Hey, yeah, hey... yeah!

You know a band is cool when they're able to write songs that are really good without any meaningful words. Nirvana has a song with a chorus only consisting of the word "yeah," and another song with only "hey" in the chorus. Damn. They were so good.

There was a DDR tournament at the EMU tonight. I was basically in charge of running it, and all things considered I think it went really well. It only had a couple hitches, like Brandon and Travis playing each other too early, and only 2 people wanting to do style. But somehow Travis and I were convinced to get up there for style (making a whopping 4) and made idiots of ourselves :) Lots of fun though. Everyone come next week! Friday at 6 in the EMU! Also on the topic of DDR, I got an A on the hardest song ever (literally), which is my coolest DDR accomplishment.

I'm in the process of getting my web page moved to the UO's Gladstone server. No more popups! That'll be cool. It's kinda weird, the UO provides web space for everyone, but they don't really tell you about it. And you have to know how to use UNIX and FTP to make use of it, which cuts down on tons of people. Oh well, take CIS 110 if you really want some free web space I guess.

Damn, I really want people to be able to comment on my posts, like in Live Journals. If anyone knows a good place for getting that service, let me know pronto.

I don't consider myself a particularly eloquent person, but every now and then something will pop into my head that's remarkably well put. In religion, (not that this idea is particularly original heh) I thought "In life, there are precious few absolute guarantees, death included. Why fear it?" Feels kinda cliche, but I felt smart for a minute.

Anyone remember reading All Quiet on the Western Front? One of the discontent soldiers (I think Kat) mentioned how he thought the wrong people do the fighting in war. He thought that the leaders of nations should be stripped down to their underwear and duke it out in an arena, while the countrymen spectated. Strangely enough, that is almost exactly how war was waged in China before 480 BCE. I find this hilarious. :D

I think I'm very offended that very few of my good friends bother to read my page. Suuure, you'll read KEVIN's page, but not mine. Fuckers. Hah, I can slander you, because you don't read it! Bitches! How do you like it! What's the difference between you guys and a mallard with a cold? One of them's a sick duck, and I forget the rest, but your mother's a whore! Sorry, SNL celebrity jeopardy joke.

It's remarkable how the dorms' always-on internet connections can wreak havoc on your buddy list. (Why is it that the word "wreak" is never used except when followed by havoc? Kind of like "disgruntled" and "postal worker")


The absent minded Tyler

Wow, I had so much cool stuff that I wanted to talk about on this post and now I can't remember any of it. I even wrote out topics, but now I don't remember what I wanted to say about it. I guess I need to write it all down as soon as it pops into my head.

I'm beginning to learn more and more why Gandhi said how Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Christians etc all worship the same god. There's really very little difference between all the religions. Many Christians would probably consider Christianity and Hinduism to be polar opposites, but they're ridiculously similar. For example, they both have a very desirable post-life destination, and you can only get there by being a good person. Really the only significant difference that I found was their outlook on life, which is just because of such different cultures.

I went to visit Andrea in Chicago! I got to meet all her friends in the dorms, and dork around Chicago. Any preconceptions I had about Chicago were entirely wrong. I heard it was clean, and except for downtown (which smells like shit) it was pretty dirty. I also heard that there were abundant hot women, and I saw very few. I had lots of fun, Andrea and I went to the top of the Hancock tower (94th story or something), walked around Chicago, went shopping (we went to like the only skate shop in all of Chicago) and just chilled. I thought it might make me miss her a lot more, but strangely it made things easier, which is cool.

Want a free burger? 1. Go to McDonald's. 2. Buy two burgers. 3. Leave McDonald's. 4. Take one burger out of your bag. 5. Go back in, and say they forgot one of your burgers. Bam. Free burger. I would hate working at a place where "the customer is always right." I mean, I understand good customer service and all that, I totally take care of my customers. But if someone tried to pull anything like that I'd just tell them to leave heh.

I've come to hate the word "terrorist." Not because I hate terrorists, but because the word is entirely subjective. Anyone that the government deems bad is all of a sudden a terrorist, and most likely has links to the Al-Qaeda. I'm sure there are plenty of countries out there that think of the U.S. as a terrorist state, considering we like to be the policeman of the world.

