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2-3-02 by Tyler

L33t cr3w pwnz j00!

Try to say Gerber burger ten times fast. I bet you can't.

Andrea and I have discovered a secret communist plot for world domination. Both Stalin and Superman share the nickname "man of steel." This cannot be a coincidence. Also, Superman wears red underwear on the -outside- of his clothing. If that isn't a communist statement, I dunno what is.

Speaking of secret communist plots, all of the smurfs are gay communists. I mean think about it, all of the smurfs are guys. There's one girl smurf, but she's actually a robot, and yet somehow they managed to make baby smurf. Also, Papa smurf, their leader, wears a red hat all the time. Cartoons and comics have subconsciously implanted communist ideals into the youth of America.

It's weird, I used to think that my generation would bring a new level of racial equality, that it's such a clear fact that races are equal that racism is outdated. But now, with September 11th, the kind of thing that spawns racism has happened in my lifetime. People are suspicious now when they see Arabs on airplanes with them. I can totally see people my age growing up to be biased towards Arabs, especially if there's ever any other terrorism. Pretty sad.

I went to the UO/UCLA basketball game. It was fun, every time the Ducks dunked the court erupted, and even though we killed UCLA, the students rushed the court heh. Also, a guy was wearing a green and yellow shirt that said very simply, "FUCLA." I want one.

I never realized what a feminist our TOK teacher is until we had a discussion about prostitution. She thinks that if a guy pays a girl for sex, and she gets pregnant, that the guy should be obligated to share responsibility for the child. Now, I'm not one to think that if a guy gets a girl pregnant that it's the girl's fault and he shouldn't have to deal with it. I think that if two people are in a mutual relationship, and the girl gets pregnant, then it's just as much the guy's responsibility as it is the girl's. But if the guy is -paying- for the sex? Call me a disgusting guy, but I dunno about that. If the girl is on birth control and they used a condom and miraculously she still got pregnant, I don't think it's fair for her to have to shoulder full responsibility. But even so, I think it's pretty far fetched to demand responsibility when she was basically providing a service.

1-24-02 by Tyler

I have magical testicles! I mean... er... *cough*

Want a few bucks in nickels for free? Print out this coupon, get your free nickels and leave. Heheh. Expires this sunday though. Wunderland, anyone?

I've decided that teachers need to take a class in packet construction before they can teach. It's rather annoying to have a packet with the staple in the wrong corner and you have to flip the packet around a couple times any time you turn the page. They also need classes in counting papers when handing them out, they suck at that too.

I was thinking the other day about how many parents (at least my dad and some of my friends' parents) think that video/computer games are a waste of time. My dad thinks that I'm wasting my life away whenever I sit down to play video games for a couple hours, when he watches tons of TV. This has to be a consequence of the generation gap. I'm sure his parents thought that TV was a waste of time and rotted his brain and all that, and when I have kids they'll have some freaky virtual reality game where they implant a chip in their head and sit like vegetables as they play. I won't understand it and I'll think their brains are melting, but it's really not a ton different than video games. Ah well.

Andrea and I have come to the irrefutable conclusion that if you don't like the Beatles, you suck. But if you say you don't like Sublime, you're just a damn liar.

After thinking about it a bit, I've realized that people need to hate. It's absolutely necessary. They need to exclude a group to feel better about themselves, accepted. Like way back in the day in the US, if an Italian and a German got married, that was totally interracial. Now no one notices that sort of thing because there's blacks, asians, etc to make white people feel unified. I bet that if aliens decided to attack the earth racism would disappear completely because the aliens would then be the new effigies (spelling?), we wouldn't need to hate each other anymore. Kinda like oppositions working together against a greater evil, I guess.

The official count for Erin Baldwin's birthday came to fifty three people! Jesus. I hope she feels loved. I felt so little. I just need to grow like 4 more inches. No problem.

