Sociology 205

NOTE: This room will be used by both SOC 205's...the Tuesday night class and the Thursday night class. The only things different will be the DUE DATES and DISCUSSION BOARDS. Everything else, including Assignments, is the same for either class...please make sure you identify your night correctly. Thanks.

Social Stratification and Social Systems
Lane Community College
Winter 2006
6-8:50 Tuesday Evenings and 6-8:50 Thursday Evenings
David H. Kessel

Office.....419F Center Bldg

Office Hours...R 5-5:30, W 10-12, and by Appt.
Office Phone.........463-5187 (Voicebox #7804)
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LCC Catalog Course Description

What you'll need for SOC 205

Policies and General Comments

Schedule of Topics and Readings

Assignments and Instructions

Due Dates

Required Reading

Online Reader

Grading Scale

Grading Standards

Summary of Points in Course

My Philosophy of Teaching

205 Discussion Board for Tuesday night Class

205 Discussion Board for Thursday night Class

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LCC Catalog Course Description

Explores the dynamics and influences of social stratification. Examines prejudice, discrimination, race, and ethnic groups. Discusses systems of bureaucracies, political and economic action, delivery systems, the development of communities, and collective behavior.

Grading Scale

A+ = 98-100 (Exceptional)
A = 94-97 (Excellent)
A- = 90-93 (Good/Excellent)

B+ = 87-89 (Very Good)
B = 84-86 (Good)
B- = 80-83 (Good/Fair)

C+ = 77-79 (Fair)
C = 74-76 (Fair/Basic)
C- = 70-73 (Basic)

D+ = 66-69 (Poor/Basic)
D = 60-65 (Poor)

F = ??-59 (Needs alot more)

Grading Standards

Required Reading Materials

Society in Focus, Fifth Edition, by Thompson & Hickey

Online Reader

Black Like John Howard Griffin
Click on title to read a short description of the book

Schedule of Topics and Readings

(Dates: T=Tuesday/R=Thursday) (TH = Thompson/Hickey Chapter/Pages) (O = Online Reader)

(Where an (O) appears, go to the Reader to find the online required reading materials)

1. Introduction/TSS/Sociological Concepts (T=1/10&17) (R=1/12&19 ) ( O)

2. Social Stratification/Inequality/Poverty (T=1/17&24&31) (R=1/19&26&2/2) (TH 8)( O)

3. Global Stratification (T=1/31) (R=2/2) (TH9) (O)

4. Deviance & Conformity (T=2/7) (R=2/9) (TH7) (O)

5. Racism/Ethnicity (T=2/14&21) (R=2/16&23) (TH10, BLM) (O)

6. Sex and Gender (T=2/28&3/7) (R=2/2&9) (TH11) (O)

7. Age & Elderly (T=3/14) (R=3/16) (TH12) (O)

8. Conclusion (3/14) (3/16) (O)

Assignments and Instructions


There will be one Analysis Paper worth 25 will get 10 for just doing it and I'll evaluate the other 15 points. Minimum length is 1 page...Maximum is 3 pages. Topic is HERE.


You will be required to post three (3) responses on our Discussion Board...each worth 25 of 75 Points. You will get 10 for just doing each and I'll evaluate the other 15 points. Details and Instructions are HERE


This is a 50 pt. assignment that allows you to do the type of work you's at your discretion. Instructions are HERE


This is a 50 pt. assignment. You will be asked to provide 2 pertinent websites for the following subjects: Poverty, Deviance, Racism, Gender, and Age/Elderly. Specific Instructions are HERE


You will have a Book Report on Black Like Me...worth 100 points. Instructions are HERE.


This exam...worth 100 points...covers all the materials of the course. It will be a Take-Home Essay test.

Due Dates


1/17..........Analysis Paper #1 Due

1/24..........1st D.B. Post Due By (Midnight)

2/07..........DA Due

2/14..........2nd D.B. Post Due By (Midnight)

2/28..........Book Report Due

3/07..........3rd D.B. Post Due by (Midnight)

3/14..........Internet Assignment Due/Pass out Final

3/21..........Final Due (between 6-8 PM)


1/19..........Analysis Paper #1 Due

1/26..........1st D.B. Post Due By (Midnight)

2/09..........DA Due

2/16..........2nd D.B. Post Due By (Midnight)

3/02..........Book Report Due

3/09..........3rd D.B. Post Due by (Midnight)

3/16..........Internet Assignment Due/Pass out Final

3/23..........Final Due (between 6-8 PM)

Summary of Points in the Course

25 pts.....................Analysis Papers
75 pts.....................Discussion Board Posts
50 pts.....................Discretionary Assignment
100 pts...................Book Report
50 pts.....................Internet Assignment
100 pts...................Final Exam
400 pts...................Total Points

What You'll Need for SOC 205

& SOC 205

You are going to need access to a Computer for this course with access to the Internet. Whether its your own computer, your parent‘s, one in a Lab, a friend's computer, or one at a Library, they're not that difficult to find these days.