TJ, Travis and I had a rousing discussion about evolution yesterday. Not that I don't believe in it, but there's one thing that I don't understand at all. If things evolve bit by bit through natural selection, how do things like wings ever develop, features that don't help animals survive until they're fully developed? I can understand spots on cheetahs, if you developed a couple spots that would help camoflage you. Then if you developed more, it would help even more. But if you randomly started to develop a wing, it would be entirely useless to you, and more likely hinder your survival than anything else. Maybe evolution isn't as random as people think. After all, DNA was almost entirely done evolving billions of years ago. Maybe when an animal "develops" wings, they're not developing them from scratch because they're already in your DNA. It already has mapped how to make cool stuff like wings, gills and exoskeletons, so maybe your instincts somehow determine which "features" are built.

Back to simpler things, I got this really cool program called DesktopX from Object Desktop. It allows you to entirely rebuild your desktop, mine looks like this now.


At last, a new look

I didn't quite realize exactly how unpleasant my web page design was until I made a new one. And this one isn't even that good. Anyway, I hope you like it, it took me about 4 hours to get it this way, and it's still not quite done.

Well, a lot has happened since my last post. I'm all moved into my dorm room with Michael! We're in Debusk in Bean, our phone number is 346-9225. My old phone number (484-4842) is dead now, sad. Oh well. No more hug hug 2. We've already started classes, mine are pretty cool and very easy. One of my first tasks in Computer Science 110 is to make sure my e-mail account is activated, and one of the final tasks is to create a small web page, which I'm really nervous about. *stifled laugh*

Surprisingly, my books for writing seem pretty cool. Except for that whole unnecessarily large words thing. One of the books has a really cool approach to writing, and the other had a story written by a teacher of 26 years about how public education is the most horrible thing ever. Weird, but interesting stuff.

Dorm life is pretty cool, if I leave my door open then people just trickle in now and then to chill. I've met lots of cool people, but no one I've really befriended yet. I'm not terribly pleased with the shower situation (I'm one of those people that will lock the door even when I'm home alone) but it offers some privacy, at least. The food is decent, but there's only like a few places to get food so I bet I'll get sick of the food after a while. Being without my car sucks though. West Eugene is sooooo far away now. Riding my bike everywhere has made me learn exactly which muscles are used for DDR and not for biking, heh. Only one muscle on my legs gets tired, and it gets really tired.


A big mistake with Big City

It looks like I may soon be done working at Big City. It's a cool job and all, but I always had reservations about how I got it (basically my mom helped hook me up). I'd rather earn such things on my own merits. And now, for some reason, my boss has decided that 18 is an incompetent age, and he doesn't feel comfortable putting the store in my hands. I could understand that if he had decided that from the start, but he left the store to me all the time even back when I was 17. Kinda weird. So now my mom thinks that Joe (part owner of Big City) should give him a talking to, which will most likely turn sour. I think that because I'm the kid almost 10 years younger than everyone who got the hook up from his mom, and now whose mom is going to come rescue him. Oh well, I've got work study at the UO available in a few days, and I'll probably start working at the family fun center across from Churchill.

I really feel like absolutely no one reads this. Oh well, I guess that means I can talk a bunch of shit indescriminately and never have to worry about it *snickers*

Well, Andrea and Adam are in Chicago, Eyal and Kevin are in Boston, everyone's leaving... I distinctly remember my sister saying to me after she graduated that everyone will have grandiose plans of going out of state for college, and then just end up going down the street to the U of O. Oddly enough, our class is quite the opposite, everyone is going elsewhere. Feels that way right now at least.

I move into the dorms (aka prison) in two days. Wow. Now I need to pack and all that. Weird how stuff like this always sneaks up on you. Fortunately I'm a guy, so I have like 1 box of clothes, my computer, and my stereo. Maybe a couple posters.

It's weird, I used to think that it was ridiculous when people had thousands of mp3's on their computers. For example, Kevin has like 4,000 and he said he can think of tons more that he wants. But now I bet when I get broadband at the UO I'll download a ton too, there's always tons of music I want. However, I still think that it's silly to have tons of movies on your computer. Lance literally has 5 hard drives full of movies on his computer. Jeezus.

Frustrated with college? Need a way to vent your frustration? Download Stair Dismount! Disturbingly addictive.