Have you ever noticed that thought is cyclical? Like people tend to go back and forth on issues? I'm having a hard time of thinking of a good example, but here's one. You're playing rock paper scissors. You think ok, I'm gonna be rock. Sounds good. But then, you realize they may choose paper, so you choose scissors. Then you realize they're probably a rock type of person, so you choose paper. However, they might consider that you'd realize that and be scissors! And on, and on. I don't mean this applies to rock paper scissors, but to things with a bit more depth. Say the morality of abortion. First you're like, okay, abortion bad. Then, you realize that some girls would make bad mothers, so you think abortion is good. Yet again, you realize that many girls decide to get abortions way too late in their pregnancy, when the baby is pretty well formed, and decide it's a bad idea. The more and more you learn about something, you just keep going back and forth. This doesn't work for everything, but I think it applies quite often. I think it's a good argument that there is no right way. Some silly little kid come to the same conclusion as a college professor on situations that are more or less black and white. Oh dear, I think I've gone cross eyed.

1-10-02 by Tyler

The grammar boy and the Yahtzee® princess frolic merrily

I had the weirdest train of thought a few days ago. I think that I kinda get abnormal thoughts when I'm sick (I was still kind of recovering from my surgery). I had an idea for a computer game involving a skateboard that would be a (kind of) fun way of teaching people how to apply math functions. Like, I'm sure most people understand functions pretty well, but who the hell knows how to use them? But anyway, the game is really hard to explain, one of those ideas that words just don't help with. I have no idea why I had this idea, it just kinda came to me.

I realized today that open minded people are closed minded to closed minded people. Like, I consider myself a pretty open minded person, and a lot of times when I hear about people having opinions like "whoever thinks this is an idiot," I have a tendency to assume that they're an idiot. It's kind of like being bigoted towards racist people. It's somewhat justified, but it's still hypocritical in a way.

I really don't like music when the lyrics are about their making music. This happens a -ton- with rap music. I like rap when there's actually some lyrical content and some music I like to go with it. But, I can't even count how many rap songs I've heard that are full of stuff like "I've got more rhymes than [insert clever phrase], I can [insert verb] like [insert clever phrase, rhyming with previous phrase]." I like Outkast and Wyclef, they actually write songs. Good plan.

1-7-02 by Tyler

For the first time in my life, I don't have a square jaw...

I got my wisdom teeth removed last friday. I kinda look like a chipmunk now. That's the first time I've ever had any sort of operation on me. I've never broken a bone, or had my tonsils (how do you spell that?) removed or anything. It was also my first time taking some serious pain killers. I took a form of Perkiset (another word I can't spell...) which was supposed to make me really loopy, but it just dulled the pain a little bit and made me a bit more talkative. Maybe next time I'll ask for some morphine or something, that should do the trick.

Happy new year and merry christmas! I got a couple new video games, and watch, and a ski rack, yay for that. This is our last new years in our k-12 education, our last winter vacation... it's gonna suck seeing so many people go away to college. Oh well, at least I'll still probably see everyone once a year during winter vacation.

The DDR tournament that I was hoping to take place this weekend won't happen for more than a month, but it's in the works. I can't wait, I'll have to get a big field trip to Portland for it.

I saw a Charles Schwab commercial the other day. They claimed to have advice that was uncomplicated. You would think that when claiming to have something uncomplicated, you would call it simple.

I've decided that doctors are really scary. When was the last time that you went to your doctor with a problem, and they replied, "I don't know"? It doesn't happen. I think they'd lose their patients' confidence in them if they did. But they don't know about stuff all the time, doctors constantly mis-diagnose problems. I don't think I'll ever trust a doctor unless I -know- that they'll let me know when they're not sure about something.

It really annoys me when people speak for others. For example, often times when you see religious stuff on TV, there'll be a guy saying "God wants this, and God wants that!" Does he know him? Does God call him at home? (Ace Ventura joke... anyway) People also do that a ton with Osama bin Laden. People have tons of explanations for why he wanted to bomb the twin towers, and they always say "Osama wants this and that..." Again, it's impossible to know bin Laden's (or OBL, similar to ODB) actual motives more than anyone else watching CNN.

12-13-01 by Tyler

Do you get your jollies from having music with frequency response well outside the human hearing range?

Sorry, inside joke with Robert. I didn't really wanna start titling my posts, because it's so... typical. But it's fun, so who cares if I conform heh.

Now that my senior paper is finally done with, I realize that I learned one very crucial thing from it: to dread writing essays. I can't sit down anymore and write more than a couple paragraphs, I hate it. What a productive project.

There might be a DDR competition in Portland on January 12th - 13th! If it happens, I'm totally going. Don't worry, I'll keep you posted.

