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The ignorance of ignorance

Have you ever noticed how people use the word "ignorance" in a very ignorant manner? People often use the word ignorant to, for example, describe someone in Africa who doesn't know anything about AIDS. But to be ignorant, definitively, you must be ignoring something. There is little or no AIDS education in much of Africa, so the African is not ignorant, just unknowing, or perhaps unaware. People really should use words as they're meant to be used.

You know a band writes their own lyrics when they try to rhyme "important" and "retarded." Blink 182 gets an A for effort.

I think that when kids hit high school, they should be put on a 36 hour day. Teenagers need a lot of sleep, and I think they could make up for it by staying awake longer. Why does sleep have to revolve around the sun? Why can't it revolve around fatigue? I'm always either not wanting to wake up or unable to fall asleep. Consciousness inertia, if you will.

I went to Seattle a couple weeks ago with Kevin and Eyal. We were -entirely- unproductive. In the span of a 3 day weekend, we only managed to watch some basketball, play DDR a couple times, and walk around downrown. It was still a lot of fun though, and I got to play 5th mix for the first time. Now I have it working at home though, so no need to go again. But then there's always tournaments...

Today in TOK we had a little discussion about the ethics of disease contraction. Basically, whether or not it was right to allot research funding and stuff to patients who have diseases as a result of their own decisions, namely, AIDS. Kevin said that those people have made bad choices and become a drag on society. That may be true, but someone could have sex one time, with a condom, thinking their partner didn't have HIV, and still get HIV. So how can you make that distinction? How are they any less deserving of support than a cancer patient? Then of course Ms. Hammons pipes in with a comment about whether or not actions from previous lifetimes should be taken into account. I'm not saying that there's no such thing as reincarnation, but for god's sake read your audience. That statement might have had some significance in India, or amongst her peers, but not in our class. She just kinda sounded ridiculous.

Speaking of Ms. Hammons, she decided to make a rule that id any cell phones ring in class, she'll confiscate them until the next class. Did I miss something? Are we still in elementary school? Is that even legal? I know that teachers have a fair but if power over their students in their class, but I really doubt that includes temporary confiscation of personal property. She seems to think it's legal though. I don't recall signing documents agreeing to give her that authority. There ought to be a phone number to call where you can learn about the legality of these things. She thinks that cell phones are a disturbance in class, so every time one rings, she gives a mini lecture on how they're a disturbance in class (wasting much more class time in the process). *cough*hypocrite*cough*.

My faithful DDR pad has finally died. It will be missed, it got me through some tough times... I mean... *cough* a moment of silence please in memory of Albert Hossenphefer. I got a new pad now from Red Octance, it's excellent.

3-30-02 by Tyler

Work is hard

I'm at work right now while I update. How cool is that. Although, I'm kinda running the store while my coworker plays Playstation 2, so it's even cooler for him. Plus I'm working for free, because it's "career exploration" for school. I feel kinda bad though because there's always people asking about getting a job here, and sometimes I don't really feel like I deserve my job. Oh well.

I followed a link from Kevin's website a long time ago about formal arguing. It said that if someone says stealing is bad, and you reply "Hey, you stole something the other day," that you're being non-responsive. That hypocrisy is completely irrelevant. I was thinking about it though, and I wholeheartedly disagree. If you say stealing is bad, the word bad is relative. You could say stealing is good, and when compared to mass murder, you're quite right. So when someone says "stealing is bad," it's usually implied that stealing is bad compared to what they do. Gotta practice what you preach.

I think I'll finish updating when I get home tonight, adios.

3-19-02 by Tyler

Hehe quickie

Everyone take the Quiz-o-Tyler! :) To take it though, you have to copy this address:
and add your email to the end of it. I think it should work. It'll die a month from now though.

3-3-02 by Tyler

Uuuuuuuuuuzbek! Uuuuuuuuuuzbek!

Wow, I haven't updated in a while, seems like I've been incredibly busy, but I dunno with what. Time just kinda disappears. Pretty much the only big thing I gotta do right now is community service, and lots of it.