So you sailed away / into a gray sky morning

I miss you so much, Andrea.


Who needs a solar powered flashlight?

I must have the dumbest ISP ever. A few months back, they changed the phone number you needed to call to connect. Although, instead of giving some kind of warning before they changed it, they went ahead and did it and posted the change on their web site. So to find out how to get online again, you had to be online. A few weeks ago I couldn't connect to the internet, so I called them up, and they just had message that said "we are experiencing technical difficulties concerning connectivity. It will be fixed as soon as possible, so keep trying. If you'd like, e-mail us at support@continet.com" How the hell am I supposed to e-mail them about it if their internet service isn't working?

I was thinking a while ago about how if people go from having problems (poverty, health, you name it) to having lots of money or power, they'll basically only help people that are in their previous situation. Like Dave Thomas (while he was alive :( ) used to donate huge amounts of money to orphanages and adoption agencies because he was an orphan back in the day. So I guess the trick when voting for president is to find someone who used to be in your shoes (fat chance heh).

Has anyone ever wondered why the Ford Expedition and Explorer are smaller than the Ford Excursion? Or why they're all ridiculously huge and growing bigger every year?

I just can't seem to get into a proper habit of updating my web page during the summer. Hopefully during the school year I'll be able to make it a routine again.

Today was my last day of work, that was cool. Mike and I spent several hours doing nothing. It wasn't exactly our fault though, we were on the fourth floor of a dorm in the scorching heat with no fan or anything, it tends to make you lethargic. I've never worked a job before where I have such little motivation to do any work.

Don't you wish your desktop looked like this?

Tomorrow is Andrea's last day in town :( It sounds cliche but it really seems like just a few days ago that we had plenty of time left together. Ah well, she's going to the best journalism school in the country, and I'm gonna go visit her in October, so I guess it's not all that bad. I feel like such an underachiever. A few friends with 4.0's, mad SAT scores, and tons leaving the state for school, bound for greatness. And me with a solid 3.0 and no motivation, no scholarships, no direction. I think I'll cut myself off there, I'm a bit depressed tonight.


A farewell for Eyal

So, Eyal, you've taken off to Boston for bigger and better things. It was weird getting used to living without you, now it'll be even weirder now that you're gone, just like that. I'm sure you'll be fine adjusting to life way over on the east coast. It was a lot of fun this past year having you come live with me, come back and visit as soon as you can. Don't forget your roots!


You mean I have to see the A.M.!?

I got a job painting the UO dorms a couple weeks ago. It's kinda bittersweet, because I have to wake up at 6:30, but since I get off work at 3:45 there's still time left to do stuff. I get to work on Mike's crew, and our crew leader is totally chill, so that's nice. She has an enormous cackle, it's hilarious. Yesterday Mike and I got to paint the dorm we're gonna live in when school starts, that was cool too.

In case you haven't heard the story, the family fun center across from Churchill "All That! and more..." (something like that) used to have two 3rd mix DDR machines. Travis and I came in one day asking when they were going to get 7th mix. They said, "well we've got the 7th mix upgrade kit but it's not upgraded yet. You guys wanna do it?" I kinda thought they were joking at first but it's really not all that complicated, so we just did it for them. It would have been easier but some guy had lost the instructions on how to do it heh. We got some tech support guy on the phone and he just walked us through it. By the end of the ordeal his secretary knew me by name :D So now they have a 7th mix, it's sooooooooo much fun. Although they still won't officially open for a couple weeks. I passed Max 300! That's actually relatively easy (heh) compared to Maxx Unlimited. Because when you play Maxx Unlimited, it scrolls 50% faster (like it's 480 bpm), scrolls top to bottom, on dark mode (you can't see the row of arrows for timing), and the hard part, your life bar starts full and doesn't refill. So you fail after like 15 misses. It'll be a good month before I can pass that.

I'm thinking for my birthday I wanna rent a buncha paintball guns and go paintballing in the forest. That'd be really fun. I think I'll probably have it on the 25th so Kevin can come, because he leaves for Boston on the 27th. It costs $20 per gun though, so I might be asking for donations :O

Anyone ever wonder why water/ice dispensers built into fridges have stupid little thing you have to press a cup against to make water come out? What if you have a water bottle that's too big? Then you just have to reach around the water bottle to press the button, and probably get water everywhere in the process. They should just have a button off to the side, it would make things much more convenient. Then you could also have separate buttons for water, ice cubes, and crushed ice, instead of one button with a switch. Sometimes people try to make things too easy, and it just works out to suck.