I've come to the conclusion that my literature class spends all its time on important things like exactly what we should circle on pieces of paper, so we don't have time for pointless things like exploring symbolism in books. Don't you wish you had my literature class? (Well, odds are you do, but oh well...)

You ever notice how people become incredibly stupid when in numbers? I mean, even my own friends, I'd like to think that they're all smart guys, but after having parties, I'd find things like my phone is in my trash can, and people have been microwaving hot pockets in the microwave without a plate until they explode and leave a mess. Why do people do these things?

I'm a big fan of campaigning to let people know about recovery programs to get help for addictions and such. However, I freakin hate these advertisements on the radio that have a skit, with the alcoholic man, saying (evidently to his alcohol or whatever), "I love you. I love you more than my wife. But I have to find a way to live without you..." I can guarantee with nearly one hundred percent certainty that an alcoholic doesn't place his life in one hand, a beer in the other, and make a choice. It just doesn't work that way. They just want a drink, and maybe one more, until it's a problem. Maybe if people trying to help weren't idiots, they would be more effective.

I've noticed that often when people put forth lots of effort to better themselves, it has the opposite effect, or at least a negative one to counter the positive one. For example: deodorant. I for one never wear deodorant except like on prom or something -very- important. And I don't think I smell that often (I could be wrong...). Deodorant is horrible for your armpits, it clogs up your pores and just causes all kinds of problems. Same kind of case when girls wear too much make up. Ew. Stop that. I also read about a guy who tried to use an herbal Viagra while on some other medication and it made him impotent. That's what all you people out there get for trying. You see, I have logic behind my slacking.

11-16-01 by Tyler

Know what's weird? If you show a person pictures of people of the opposite sex, they'll tend to think that the opposite sex version of themselves is the most attractive one. I dunno how exactly that's tested, but I think it's true, because I think one of the hottest women ever (ok, she's getting old, but still hot) is Sandra Bullock. Not that I look much like her (heh) but we both have square jaws, slight clefts on our chins, dark brown hair, similar complexions... it's weird how that works.

I was giving some thought to people that have flashbacks of repressed memories from childhood. It seemed silly to me that people would have flashbacks of things, those memories being so old and faded. But then the more I thought about it, the more it made sense. If you have a memory that you think about a whole lot, it sort of dies away. That memory becomes lost and you remember your thoughts about the memory. That's hard to explain but if you've ever had a memory that you've thought about too much, you know what I mean, you start to question what really happened. But then with repressed memories, they're untouched, uncorrupted. Then when something causes the memory to resurface, it's all untouched, so it rushes back like a recent memory. Not that I've ever had one, but it makes sense.

I have an ingenius new invention. I'll have to get a patent on it right away, I'll make millions. The Gerber burger! Just like McDonald's is paying schools to feed their kids burgers, we'll have baby food that tastes like burgers, hooking kids even younger! Damn I'm good.

Alright so I know all you IHS kids don't need to hear anything more about our new lit teacher, but for god's sake. He treats us like 3rd graders... circle this, write this in the margin at the top, write your name, get out a piece of paper. WE KNOW. Teachers should not repeat themselves repeatedly.

Ok, I guess I've fallen off the whole gameshow bandwagon. I used to watch gameshows like a fiend back in like 5th grade, so it's pretty traumatic for me to find everything changed. First, Wheel of Fortune has all this weird stuff, like adding a thousand bucks in the last round when time runs out. Then to pick what prize they win if they guess the last word, there's like 50 choices instead of 5. As if this isn't all different enough, Jeopardy comes on, and ALEX HAS NO MUSTACHE! I literally did not recognize him. I thought it was a substitute or something. I think he was kidnapped by aliens, and now this is an alien posing as Alex. There's no other possible explanation. You don't just shave your mustache like that...

10-19-01 by Tyler

Great, it's friday night, and I have nothing to do. I'm sitting at home, trying desperately to entertain myself. At times like these, I can't help but feel like the biggest loser ever. Three days till senior project rough draft is due, I should probably work on that. Then again, I don't really have that whole "motivation" thing. Maybe I'll care the night before.