I played Halo for XBox at B. Walton's house a few weeks ago, that game's awesome. It's a lot different from what I'm used to though (Counter Strike). Instead of a mouse and keyboard you have two joysticks, and people take about ten times longer to die. It was tons of fun though, because we had two TVs and two XBoxes, with 3 people on each. I also got to hang out with Andrew Oja and B. Walton for the first time, which was cool.

We've been doing five minute long oral presentations analyzing Hamlet in lit class. That's nice and all, but everyone just ends up typing up a presentation mostly from SparkNotes, and reads it while everyone else (including Yoonie!) doodles or.. writes in their weblog heh. Can't say that I see the point in that. Lit last year felt so much more productive.

I saw a red shirt for sale a while ago at JCPenney that said "LIFEGUARD" with a white cross on it. It seems really funny to me now that people would -want- to wear that after having been a lifeguard.

I was thinking about living by myself and realized something. If I bought a huge tub of say margarine or mayonnaise, no matter how long it took to eat it all, I would know that every bit of it was ingested into my body. I would stare into that huge empty tub and just feel disgusted at the fact that every bit of that stuff had gone into me. Maybe I'll buy little tubs of mayonnaise and margarine.

I saw a poster at school that said something like "you have two ears and one mouth, you should act accordingly: listen twice as much as you talk." Not only is that idea unoriginal, but that logic is terrible. If you have two ears and one mouth, can't you listen twice as effectively as you can talk? So why not talk twice as much as you listen? As you can tell, I was -really- bored in class...

2-10-02 by Tyler

Free step parents for all!

It seems like all of my friends' parents are either divorced or on their way there. It seems rarer now to find someone whose parents are still married than whose parents are divorced. The more our culture accepts divorce, the more common it is. Maybe that means something... *cough* Marriage is inherently bad! *cough* Who said that? I can only think of one married couple that seems truly happy to me. That's pretty depressing.

Districts was fun this weekend. Until this year, I had never made top 18 in prelims, which you have to make to swim in finals. I swam the 50 and 100 free, the two most boring events. I sucked it up in my 50, I hesitated on my start and I slipped pushing off the wall. My 100 I did pretty well on though, I went 1:00.36, a 6 second PR for me, and made 17th place. Then, the next day, I went 58.53 and moved up to 15th place. I was less than half a second away from 13th place too, which would've won my heat. Pretty cool.

You would think that with enourmous ad campaigns like 10-10-220 and Subway, they would invest some money in the actual commercials. The quality of their commercials is just plain awful. Do they not realize that they suck? Speaking of overgrown ad campaigns, I see ads online to looks up old classmates everywhere I go. Those people must be making tons.

A while ago when we had our little multicultural day instead of class, I had three minority counselors present in my spanish class. One of them made a good point about minorities freaking out about stuff. If a black kid freaks out because a stupid kid made fun of him, it's not just because the kid made fun of him. It's the weird look they got the day before, it's the unfair treatment they got a week ago, on and on all built up until they snap. I also asked them what they thought about student unions, because sometimes it seems like they promote segregation among students. They said that they're a good idea as long as they're not exclusive, which I definitely agree with. They're basically just interest groups anyways, so why exclude people that share interests because their skin is a different color?

I've decided that many problems, including pretentiousness and hypochondria are the result of one thought process: that when you change, you change away from normal. People often assume that if their vision degrades, that they then have less-than-average vision. This is very possible, but just an assumption. Unless you go to the eye doctor and test, you have no idea, you might have had superb vision and now only have above average vision. My mom suffers from this. She think that she has poor night vision, hypoglycemia, poor respiration, hypersensitivity to light, the list goes on. Maybe she doesn't see as well as she used to, or be as endurant as she was, but that really doesn't relate to the scheme of things. I'm sure she respirates just as well as the average old lady. People also do this with intelligence (me, too), making them think they're smarter than others. If you become much smarter than you were, it's easy to kinda think that you're smarter than the average person. But the average person gets smarter too, it's hard to keep that in mind sometimes.

2-3-02 by Tyler

L33t cr3w pwnz j00!

Try to say Gerber burger ten times fast. I bet you can't.