That means you'll need to have or to learn a basic minimum of skills in navigating the Internet. It's a tool that's quickly become a necessity in today's world...especially as it relates to academics. If you have no experience in doing this, don’t worry, there's plenty of help available...especially at LCC. I've included a link above to "Beginners Central," a tutorial to help assist you. I’m also willing to help get you started...let me know if you need help.

ALSO, you will need an EMAIL address for this course. There will be occasions I may need to email you individually as well as the class as a whole. Likewise, you may need to email me with questions or information and possibly, an assignment. If you don't have an Email account, please get one is a requirement of the course, not an option. Many are free, such as Yahoo and Hotmail...and these can be accessed on any computer, anywhere. I will be glad to assist you in setting one up...just ask me. IF you already have one (or when you get one), please send me a message (indicating your name---sometimes usernames don’t reveal that) so I can enter your address into my address book and create the class list. Send it to Please pay prompt attention to this matter...Thanks.

Why? Besides being an immensely rich and important source of all sorts of information, the Internet provides the opportunity for providing reading material for academic classes...making materials accessible to anyone...anytime. This also cuts down on the amount of copying necessary...saving paper and money. My own website, The Sociology Shop, will be an integral component of this has a “room” for our class, links to required reading materials, a Discussion Board for our class, and the details of the course...including assignments and instructions you will need, plus, of course, due dates. The Required Reading Materials...beyond the effect substitute for asking you to buy a Reader, thus saving you money. Thus you need to become familiar with The Sociology Shop in general as well as familiar with our “Sociology 205 Room”...which you are “in” right now.


Analysis Paper

We're going to be covering various areas of "inequality" in this course...primarily class structures, racism, sexism, and political/economic... so maybe a good place to start is with "Equality." What is it...what isn't it? Some say its absolutely necessary, some say its not possible, some say its not desirable, and some say "inequality" is simply a fact of human existence...i.e. inevitable. Regardless, to even grasp what inequality is...we need to grasp what equality is, too, right?
Sociologist Alexander Liazos gives a different slant on this important the short piece entitled
Equality (doesn't equal) Sameness. In addition, read the following quote from Erich Fromm:

It suggests that equality implies lack of difference, that equality implies that everyone is like everybody else, that equality implies identity. Actually equality and the demand for equality implies the very opposite: namely, that despite all differences no person should be made a tool of the purpose of anyone else, that every human being is an end and purpose in himself or herself. This means that each person is free to develop his or her peculiarity as an individual, as a member of a given sex, as a member of a given nationality. Equality does not imply the negation of difference but the possibility for its fullest realization. (Erich Fromm…from article, “Man-Woman,” 1949)

So, read it and comment on a brief summary of your current views as it applies to the areas mentioned above. Just why do we tend to equate "equality" with "sameness"? Why do we have such a difficult time with "differences"? Why are we seemingly obsessed with "ranking" and notions of superiority and inferiority? Is "heirarchy" an inevitable arrangement of people? The questions could go on forever about this...I'd like to see what you can make of it as we begin.

Discussion Board

You will need to pick a "CODE NAME" to use when you post...a name known only to you and me. Pick something that doesn't utilize a known nickname so anonymity can be maintained and thus, a feeling of security in terms of your identity. Please put it on the Class Infomation Sheet. NOTE: Although you WILL be required to enter your "name" when you post, you WILL NOT be required to include an email address when you post (However, you CAN if you want, your choice).

I will provide PROMPTS for you to consider (plus, a Bonus Prompt here and there)...thus, giving you a choice. I will post the prompts on Sunday evening of the week it is due. I fully expect you to do a serious job on those you select...a short paragraph full of general comments just won't "cut" it. You will be allowed to post up to 1000 words...quite a bit...but I won't/can't dictate a certain length...that's up to you.

As indicated under "Due Dates," there are three due dates for your posts...each post must be done BY MIDNIGHT ON THIS DATE. Also, if you "pass" on a Prompt when I first post it, you can go back later and do it if you change your mind.

In addition to the three required posts, I encourage you to post replies to what others have well as posting anything you want as it relates to the course (i.e. response to lectures, class comments, readings, news, etc.). This type of "participation" could come into play when assigning a course instances where averages are borderline between one grade and another. However, do NOT use your CODE NAME for these kinds of posts. You can use your real name or make up another "handle." Reserve your CODE NAME for the three DB responses you are required to do.

Finally, as just indicated above, I'd like to see our Discussion Board used for more than just the assignment. Also, I may, from time to time, post "announcements," or links to informative websites...or to current articles relevant to our subject matter. Thus, I encourage you TO CHECK THE BOARD REGULARLY...EVERY DAY SOUNDS ABOUT RIGHT TO ME :))