The Disclaimer


Other than stating that the content of The Sociology Shop is solely my responsibility...(that no one else can be blamed!!)...there is another matter I'd like to discuss...namely, the intentional and unintentional use of the ideas of others.

The easiest issue is, of course, the intentional use of the ideas and words of another. Where this is done every effort will be made to give a specific citation...on to a general attribution. If there is no information as to its source, but it still belongs to another, this will be stated.

However, it is the second use...unintentional...which is problematic. There will be text of my own exposition in which I might express an idea or position that others will identify as belonging to someone else. Since I've already stated that I will never knowingly take credit for the ideas of a known source, this expression will be my own. To have a thought on one's own which another has also not plagerism... its originality. To have the same thought, observation, or conclusion that another had doesn't diminish that thought. On the contrary, it unites those individuals into a community of thinkers...dialectically arising from solitary effort. Where this acceptable kind of duplication occurs, identification of this should be the point...not accusations. This is, admittedly, a difficult issue in the realm of integrity. I'll do my best.

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