I was thinking about how everyone used to make fun of Mrs. Hammons for saying that trees have feelings, and I think they shouldn't have. I mean, granted, trees have no central nervous system, but just because we haven't discovered it doesn't mean they don't feel it somehow. People hundreds of years ago used to tie up dogs to trees and cut them open while they were living to demonstrate that they were certain that dogs didn't feel pain. That when dogs yelped when you kicked it, it was merely a senseless reaction, like a door creaking when opened. Maybe a hundred years from now, logging will be looked upon as a terrible atrocity. Then again, maybe not.

Hm, I wonder why Kevin gets so many visits at his website. :D


The power of conformity

Have you ever noticed how every church has a sign out front with clever little phrases on it? Has god decreed that all his subjects ought to erect signs with funny little cliches on it?

Jeebus, I haven't updated in... 50 days or so. Heh. I suck. Time flies when you're doing nothing. I can't really seem to get into a groove of properly updating my web page in the summer. Sorry to those who checked back a buncha times.

Just got back from a road trip the other day! Andrea, Travis, Ashley and I spent about eight days in california. We stopped in San Francisco, Venice Beach, Anaheim, Hollywood, and Santa Clarita (my home town yay!). I didn't have enough time to visit my old friends though, which kinda sucked. But we went to both Six Flags and Disneyland, which was excellent (however very expensive). Goliath, a ride at Six Flags, is the shit. Quite simply. Everyone should experience it. San Francisco was cool, we stayed with Ellen, who is a total DDR junkie. At least she used to be, she doesn't play as much anymore. People are so incredibly good at DDR down there. I felt really sucky. It's motivated me to get better again though :)

My mom had back surgery today. Her boyfriend had to take off to Portland so I had to be the one to take care of her when she got out of her operation. It's really disconcerting to see your mom in such a state, just coming out of anaesthesia, completely out of it but still talking to you. I was my mom's legal guardian for about 8 hours today :O She had a broken disc in her back, which was messin her all up, but the surgery went well so she should be fine now. Doctors also thought she might have had breast cancer until this morning when they ran another test and she's fine. Imagine how she was feeling last night, back surgery the next day and possible breast cancer. Life's a bitch sometimes.

I downloaded mIRC (internet relay chat) today and you can find the most random stuff on it. Check this out, it's really funny.


Now the time has come to say goodbye...

IHS graduation was last night. I was mostly really happy to be graduating, but I definitely felt really sad to realize I'm losing so many people. It shouldn't be that bad, because lots of people are sticking around, and I'll definitely stay in contact with people that are really important to me. But nevertheless, an online friendship just isn't as good, and I'll have to go from seeing Andrea practically every day to hardly ever. Seems like graduation has come so quickly.

Wow, I haven't updated in more than a month. Shame on me. I appreciate that you're here reading this after my long absence. I've become addicted to Diablo 2 (for the 3rd time) so whenever I'm on my computer I just wanna be playing it.

However, no one should ever accuse be of being obsessed with a computer game.

I think it was Kevin that was telling me about some college that has broadened the definition of rape to include guys persistently hounding girls until they'll sleep with them. What in god's name are these people thinking? A guy pursuing a girl may be unwelcome and deserving of a restraining order, but that's all it is. That doesn't make it rape when the girl -agrees- to it. He also told me about how a woman wrote about how it just weakens the word rape, lessens the importance and such of actual rape. I totally agree, when I hear about statistics about how many men abuse their wives, including verbal abuse, it totally weakens the statistic. I mean, verbal abuse is terrible, but it's on quite a different level from physical abuse.

The english language is really stupid sometimes. Negative questions just don't work in english. Like if you ask someone, "you aren't coming over tonight, are you?" and they reply "yes," that could mean yes they're coming over tonight, or yes that's right, they're not coming over. Negative yes or no questions can't clearly be answered with a yes or no. Also, another thing that doesn't work in english... "I'm coming over next tuesday." Why do people ever use the word next? It could be taken either as this coming tuesday, or as the next one after that. The founders of english must not have been too bright.

