Excellent)

B+ = 87-89 (Very Good)
B = 83-86 (Good)
B- = 80-82 (Good/Fair)

C+ = 77-79 (Fair)
C = 73-76 (Fair/Basic)
C- = 70-72 (Basic)

D+ = 66-69 (Poor/Basic)
D = 60-65 (Poor)

F = ??-59 (Needs alot more)

Required Reading Materials

Sociological Concepts

Social Problems, Fifth Edition by Joe R. Feagin and Clairece Booker Feagin

Social Problems 01/02 Annual Editions Reader

Dushkin Online Home Page

Assigned Materials in The Sociology Shop

In-Class Handouts



Redefining Progress

The Genuine Progress Indicator


Labor and Alienated Labor in Capitalist Society
A short outline of Marx's Concept of Alienation

Equality DOES NOT EQUAL Sameness

Capitalism: From Three Perspectives

Who Governs?

Interview with Thomas R. Dye

The "details" of who's running america

Classes Part 1

Classes Part 2

Marxist Class Structure

Sectors of the Economy

Types of Societies

Minimum Wage Laws in the States

Wage and Hour Division of the Department of Labor

Study of Oregon's Minimum Wage Increase

History of Federal Minimum Wage Rates


The Racism Room
Good links to interesting and pertinent sites...especially about Black Like Me

The Geometer of Stephen Jay Gould

Racism in the English Robert B. Moore

HANDOUT: Oprah on Racism Video Guidelines


Gender Role Allocation in 224 Societies

Beauty Hurts

The Child and its Emma Goldman

Lost in a Masquerade

Baby "X" Story

Looking-Glass Self

Androgyny as an Ideal for Human Development


Mills' Structural Model of Society


Chapter 2 from Pedagogy of the Oppressed by Paulo Freire

Banking and Problem-Posing Education Compared


Health as a Ivan Illich

Medicalization and Social Control: A Bibliography

Medicine Gives Us a Longer Life?

Mental Illness and the Medical Model

Health Studies: Medicalization

Medical Deviance

Social Control Through Medicine

Medicalization and Social Ills (gun control)

Thomas Szasz, "The Myth of Mental Illness", and the Implications for Occupational Therapy

Being Sane in Insane Places

The Medicalization of Old Age

The Medicalization of Women's Lives

Death with Dignity National Center

HANDOUT: U.S. Physicians by Sex and Race...1990 Census

HANDOUT: The Psychology of Erich Fromm


The Criminology Room

Criminological Paradigms

Criminology Questions

Stanford Prison Experiment

The Stanford Prison Experiment: Still Powerful after all these years

HANDOUT: Quiet Rage Video sheet

HANDOUT: Pathology of Phil Zimbardo

HANDOUT: Discussion Questions about SPE




Pre-Political and Political Thought

Epistemology and Logic

Notes on Formal Logic

Notes on Dialectical Logic

Dialectics as Method

Effects of Logic System in Everyday Life


HANDOUT: Celebration of Ivan Illich


Schedule of Topics and Readings

6/28.....Introduction/TSS/Sociological Concepts

7/05.....A Troubled Society (FF-1) (AE-1)

7/12.....Class Relations/Inequality (FF-2) (AE-4 & 12)
7/12.....Poverty/Unemployment/Underemployment (FF-3)
7/12.....Work/Worker Alienation (FF-10) (AE-9)

7/19.....Racial Groups/Inequality (FF-4) (AE-16)
7/19.....Gender Roles/Sex Discrimination (FF-5) (AE-24)

7/26.....Problems in Education (FF-6)
7/26.....Health and Medical Care (FF-7) (AE-29)

8/02.....Crime and Law Enforcement (FF-8) (AE-32)
8/02.....Problems Labeled "Deviance" (FF-9) (AE-21)

8/09.....Enviornment/Energy/Military-Industrial (FF11)
8/09.....Remedying Social Problems (FF-12)

8/16.....Conclusion and...Final Essay Exam (IN-CLASS)

Assignments and Instructions

Analysis Paper

One Analysis Paper worth 25 points. Go here for the Topic

Article Review

An Article Review of an article from the Social Problems reader...worth 100 points. Go here for the list of eligible articles. Go here for the Instructions.