Today I read a whole lot about democracy (that being my senior project subject) and I learned that ancient Athens really wasn't much of a democracy. Their government was a lot more like modern day England. The closest historical example of democracy was colonial New England, where all the men in towns came together to vote on laws, officials, etc., and the majority won. I dunno if I'm crazy, but I found that pretty interesting. Democracy seems a rather paradoxical thing. Democracy, by definition, means government by the people. Isn't that a lot closer to anarchy than anything else? I guess that's more "everyone governs themselves" rather than "everyone governs everyone." Oh well.

Anyone know why at night, lights that are far away twinkle? They all do it in unison too, maybe it has something to do with the atmosphere. It can do some pretty cool stuff, like magnify the moon when it nears the horizon. I bet you didn't know that! Ok so you probly did. Heh, I'm really bored.

Well, I'm uninspired tonight, I'll try and write some stuff down so my next update will be a little more interesting.

10-8-01 by Tyler

Ok, so my senior project is due in like 15 days, and I don't have a research question. No big deal, I have plenty of time.

Time to panic.

Aside from that and the slave labor that I need to get started on, I can't believe how easy this year is. I think mandatory community service has to be illegal in some way. I think I'd rather spend 3 hours figuring out a way around it than spend 100 hours doing something not-so-helpful to my community.

I was reading a packet for my lit class about Aristotle a while back, and apparently he said, "to have a command of metaphor... is the mark of genius, for to make good metaphors implies an eye for resemblances." My sister said around five years old that "being confused is like a puzzle in your head." I think this is a wonderful metaphor, but my sister was far from a genius at the age of five. I think there must have been some weird translation problems in that quote. Then again maybe not, Aristotle was a bit of a dolt.

I'm getting a new computer soon! Yay! And I won't even have to pay for it! My parents will buy it because it's basically going to be my college computer. I can't wait, I'll be able to get all kinds of wonderful games for free, and have a CD burner that doesn't ruin every other CD.

9-26-01 by Tyler

Why are people bastards when it comes to making their web pages? I went to this buddy icon site, I think it was For some reason, it wouldn't show up, so I closed then window. Then, a tiny little window appears in the bottom right, almost completely evading my perception, hiding behind my larger browser window. Naturally, I click on it to bring it to the front, allowing me to close it. Poof! It returns behind the larger window! I click again, and it hides again! Drat! I move the larger window to the side, leaving the smaller one vulnerable to my attack! I click twice quickly to bring it to the front and close it, but no! It remains unaffected! During my relentless attack, the stubborn little window is breeding! More windows are popping up here and there, with pointless advertisements! The only way that I can eliminate the mother window is by closing my larger window, but again, my plot is foiled! I'm writing an e-mail!


Do people that make horrible pages like this really think that people like me are going to click on their advertisements after all of this frustration? Even if one of the ads was the most amazing thing I'd ever seen, I wouldn't click on it just out of spite. Take that, evildoers!

Wow, as I write this I'm watching a baseball game on TV, and the commentator just circled the shortstop and second baseman with his little pen thing from an airial view. He didn't quite close the circles at the top, so it ended up looking like boobs, with the players acting as nipples. I think this is the most entertained I'd ever been watching baseball.

9-22-01 by Tyler

I'm rather displeased with the parking situation this year at school. Now we have to pay more for our parking passes, and it's much more crowded than ever. We pay as much for passes as South kids do, but they get their own guaranteed spot, and we get more of a permission-to-hunt-for-a-spot type thing. Sucks for us. Of course, I'm only bitching about this because I just got a parking ticket.

You know how if something occurs naturally, it's (duh) called natural, but if humans create it, it's called artificial? Does anyone else ever wonder why we consider ourselves above nature? I mean, if God were looking down at the world, and notices that we're doing things that hurt the o-zone layer, do you think God would see that as any different than a cow farting and hurting it? I think that just because we're doing things doesn't make them unnatural, people just see it that way because if we weren't here, it wouldn't be happening, as if we're separate from nature.

I went to Amazon today to swim some laps in preparation for swim season, and I bumped into my 9-year-old friend Gina from working at Monroe Park. She's the coolest, but I hadn't seen her in a while because she moved away and couldn't come to the park anymore, so instead of swimming laps I just chilled with her at the pool. It's weird, my whole life, I've -never- gotten to spend time with kids until this past summer. No younger siblings, no younger cousings, no babysitting. I'm so deprived.