I've come to notice the stupidity of english even more by studying spanish. In spanish, there isn't a single word that is pronounced differently than it looks. Not one. Imagine how much easier english would be to learn if the word "archaeologist" was spelled "arkyalijist"? And why don't we english-ize adopted words? Like why isn't "hors d'ouvres" spelled more like orderves?

I heard there's gonna be DDR at the all night party, I can't wait. :D


Have you ever imagined a world without hypothetical situations?

I sure haven't.

You "Oregonians" are weird. I still feel like a Californian once in a while because of a few things. Everyone in Eugene has seen every single episode of the Simpsons and Seinfeld. I feel weird for not being able to quote from those shows. Maybe I just have weird show-obsessed friends. Also everyone pronounces the world "nuclear" as "nucular." Am I weird for thinking that's quite wrong?

I don't like the overall atmosphere of drivers. Granted, the United States has much better and nicer drivers than most countries, but it still seems to suck. How often do you stop to notice someone's good driving as opposed to how often you stop to notice someone's bad driving? Anytime anyone does anything wrong, everyone just breaks out their middle finger and hits the horn. Honestly, what can come of that? Conformity at its worst.

Remember, never, ever masturbate.

I think it was Kevin that I was having a discussion with a while back about preventative efforts. Way back in the day, foods in stores weren't sealed because people never worried about it. Then some people became assholes and put razors in food and stuff like that, so stores seal up everything to prevent that sort of thing. But honestly, if someone out there is aiming to hurt people, is that really going to help? I can see it now, a sadistic man walks into Fred Meyer with a plan to hide razors in a jar of peanut butter. But, he comes to the peanut butter section, and all of the jars are sealed with plastic! Blast! Foiled! He returns to his home, defeated, for his adversaries have outsmarted him at every turn. I don't think so. If he's bent on hurting people, he will. Terrorists hijacked planes, so they raised airport security a lot, and what happens a few weeks later? Some guy manages to sneak past a bomb in his shoe. You can't prevent everything. Maybe, rather than trying to prevent pissed off people from doing bad things, we should stop pissing them off in the first place.

What's with the widespread mullet obsession? They're very outdated and quite funny, but it seems to have become trendy to take an odd interest in the haircuts. I think they're funny too, but... they're just... hair...

Also, have you noticed that the little greater/less than symbols (<>) have become trendy on websites? They're all over the place! What an odd thing to be trendy!


The best content is non content

In lit we finished reading Heart of Darkness a little bit ago and it reminded me of the movie Orange County. In the movie, the main character (Tom Hanks' son, forgot his name) is an aspiring writer and writes a short story about his life in Orange county. He sends it off to his favorite author, and by a fluke he gets to meet the author and talk with him about his short story. The author, unknowing that the story is about the kid's life, tells him how although it depicted crazy characters and a hopeless situation, it had an underlying message of hope and strength in the characters' relationships. This is not what the author had in mind. Heart of Darkness is just a story about the author's life, and it's hailed as a masterpiece full of symbols and underlying meanings. I guess the key to writing really well is to make your writing lack any definite symbolism so that people can just see what they wanna see, and call it good. Literature analysis has come to offer a very educated method of speaking for others.

I'm extremely disappointed with colleges and their acceptance attitudes. Schools require a 4.0 and a 1600 on your SATs before they'll throw money at you, but if you're good at a sport, no problem. It's disgusting. Yoonie got rejected from UCLA, Pomona, AND Northwestern. Granted, those are all really good schools, but she is a VERY good student. She has a 4.0, above average SATs, and god knows how many extra curriculars. And on top of that she's such a good person that people often compare her directly to Jesus. She didn't even get accepted, but those places would be throwing money at a person that could jump really, really far. Where's the sense in that? Money. If Yoonie went to UCLA, they would probably gain prestige. But if Jordan Kent went there, he would probably draw such a crowd at track meets that he would pay for their sports program single handedly. I hate it that colleges are so shallow.