Andrea and I have discovered a secret communist plot for world domination. Both Stalin and Superman share the nickname "man of steel." This cannot be a coincidence. Also, Superman wears red underwear on the -outside- of his clothing. If that isn't a communist statement, I dunno what is.

Speaking of secret communist plots, all of the smurfs are gay communists. I mean think about it, all of the smurfs are guys. There's one girl smurf, but she's actually a robot, and yet somehow they managed to make baby smurf. Also, Papa smurf, their leader, wears a red hat all the time. Cartoons and comics have subconsciously implanted communist ideals into the youth of America.

It's weird, I used to think that my generation would bring a new level of racial equality, that it's such a clear fact that races are equal that racism is outdated. But now, with September 11th, the kind of thing that spawns racism has happened in my lifetime. People are suspicious now when they see Arabs on airplanes with them. I can totally see people my age growing up to be biased towards Arabs, especially if there's ever any other terrorism. Pretty sad.

I went to the UO/UCLA basketball game. It was fun, every time the Ducks dunked the court erupted, and even though we killed UCLA, the students rushed the court heh. Also, a guy was wearing a green and yellow shirt that said very simply, "FUCLA." I want one.

I never realized what a feminist our TOK teacher is until we had a discussion about prostitution. She thinks that if a guy pays a girl for sex, and she gets pregnant, that the guy should be obligated to share responsibility for the child. Now, I'm not one to think that if a guy gets a girl pregnant that it's the girl's fault and he shouldn't have to deal with it. I think that if two people are in a mutual relationship, and the girl gets pregnant, then it's just as much the guy's responsibility as it is the girl's. But if the guy is -paying- for the sex? Call me a disgusting guy, but I dunno about that. If the girl is on birth control and they used a condom and miraculously she still got pregnant, I don't think it's fair for her to have to shoulder full responsibility. But even so, I think it's pretty far fetched to demand responsibility when she was basically providing a service.

1-24-02 by Tyler

I have magical testicles! I mean... er... *cough*

Want a few bucks in nickels for free? Print out this coupon, get your free nickels and leave. Heheh. Expires this sunday though. Wunderland, anyone?

I've decided that teachers need to take a class in packet construction before they can teach. It's rather annoying to have a packet with the staple in the wrong corner and you have to flip the packet around a couple times any time you turn the page. They also need classes in counting papers when handing them out, they suck at that too.

I was thinking the other day about how many parents (at least my dad and some of my friends' parents) think that video/computer games are a waste of time. My dad thinks that I'm wasting my life away whenever I sit down to play video games for a couple hours, when he watches tons of TV. This has to be a consequence of the generation gap. I'm sure his parents thought that TV was a waste of time and rotted his brain and all that, and when I have kids they'll have some freaky virtual reality game where they implant a chip in their head and sit like vegetables as they play. I won't understand it and I'll think their brains are melting, but it's really not a ton different than video games. Ah well.

Andrea and I have come to the irrefutable conclusion that if you don't like the Beatles, you suck. But if you say you don't like Sublime, you're just a damn liar.

After thinking about it a bit, I've realized that people need to hate. It's absolutely necessary. They need to exclude a group to feel better about themselves, accepted. Like way back in the day in the US, if an Italian and a German got married, that was totally interracial. Now no one notices that sort of thing because there's blacks, asians, etc to make white people feel unified. I bet that if aliens decided to attack the earth racism would disappear completely because the aliens would then be the new effigies (spelling?), we wouldn't need to hate each other anymore. Kinda like oppositions working together against a greater evil, I guess.

The official count for Erin Baldwin's birthday came to fifty three people! Jesus. I hope she feels loved. I felt so little. I just need to grow like 4 more inches. No problem.