Does that stupid little paper clip on Microsoft Word bother you too? I found a funny picture of it.

9-19-01 by Tyler

I've developed blisters on my feet from playing Dance Dance Revolution so much. Yeah. I haven't gotten blisters on my feet in years, and I get them from a video game. If you don't know what DDR is, remember the Power Pad for that track and field game for old school Nintendo? It's like that, but dancing. Of course, it doesn't look like dancing, but like stepping on a pad. In any case, it's one of the most addictive games I've played in a while.

All of you IHS kids remember that packet we had to read for TOK? Brainstorming and bullshitting. Did that packet strike anyone else as terrible? For example, the good student, the brainstormer, is always referred to as she, and the bullshitter is always referred to as he. I don't feel personally offended by the writer implying that girls are smart and boys are stupid, but that's just something you don't do. Also, it was clear to me that the brainstormer was the writer's picture of an ideal student, and the bullshitter was an example of someone who's taking a philosophy class and uninterested in the philosophy, but still participates in the class. What's the problem with this? It's not your business to say what interests are right, to each their own. And if they don't care about what's being discussed, I think it's more than enough to ask of them to participate.

Tomorrow we have to bring in a bumper sticker or something for TOK. I'm bringing in a bumper sticker that Andrea brought me back from Houston that says, "Don't Mess with Texas." For me, that bumper sticker represents sarcasm. Honestly, the stupidity of Texan pride...

I just learned the other day that Osama Bin Laden is the 17th child in like 56 kids. I bet all he really wants is a hug from his dad. I can just see a little picture of him in my head blowing things up in tears saying, "love me!" like TJ.

9-12-01 by Tyler

Jigga what? Tyler? Updating? Weird huh. I know you're all out there just leaping in delight at the sight of a new update from your good pal Tyler.....
Anyway, I don't know if I'm going to write regularly, or anything. So you'll just have to faithfully come back day after day. I know that's not too much to ask. If you happen in and notice that I updated, please let me know. It's rather encouraging to know that people actually read this stuff. So now my good buddy Travis has moved away. Are you too good for me? Excuse me while I go weep in the corner.

So now there's terrorists and stuff. Only in the US do people stay in their buildings in New York and keep working. We have such a weird naive, false sense of security. Older generations don't though, I think. My dad was fully expecting nukes. Come to think of it, that's absolutely within the realm of possibility, and rather realistic considering it would appear the terrorists aimed to kill people. I would have no problem with terrorists bombing the twin towers and the pentagon as a kind of political message, because our country is like the jackass of the world. But they did it during the day, with thousands of people in those buildings, when they very possibly could have pulled this crap at night.

Now, onto important matters, some really cool person has submitted my e-mail address for tons of spam, so I might be changing it soon. Stay on your toes.

8-25-01 by Travis

Fuck it, Fight it, it's all the same. I give up! I'm heading on over to live journal and just posting there. It's easier anyway :-). I know all you loyal fans will follow me to the slight hop skip and jump over there. Here it be! Have fun, I'm out.

8-9-01 by Travis

So read my book with the boring ending, a short story of a lonely guy. Damn sleep. I need to get back to waking up earlier then like 12. Erg. But the good news is when I do wake up I'm more cheerier then during the school year.

I saw Rush Hour2 again last night. I kind of saw it being one of those, I saw it once and that was enough movies, but it was surprisingly good the second time. I need to learn to do stuff like that on the bamboo, that would be sweet. And any girl that can do that hair thing at the end scores points with me [but don't take it too far, blwing yourself up for no reason takes those points right down the hole] hehe.

My man Andy is finally back for a long trip to Ireland. And he has already gotten a french exchange student hehe. I haven't spoken french in sooooo long. I wish I was good at it! English is a good and such, but knowing more the one language is sweet heh.

My mama said to slow down, You should make your shoes, Stop dancing to the music, Of Gorillaz in a happy mood. I'm happy. I got a new bed cushion.It's zebra striped. How cool is that?? And it's so nice and comfy...I love it. It's the middle of the day but I'm thinking about taking a nap just to test it out. I'm going to miss that old one tho...fond memories :-). I'm out again.