I've been noticing that if someone thinks that they're good at something, regardless of whether or not they really are, they become good at it. If Bobby Bobertson gets this crazy idea in his head that he has a strong natural ability for multiplication, just subconsciously (or consciously if he's really passionate about his times tables) he would just kinda practice multiplying when he had nothing better to do, and getting better at it. And even though he's not better than the average Joe at finding 31 x 45, people will probably come to know that he's better at it than others, simply because he thinks so. Then when people begin to expect it of him, he'll become even better.


The ignorance of ignorance

Have you ever noticed how people use the word "ignorance" in a very ignorant manner? People often use the word ignorant to, for example, describe someone in Africa who doesn't know anything about AIDS. But to be ignorant, definitively, you must be ignoring something. There is little or no AIDS education in much of Africa, so the African is not ignorant, just unknowing, or perhaps unaware. People really should use words as they're meant to be used.

You know a band writes their own lyrics when they try to rhyme "important" and "retarded." Blink 182 gets an A for effort.

I think that when kids hit high school, they should be put on a 36 hour day. Teenagers need a lot of sleep, and I think they could make up for it by staying awake longer. Why does sleep have to revolve around the sun? Why can't it revolve around fatigue? I'm always either not wanting to wake up or unable to fall asleep. Consciousness inertia, if you will.

I went to Seattle a couple weeks ago with Kevin and Eyal. We were -entirely- unproductive. In the span of a 3 day weekend, we only managed to watch some basketball, play DDR a couple times, and walk around downrown. It was still a lot of fun though, and I got to play 5th mix for the first time. Now I have it working at home though, so no need to go again. But then there's always tournaments...

Today in TOK we had a little discussion about the ethics of disease contraction. Basically, whether or not it was right to allot research funding and stuff to patients who have diseases as a result of their own decisions, namely, AIDS. Kevin said that those people have made bad choices and become a drag on society. That may be true, but someone could have sex one time, with a condom, thinking their partner didn't have HIV, and still get HIV. So how can you make that distinction? How are they any less deserving of support than a cancer patient? Then of course Ms. Hammons pipes in with a comment about whether or not actions from previous lifetimes should be taken into account. I'm not saying that there's no such thing as reincarnation, but for god's sake read your audience. That statement might have had some significance in India, or amongst her peers, but not in our class. She just kinda sounded ridiculous.

Speaking of Ms. Hammons, she decided to make a rule that id any cell phones ring in class, she'll confiscate them until the next class. Did I miss something? Are we still in elementary school? Is that even legal? I know that teachers have a fair but if power over their students in their class, but I really doubt that includes temporary confiscation of personal property. She seems to think it's legal though. I don't recall signing documents agreeing to give her that authority. There ought to be a phone number to call where you can learn about the legality of these things. She thinks that cell phones are a disturbance in class, so every time one rings, she gives a mini lecture on how they're a disturbance in class (wasting much more class time in the process). *cough*hypocrite*cough*.

My faithful DDR pad has finally died. It will be missed, it got me through some tough times... I mean... *cough* a moment of silence please in memory of Albert Hossenphefer. I got a new pad now from Red Octance, it's excellent.

3-30-02 by Tyler

Work is hard

I'm at work right now while I update. How cool is that. Although, I'm kinda running the store while my coworker plays Playstation 2, so it's even cooler for him. Plus I'm working for free, because it's "career exploration" for school. I feel kinda bad though because there's always people asking about getting a job here, and sometimes I don't really feel like I deserve my job. Oh well.

I followed a link from Kevin's website a long time ago about formal arguing. It said that if someone says stealing is bad, and you reply "Hey, you stole something the other day," that you're being non-responsive. That hypocrisy is completely irrelevant. I was thinking about it though, and I wholeheartedly disagree. If you say stealing is bad, the word bad is relative. You could say stealing is good, and when compared to mass murder, you're quite right. So when someone says "stealing is bad," it's usually implied that stealing is bad compared to what they do. Gotta practice what you preach.

I think I'll finish updating when I get home tonight, adios.

3-19-02 by Tyler

Hehe quickie

Everyone take the Quiz-o-Tyler! :) To take it though, you have to copy this address:


and add your email to the end of it. I think it should work. It'll die a month from now though.

3-3-02 by Tyler

Uuuuuuuuuuzbek! Uuuuuuuuuuzbek!