Have you ever noticed that thought is cyclical? Like people tend to go back and forth on issues? I'm having a hard time of thinking of a good example, but here's one. You're playing rock paper scissors. You think ok, I'm gonna be rock. Sounds good. But then, you realize they may choose paper, so you choose scissors. Then you realize they're probably a rock type of person, so you choose paper. However, they might consider that you'd realize that and be scissors! And on, and on. I don't mean this applies to rock paper scissors, but to things with a bit more depth. Say the morality of abortion. First you're like, okay, abortion bad. Then, you realize that some girls would make bad mothers, so you think abortion is good. Yet again, you realize that many girls decide to get abortions way too late in their pregnancy, when the baby is pretty well formed, and decide it's a bad idea. The more and more you learn about something, you just keep going back and forth. This doesn't work for everything, but I think it applies quite often. I think it's a good argument that there is no right way. Some silly little kid come to the same conclusion as a college professor on situations that are more or less black and white. Oh dear, I think I've gone cross eyed.

1-10-02 by Tyler

The grammar boy and the Yahtzee® princess frolic merrily

I had the weirdest train of thought a few days ago. I think that I kinda get abnormal thoughts when I'm sick (I was still kind of recovering from my surgery). I had an idea for a computer game involving a skateboard that would be a (kind of) fun way of teaching people how to apply math functions. Like, I'm sure most people understand functions pretty well, but who the hell knows how to use them? But anyway, the game is really hard to explain, one of those ideas that words just don't help with. I have no idea why I had this idea, it just kinda came to me.

I realized today that open minded people are closed minded to closed minded people. Like, I consider myself a pretty open minded person, and a lot of times when I hear about people having opinions like "whoever thinks this is an idiot," I have a tendency to assume that they're an idiot. It's kind of like being bigoted towards racist people. It's somewhat justified, but it's still hypocritical in a way.

I really don't like music when the lyrics are about their making music. This happens a -ton- with rap music. I like rap when there's actually some lyrical content and some music I like to go with it. But, I can't even count how many rap songs I've heard that are full of stuff like "I've got more rhymes than [insert clever phrase], I can [insert verb] like [insert clever phrase, rhyming with previous phrase]." I like Outkast and Wyclef, they actually write songs. Good plan.

1-7-02 by Tyler

For the first time in my life, I don't have a square jaw...

I got my wisdom teeth removed last friday. I kinda look like a chipmunk now. That's the first time I've ever had any sort of operation on me. I've never broken a bone, or had my tonsils (how do you spell that?) removed or anything. It was also my first time taking some serious pain killers. I took a form of Perkiset (another word I can't spell...) which was supposed to make me really loopy, but it just dulled the pain a little bit and made me a bit more talkative. Maybe next time I'll ask for some morphine or something, that should do the trick.

Happy new year and merry christmas! I got a couple new video games, and watch, and a ski rack, yay for that. This is our last new years in our k-12 education, our last winter vacation... it's gonna suck seeing so many people go away to college. Oh well, at least I'll still probably see everyone once a year during winter vacation.

The DDR tournament that I was hoping to take place this weekend won't happen for more than a month, but it's in the works. I can't wait, I'll have to get a big field trip to Portland for it.

I saw a Charles Schwab commercial the other day. They claimed to have advice that was uncomplicated. You would think that when claiming to have something uncomplicated, you would call it simple.

I've decided that doctors are really scary. When was the last time that you went to your doctor with a problem, and they replied, "I don't know"? It doesn't happen. I think they'd lose their patients' confidence in them if they did. But they don't know about stuff all the time, doctors constantly mis-diagnose problems. I don't think I'll ever trust a doctor unless I -know- that they'll let me know when they're not sure about something.

It really annoys me when people speak for others. For example, often times when you see religious stuff on TV, there'll be a guy saying "God wants this, and God wants that!" Does he know him? Does God call him at home? (Ace Ventura joke... anyway) People also do that a ton with Osama bin Laden. People have tons of explanations for why he wanted to bomb the twin towers, and they always say "Osama wants this and that..." Again, it's impossible to know bin Laden's (or OBL, similar to ODB) actual motives more than anyone else watching CNN.

12-13-01 by Tyler

Do you get your jollies from having music with frequency response well outside the human hearing range?

Sorry, inside joke with Robert. I didn't really wanna start titling my posts, because it's so... typical. But it's fun, so who cares if I conform heh.

Now that my senior paper is finally done with, I realize that I learned one very crucial thing from it: to dread writing essays. I can't sit down anymore and write more than a couple paragraphs, I hate it. What a productive project.