8-6-01 by Travis

I pushed it all aside just to stand next to you, and now you won't talk to me for something I didn't's not gonna work-Wow it's only 1:30 and I'm tired already. I guess it's better that i go to bed early then staying up till all hours of the night.

I've been cleaning my room the past two nights, going over what I really need and what I don't cause my room is too cluddered. I hate being a pack rat. I have papers from like 3rd grade [3rd grade!]. But now I am happy with my room, for the week that is. The good thing about summer is I can work on getting my room more to how I like it.

I going to work on my senior project tomorrow. Haven't thought about it since that day that I had to turn it in. I like the idea of working with little kids cause they show and say just what they mean. That doesn't work so well once you get older. The only problem with my topic is that it really doesn't have too many discoveries against that's going to make it hard to write 4k words on it. But I'm a trooper and I'm going to stick it through.

I'm out until later. Wish me luck on the interview!

8-6-01 by Travis

Back to the old grind. Well well. Travis is trying to get out of his old habits and get back into being disiplined again. Maybe August will be a progressive month like I wanted my whole summer to be[not]. The only destraction that I liked having is I have alot of time on my hands. Maybe I'll get that job and between that and getting back in shape I'll keep myself occupied.

I suck. At running. Again. I can only run mildly hard for about 10 oct I need to be able to run hard for at least 20 minutes, but preferably longer of course.

Do you ever...clean when you are bored or such? I think my mother had it inplanted in my brain to clean whenever I feel any of the following: bored, stressed, confused, or deep thinking. Cause anytime I'm feel like that I blank out and then find myself cleaning something. Weird no?

Everyone needs to go out and read Zits from yesterday...That would be me and my family [if we had a laundry thing that is].

8-5-01 by Travis

When you turn on your tv, does it turn you on? Today's comment is brought to you by the number 3 and the letter M.

I went to the mall today AGAIN (bleh, you'd think I worked there already or something) because I needed some new shoes. And of course, today I didn't need to call my mother to see if I could use her credit card. Some people, I tell you hehe. But that all goes along my theory. See, this is the way I look at it. If you are going to do something, just tell the truth (cause usually the truth is so abstract you know someone couldn't have made it up). A while back I stayed at Becky and christy's house and when I called my mother, did I lie and tell her I was staying somewhere else? No, because if I did and my mom found out, then she'd think I was up to something. But if I was doing anything bad, I wouldn't have told them I was going to stay there...see what I mean? (PS, I know not ALL parents are so lignite, but that's how it should be right?).

"A portion of your purchase supports youth community" so say my shoe box. Always doing good deads I am hehe. On the other hand they are nike shoes, and I paid 60 bucks for them, so you'd think of the 59 dollars of profits they made at least a dollar could go to some kind of help program or something. Here are the the places it goes exactly. I don't like Nike really, but giving back is where it's at.

8-4-01 by Travis

Yeah I know. Haven't updated, whatever. Not like many read this page anymore anyway. I've been in a funk lately that I just can't seem to get out of. I walk around all day in a my own little world pretending that I know everything thing that is going on. How close is my world to the real world? Not even close. It's like day and night. I sleep too much, I can't eat (and when I do it's always crap), I can't bring myself to go on runs anymore (there goes goal #2 for the school year right down the drain), and my whole body aches all the time. Why I even allowed myself to get into this is beyond me.

The guy at zumiez said he'd give me an interview on tuesday, maybe then I'll finally get hired and get out of my house.

I want the fair to come. The fair is always fun, maybe I can have fun there.

I'm out of things to say, go figure.

7-18-01 by Travis

I hate you all, your mom's a whore, where 's my dog, cause girls are suck a drag-I never came back last time...oops. I dunno, the drive to continue writing is going down hill very quickly. I just...don't have anything to say. But for now I'm here!

I've been in a bad mood all day and I don't even know why. I just woke upp and was's just not a good day! Anger rising and such. I've been watching my brother and sister for a week that probably has a bit to do with it. Oh, speaking of anger, Skate needs not to be mad about last night. I won't let it happen again, I just got a bit destracted on the side. And I tried to get a hold of you...oh hum.

I'm done for now, maybe tomorrow will be interesting.