Internet Research Assignment

An Internet assignment researching a topic of your choice...solely using the Internet...worth 100 points. Go here for the Instructions.

Interview Project

You will be asked to interview a real human being in the same area you chose for your Interent Reseach Assignment...worth 100 points. Go here for Instructions and Guidelines.

Final Essay Exam

On the last day of class ... during the last hour or so of that will be asked to write an essay...IN-CLASS...worth 75 points. Details will be provided in class at the appropriate time.

Due Dates

7/05----------Analysis Paper Due
7/19----------Article Review Due
8/02----------Internet Research Assignment Due
8/16----------Interview Project Due

Summary of Points in the Course

Analysis Paper----------------------25 pts.
Article Review----------------------100 pts.
Internet Research-----------------100 pts.
Interview Project------------------100 pts.
Final Essay Exam---------------- 75 pts.
Total------------------------------------400 Points

Articles Eligible for Article Review

from Annual Editions --- Social Problems 01/02


#08---"The "new" Means of Consumption"...p. 49...(6 pages)

#17---"Why Worry About Multiculturalism?"...p. 92...(7 pages)

#22---"The Shame of Our Nursing Homes"...p. 112...(7 pages)

#33---"A Year in Corporate Crime"...p. 177...(6 pages)

#35---"The Problem With the Chair"...p. 189...(6 pages)

Analysis Paper Topic

As we begin our journey into the tangled web of "social problems" I1d like to focus our thinking about just what a social problem IS...and ISN1T...& TO WHOM...and WHY (among other things). I have passed out an excerpt from Invitation to Sociology by Peter L. Berger about "social problems" which you will have to get from the front desk (they will be in my mailbox). I1d like you to read this (brackets indicate the portion to be read) (along with your reading of Chapter 1 in FF and article # 1 in AE) and see what personal and analytical sense you make out of it. If Berger is correct...and many including myself think he is...then what are the implications in terms of looking at our "system" it a social problem itself? up to you, but a "serious job" would probably be between 1 1/2 and 3 pages...either handwritten or typed.

What You'll Need for SOC 225

&ŠSOC 225

You are going to need access to a Computer for this courseŠwith access to The Internet. Whether its your own computerŠorŠone in a LabŠor a friend1s computerŠor one at a LibraryŠor even one at a place like Kinko1s, they1re not that difficult to find these days. Why? Well, besides using one for a specific assignment, I1ve decided to copy less and post more for this courseŠsaving on paper as well as costs. Assignment instructions will be online and some required readings will be online.

That also means you1ll need to learn a basic minimum of skills in navigating The Internet, The Web, Cyberspace, it has many names. It1s a tool that1s quickly become necessity in today1s worldŠespecially as it relates to academics. If you have no experience in doing this, there1s plenty of help available especially at LCC and on the Web itself. I've put a link in the Menu to a "beginners" tutorial. ThenŠthere1s meŠI1ll help as much as I can. So don1t panic if you1re in this categoryŠit will be okay.

Finally, The Sociology Shop, my own website, is essential for this course. We have our own 3room2 in TSS, the SOC 225 Room (the Room you're in NOW) where you1ll find links to the stuff I mentioned above. There's also other rooms which you may find helpful. I will help you become familiar with TSS and how to access information, especially in our classroom.


Tell me what you have learned about "social problems," overall, in this course. Write a synergistic essay (a "whole") which reflects your own micro level, the meso-institutional level, and the macro-structural level. You may incorporate material from lectures, the books, and online material in TSS. Think this reflective...utilize which ever "parts" contribute best to giving me (and yourself) a sense of change or growth of awareness from Day 1 till now.

Its worth 75 points, you have 1 hour...and yes, you can use whatever notes you want.

Directory of Topics/Rooms in TSS

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