There might be a DDR competition in Portland on January 12th - 13th! If it happens, I'm totally going. Don't worry, I'll keep you posted.

I've come to the conclusion that my literature class spends all its time on important things like exactly what we should circle on pieces of paper, so we don't have time for pointless things like exploring symbolism in books. Don't you wish you had my literature class? (Well, odds are you do, but oh well...)

You ever notice how people become incredibly stupid when in numbers? I mean, even my own friends, I'd like to think that they're all smart guys, but after having parties, I'd find things like my phone is in my trash can, and people have been microwaving hot pockets in the microwave without a plate until they explode and leave a mess. Why do people do these things?

I'm a big fan of campaigning to let people know about recovery programs to get help for addictions and such. However, I freakin hate these advertisements on the radio that have a skit, with the alcoholic man, saying (evidently to his alcohol or whatever), "I love you. I love you more than my wife. But I have to find a way to live without you..." I can guarantee with nearly one hundred percent certainty that an alcoholic doesn't place his life in one hand, a beer in the other, and make a choice. It just doesn't work that way. They just want a drink, and maybe one more, until it's a problem. Maybe if people trying to help weren't idiots, they would be more effective.

I've noticed that often when people put forth lots of effort to better themselves, it has the opposite effect, or at least a negative one to counter the positive one. For example: deodorant. I for one never wear deodorant except like on prom or something -very- important. And I don't think I smell that often (I could be wrong...). Deodorant is horrible for your armpits, it clogs up your pores and just causes all kinds of problems. Same kind of case when girls wear too much make up. Ew. Stop that. I also read about a guy who tried to use an herbal Viagra while on some other medication and it made him impotent. That's what all you people out there get for trying. You see, I have logic behind my slacking.

11-16-01 by Tyler

Know what's weird? If you show a person pictures of people of the opposite sex, they'll tend to think that the opposite sex version of themselves is the most attractive one. I dunno how exactly that's tested, but I think it's true, because I think one of the hottest women ever (ok, she's getting old, but still hot) is Sandra Bullock. Not that I look much like her (heh) but we both have square jaws, slight clefts on our chins, dark brown hair, similar complexions... it's weird how that works.

I was giving some thought to people that have flashbacks of repressed memories from childhood. It seemed silly to me that people would have flashbacks of things, those memories being so old and faded. But then the more I thought about it, the more it made sense. If you have a memory that you think about a whole lot, it sort of dies away. That memory becomes lost and you remember your thoughts about the memory. That's hard to explain but if you've ever had a memory that you've thought about too much, you know what I mean, you start to question what really happened. But then with repressed memories, they're untouched, uncorrupted. Then when something causes the memory to resurface, it's all untouched, so it rushes back like a recent memory. Not that I've ever had one, but it makes sense.

I have an ingenius new invention. I'll have to get a patent on it right away, I'll make millions. The Gerber burger! Just like McDonald's is paying schools to feed their kids burgers, we'll have baby food that tastes like burgers, hooking kids even younger! Damn I'm good.

Alright so I know all you IHS kids don't need to hear anything more about our new lit teacher, but for god's sake. He treats us like 3rd graders... circle this, write this in the margin at the top, write your name, get out a piece of paper. WE KNOW. Teachers should not repeat themselves repeatedly.

Ok, I guess I've fallen off the whole gameshow bandwagon. I used to watch gameshows like a fiend back in like 5th grade, so it's pretty traumatic for me to find everything changed. First, Wheel of Fortune has all this weird stuff, like adding a thousand bucks in the last round when time runs out. Then to pick what prize they win if they guess the last word, there's like 50 choices instead of 5. As if this isn't all different enough, Jeopardy comes on, and ALEX HAS NO MUSTACHE! I literally did not recognize him. I thought it was a substitute or something. I think he was kidnapped by aliens, and now this is an alien posing as Alex. There's no other possible explanation. You don't just shave your mustache like that...