Uzbek is quite possibly the coolest word ever.

Wow, I haven't updated in a while, seems like I've been incredibly busy, but I dunno with what. Time just kinda disappears. Pretty much the only big thing I gotta do right now is community service, and lots of it.

I played Halo for XBox at B. Walton's house a few weeks ago, that game's awesome. It's a lot different from what I'm used to though (Counter Strike). Instead of a mouse and keyboard you have two joysticks, and people take about ten times longer to die. It was tons of fun though, because we had two TVs and two XBoxes, with 3 people on each. I also got to hang out with Andrew Oja and B. Walton for the first time, which was cool.

We've been doing five minute long oral presentations analyzing Hamlet in lit class. That's nice and all, but everyone just ends up typing up a presentation mostly from SparkNotes, and reads it while everyone else (including Yoonie!) doodles or.. writes in their weblog heh. Can't say that I see the point in that. Lit last year felt so much more productive.

I saw a red shirt for sale a while ago at JCPenney that said "LIFEGUARD" with a white cross on it. It seems really funny to me now that people would -want- to wear that after having been a lifeguard.

I was thinking about living by myself and realized something. If I bought a huge tub of say margarine or mayonnaise, no matter how long it took to eat it all, I would know that every bit of it was ingested into my body. I would stare into that huge empty tub and just feel disgusted at the fact that every bit of that stuff had gone into me. Maybe I'll buy little tubs of mayonnaise and margarine.

I saw a poster at school that said something like "you have two ears and one mouth, you should act accordingly: listen twice as much as you talk." Not only is that idea unoriginal, but that logic is terrible. If you have two ears and one mouth, can't you listen twice as effectively as you can talk? So why not talk twice as much as you listen? As you can tell, I was -really- bored in class...

2-10-02 by Tyler

Free step parents for all!

It seems like all of my friends' parents are either divorced or on their way there. It seems rarer now to find someone whose parents are still married than whose parents are divorced. The more our culture accepts divorce, the more common it is. Maybe that means something... *cough* Marriage is inherently bad! *cough* Who said that? I can only think of one married couple that seems truly happy to me. That's pretty depressing.

Districts was fun this weekend. Until this year, I had never made top 18 in prelims, which you have to make to swim in finals. I swam the 50 and 100 free, the two most boring events. I sucked it up in my 50, I hesitated on my start and I slipped pushing off the wall. My 100 I did pretty well on though, I went 1:00.36, a 6 second PR for me, and made 17th place. Then, the next day, I went 58.53 and moved up to 15th place. I was less than half a second away from 13th place too, which would've won my heat. Pretty cool.

You would think that with enormous ad campaigns like 10-10-220 and Subway, they would invest some money in the actual commercials. The quality of their commercials is just plain awful. Do they not realize that they suck? Speaking of overgrown ad campaigns, I see ads online to look up old classmates everywhere I go. Those people must be making tons.

A while ago when we had our little multicultural day instead of class, I had three minority counselors present in my spanish class. One of them made a good point about minorities freaking out about stuff. If a black kid freaks out because a stupid kid made fun of him, it's not just because the kid made fun of him. It's the weird look they got the day before, it's the unfair treatment they got a week ago, on and on all built up until they snap. I also asked them what they thought about student unions, because sometimes it seems like they promote segregation among students. They said that they're a good idea as long as they're not exclusive, which I definitely agree with. They're basically just interest groups anyways, so why exclude people that share interests because their skin is a different color?

I've decided that many problems, including pretentiousness and hypochondria are the result of one thought process: that when you change, you change away from normal. People often assume that if their vision degrades, that they then have less-than-average vision. This is very possible, but just an assumption. Unless you go to the eye doctor and test, you have no idea, you might have had superb vision and now only have above average vision. My mom suffers from this. She thinks that she has poor night vision, hypoglycemia, poor respiration, hypersensitivity to light, the list goes on. Maybe she doesn't see as well as she used to, or be as endurant as she was, but that really doesn't relate to the scheme of things. I'm sure she respirates just as well as the average old lady. People also do this with intelligence (me, too), making them think they're smarter than others. If you become much smarter than you were, it's easy to kinda think that you're smarter than the average person. But the average person gets smarter too, it's hard to keep that in mind sometimes.

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