10-19-01 by Tyler

Great, it's friday night, and I have nothing to do. I'm sitting at home, trying desperately to entertain myself. At times like these, I can't help but feel like the biggest loser ever. Three days till senior project rough draft is due, I should probably work on that. Then again, I don't really have that whole "motivation" thing. Maybe I'll care the night before.

Today I read a whole lot about democracy (that being my senior project subject) and I learned that ancient Athens really wasn't much of a democracy. Their government was a lot more like modern day England. The closest historical example of democracy was colonial New England, where all the men in towns came together to vote on laws, officials, etc., and the majority won. I dunno if I'm crazy, but I found that pretty interesting. Democracy seems a rather paradoxical thing. Democracy, by definition, means government by the people. Isn't that a lot closer to anarchy than anything else? I guess that's more "everyone governs themselves" rather than "everyone governs everyone." Oh well.

Anyone know why at night, lights that are far away twinkle? They all do it in unison too, maybe it has something to do with the atmosphere. It can do some pretty cool stuff, like magnify the moon when it nears the horizon. I bet you didn't know that! Ok so you probly did. Heh, I'm really bored.

Well, I'm uninspired tonight, I'll try and write some stuff down so my next update will be a little more interesting.

10-8-01 by Tyler

Ok, so my senior project is due in like 15 days, and I don't have a research question. No big deal, I have plenty of time.

Time to panic.

Aside from that and the slave labor that I need to get started on, I can't believe how easy this year is. I think mandatory community service has to be illegal in some way. I think I'd rather spend 3 hours figuring out a way around it than spend 100 hours doing something not-so-helpful to my community.

I was reading a packet for my lit class about Aristotle a while back, and apparently he said, "to have a command of metaphor... is the mark of genius, for to make good metaphors implies an eye for resemblances." My sister said around five years old that "being confused is like a puzzle in your head." I think this is a wonderful metaphor, but my sister was far from a genius at the age of five. I think there must have been some weird translation problems in that quote. Then again maybe not, Aristotle was a bit of a dolt.

I'm getting a new computer soon! Yay! And I won't even have to pay for it! My parents will buy it because it's basically going to be my college computer. I can't wait, I'll be able to get all kinds of wonderful games for free, and have a CD burner that doesn't ruin every other CD.

9-26-01 by Tyler

Why are people bastards when it comes to making their web pages? I went to this buddy icon site, I think it was For some reason, it wouldn't show up, so I closed then window. Then, a tiny little window appears in the bottom right, almost completely evading my perception, hiding behind my larger browser window. Naturally, I click on it to bring it to the front, allowing me to close it. Poof! It returns behind the larger window! I click again, and it hides again! Drat! I move the larger window to the side, leaving the smaller one vulnerable to my attack! I click twice quickly to bring it to the front and close it, but no! It remains unaffected! During my relentless attack, the stubborn little window is breeding! More windows are popping up here and there, with pointless advertisements! The only way that I can eliminate the mother window is by closing my larger window, but again, my plot is foiled! I'm writing an e-mail!


Do people that make horrible pages like this really think that people like me are going to click on their advertisements after all of this frustration? Even if one of the ads was the most amazing thing I'd ever seen, I wouldn't click on it just out of spite. Take that, evildoers!

Wow, as I write this I'm watching a baseball game on TV, and the commentator just circled the shortstop and second baseman with his little pen thing from an airial view. He didn't quite close the circles at the top, so it ended up looking like boobs, with the players acting as nipples. I think this is the most entertained I'd ever been watching baseball.

9-22-01 by Tyler

I'm rather displeased with the parking situation this year at school. Now we have to pay more for our parking passes, and it's much more crowded than ever. We pay as much for passes as South kids do, but they get their own guaranteed spot, and we get more of a permission-to-hunt-for-a-spot type thing. Sucks for us. Of course, I'm only bitching about this because I just got a parking ticket.

You know how if something occurs naturally, it's (duh) called natural, but if humans create it, it's called artificial? Does anyone else ever wonder why we consider ourselves above nature? I mean, if God were looking down at the world, and notices that we're doing things that hurt the o-zone layer, do you think God would see that as any different than a cow farting and hurting it? I think that just because we're doing things doesn't make them unnatural, people just see it that way because if we weren't here, it wouldn't be happening, as if we're separate from nature.

I went to Amazon today to swim some laps in preparation for swim season, and I bumped into my 9-year-old friend Gina from working at Monroe Park. She's the coolest, but I hadn't seen her in a while because she moved away and couldn't come to the park anymore, so instead of swimming laps I just chilled with her at the pool. It's weird, my whole life, I've -never- gotten to spend time with kids until this past summer. No younger siblings, no younger cousings, no babysitting. I'm so deprived.

Does that stupid little paper clip on Microsoft Word bother you too? I found a funny picture of it.

9-19-01 by Tyler

I've developed blisters on my feet from playing Dance Dance Revolution so much. Yeah. I haven't gotten blisters on my feet in years, and I get them from a video game. If you don't know what DDR is, remember the Power Pad for that track and field game for old school Nintendo? It's like that, but dancing. Of course, it doesn't look like dancing, but like stepping on a pad. In any case, it's one of the most addictive games I've played in a while.

All of you IHS kids remember that packet we had to read for TOK? Brainstorming and bullshitting. Did that packet strike anyone else as terrible? For example, the good student, the brainstormer, is always referred to as she, and the bullshitter is always referred to as he. I don't feel personally offended by the writer implying that girls are smart and boys are stupid, but that's just something you don't do. Also, it was clear to me that the brainstormer was the writer's picture of an ideal student, and the bullshitter was an example of someone who's taking a philosophy class and uninterested in the philosophy, but still participates in the class. What's the problem with this? It's not your business to say what interests are right, to each their own. And if they don't care about what's being discussed, I think it's more than enough to ask of them to participate.

Tomorrow we have to bring in a bumper sticker or something for TOK. I'm bringing in a bumper sticker that Andrea brought me back from Houston that says, "Don't Mess with Texas." For me, that bumper sticker represents sarcasm. Honestly, the stupidity of Texan pride...

I just learned the other day that Osama Bin Laden is the 17th child in like 56 kids. I bet all he really wants is a hug from his dad. I can just see a little picture of him in my head blowing things up in tears saying, "love me!" like TJ.

9-12-01 by Tyler

Jigga what? Tyler? Updating? Weird huh. I know you're all out there just leaping in delight at the sight of a new update from your good pal Tyler.....
Anyway, I don't know if I'm going to write regularly, or anything. So you'll just have to faithfully come back day after day. I know that's not too much to ask. If you happen in and notice that I updated, please let me know. It's rather encouraging to know that people actually read this stuff. So now my good buddy Travis has moved away. Are you too good for me? Excuse me while I go weep in the corner.

So now there's terrorists and stuff. Only in the US do people stay in their buildings in New York and keep working. We have such a weird naive, false sense of security. Older generations don't though, I think. My dad was fully expecting nukes. Come to think of it, that's absolutely within the realm of possibility, and rather realistic considering it would appear the terrorists aimed to kill people. I would have no problem with terrorists bombing the twin towers and the pentagon as a kind of political message, because our country is like the jackass of the world. But they did it during the day, with thousands of people in those buildings, when they very possibly could have pulled this crap at night.

Now, onto important matters, some really cool person has submitted my e-mail address for tons of spam, so I might be changing it soon. Stay on your toes.

8-25-01 by Travis

Fuck it, Fight it, it's all the same. I give up! I'm heading on over to live journal and just posting there. It's easier anyway :-). I know all you loyal fans will follow me to the slight hop skip and jump over there. Here it be! Have fun, I'm out.

8-9-01 by Travis

So read my book with the boring ending, a short story of a lonely guy. Damn sleep. I need to get back to waking up earlier then like 12. Erg. But the good news is when I do wake up I'm more cheerier then during the school year.

I saw Rush Hour2 again last night. I kind of saw it being one of those, I saw it once and that was enough movies, but it was surprisingly good the second time. I need to learn to do stuff like that on the bamboo, that would be sweet. And any girl that can do that hair thing at the end scores points with me [but don't take it too far, blwing yourself up for no reason takes those points right down the hole] hehe.

My man Andy is finally back for a long trip to Ireland. And he has already gotten a french exchange student hehe. I haven't spoken french in sooooo long. I wish I was good at it! English is a good and such, but knowing more the one language is sweet heh.

My mama said to slow down, You should make your shoes, Stop dancing to the music, Of Gorillaz in a happy mood. I'm happy. I got a new bed cushion.It's zebra striped. How cool is that?? And it's so nice and comfy...I love it. It's the middle of the day but I'm thinking about taking a nap just to test it out. I'm going to miss that old one tho...fond memories :-). I'm out again.

8-6-01 by Travis

I pushed it all aside just to stand next to you, and now you won't talk to me for something I didn't's not gonna work-Wow it's only 1:30 and I'm tired already. I guess it's better that i go to bed early then staying up till all hours of the night.

I've been cleaning my room the past two nights, going over what I really need and what I don't cause my room is too cluddered. I hate being a pack rat. I have papers from like 3rd grade [3rd grade!]. But now I am happy with my room, for the week that is. The good thing about summer is I can work on getting my room more to how I like it.

I going to work on my senior project tomorrow. Haven't thought about it since that day that I had to turn it in. I like the idea of working with little kids cause they show and say just what they mean. That doesn't work so well once you get older. The only problem with my topic is that it really doesn't have too many discoveries against that's going to make it hard to write 4k words on it. But I'm a trooper and I'm going to stick it through.

I'm out until later. Wish me luck on the interview!

8-6-01 by Travis

Back to the old grind. Well well. Travis is trying to get out of his old habits and get back into being disiplined again. Maybe August will be a progressive month like I wanted my whole summer to be[not]. The only destraction that I liked having is I have alot of time on my hands. Maybe I'll get that job and between that and getting back in shape I'll keep myself occupied.

I suck. At running. Again. I can only run mildly hard for about 10 oct I need to be able to run hard for at least 20 minutes, but preferably longer of course.

Do you ever...clean when you are bored or such? I think my mother had it inplanted in my brain to clean whenever I feel any of the following: bored, stressed, confused, or deep thinking. Cause anytime I'm feel like that I blank out and then find myself cleaning something. Weird no?

Everyone needs to go out and read Zits from yesterday...That would be me and my family [if we had a laundry thing that is].

8-5-01 by Travis

When you turn on your tv, does it turn you on? Today's comment is brought to you by the number 3 and the letter M.

I went to the mall today AGAIN (bleh, you'd think I worked there already or something) because I needed some new shoes. And of course, today I didn't need to call my mother to see if I could use her credit card. Some people, I tell you hehe. But that all goes along my theory. See, this is the way I look at it. If you are going to do something, just tell the truth (cause usually the truth is so abstract you know someone couldn't have made it up). A while back I stayed at Becky and christy's house and when I called my mother, did I lie and tell her I was staying somewhere else? No, because if I did and my mom found out, then she'd think I was up to something. But if I was doing anything bad, I wouldn't have told them I was going to stay there...see what I mean? (PS, I know not ALL parents are so lignite, but that's how it should be right?).

"A portion of your purchase supports youth community" so say my shoe box. Always doing good deads I am hehe. On the other hand they are nike shoes, and I paid 60 bucks for them, so you'd think of the 59 dollars of profits they made at least a dollar could go to some kind of help program or something. Here are the the places it goes exactly. I don't like Nike really, but giving back is where it's at.

8-4-01 by Travis

Yeah I know. Haven't updated, whatever. Not like many read this page anymore anyway. I've been in a funk lately that I just can't seem to get out of. I walk around all day in a my own little world pretending that I know everything thing that is going on. How close is my world to the real world? Not even close. It's like day and night. I sleep too much, I can't eat (and when I do it's always crap), I can't bring myself to go on runs anymore (there goes goal #2 for the school year right down the drain), and my whole body aches all the time. Why I even allowed myself to get into this is beyond me.

The guy at zumiez said he'd give me an interview on tuesday, maybe then I'll finally get hired and get out of my house.

I want the fair to come. The fair is always fun, maybe I can have fun there.

I'm out of things to say, go figure.

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