7-11-01 by Travis

Look at me, look at me!-Travis is Laaaaaaaazy. But I go on! Woowee! Haven't been up to alot I suppose. Bought a new bass. Look at me play....BOOM BOOM BOOM! I can hear myself on my new amp too, woohoo!....In fact, it's calling to me rrriiiggghhttt now, I'll be back later I swear!!

7-03-01 by Travis

apathetic to our fate, always finding an escape-Well Well, the last couple days have been busy I guess you could say. Saturday I went and worked with Justin Josh. All day we were moving files and I couldn't figure out what the people who we were working for did, but then I came home and told my mom who it was I was working for and apparently they are doctors that I use to go to cause I had this really bad knee thing. Yeah, weird how things like that can go around, no?

Yeah, and they I went home and I got invited to this welcome home "party" for some girl that I've never really talked to. So why am I invited? Cause another guy was and they don't want him to be the only one there. So I show up and guess what ends up guessed it, the other guy doesn't show up. So I'm "stuck" with 6 girls. As great as this sounds, it was really kind of weird cause I had no idea of what to say 90% of the time. So we watched movies and pigged out (even tho there was a lack of food...jk!) and such. It was pretty fun in the end, and I finally got my life long goal...I slept with Sarah :-D, heheheheh. And no, not like that you PERVERT!! I don't wanna talk about it. Oh yeah, they made up a bunch of things, so if you hear anything about a moo moo or a hair clip, they are lies, ALL LIES I tell you!

Sunday we all drove around alot and the girls kept trying to put make up on me. What is it with girls putting makeup on guys? Is it really that interesting? I guess I already got my answer because they found it pretty amusing. I had to put on makeup before (for the play, not on my own time thank you) and I don't understand why girls put up with is honestly. Basically all the guys that I'm friends with, including me, cause stand when you can tell that you are wearing it anyway, so what's the point? Anyway, next time you see a poor guy walking down the street and he has nail poilish on, throw him a quarter and say, I know how you feel bud. It'll brighten his day no doubt. I was thinking about staying at B+C's that night too, but my step dad found out and well yeah, he wasn't too happy that I was staying at a girls house (as if we are having a mass orgy, I'm just that good). Oh well.

It's late, I'm done typing.

6-29-01 by Travis

Damn you IHS!-I hate this. Stupid IHS has finally got it planted in my head that i should be doing something useful with my time. Today, I did basically nothing. Before I went in to see a movie at like 7:30, I didn't even have a reason to get up and shower. Now when the school year was going, I would have killed to be able to just sit around and do nothing all day. But now that's what I'm doing and to tell the sucks. I feel like I should be out getting a job or something. I'm going to get one sooner or later, because I need the money, I just really don't see many people hiring me right now. And all thanks to IHS, I can't even enjoy myself being lazy...yuck.

Saw "the fast and the furious" tonight. They may have been pretty furious, but if you ask me, they weren't very fast. They had these major cars that cost all this money (supposively) but when they were racing, the max speed they showed was like 140. Now this is not slow, there is no doubt there. But seeing as the blue bomber (my old car) could do 120 and it only cost me 400 bucks, you would think that these 100,000 dollar cars could go a touch faster. And another note to the director. I don't know how many times you have been to Cali, but *everyone* drives 75 everywhere, so it doesn't make it too exciting when you can see the cars up ahead and they aren' even being gained on.

I finally made my room stop looking like an office. I turned the desk so that it looks like a normal room and everyone will believe me that it's my room...go figure.

I think I'm starting to turn nocturnal, even if I don't want to. All thanks to a certain someone who decided to stay on till 4 in the morning one night and has come back know who you are. ALL YOUR FAULT!!! Muahah. It's not that I mind being nocturnal, it's just the fact that during the night, I HAVE to stay at home. And een if I did leave, there isn't too much to do around Eugene at night in the first place. During the day, at least if I get bored I can go drive around and find something to do.

I think I'm going deaf in one ear. Ever since I came out of the movie I been having this feeling like something is wrong with my ear. Very bother some if you ask me, but it's probably just me being paranoid. Like usual. Oh well.

*drool*. Needs too be all black, but that is easy enough to fix. *sigh* Maybe if I ever make some money it will be mine.

Hello?- Anyone out there want to trade bodys with me for a while? I'm tired of being me. Doesn't everyone out there just love sitting around all day? I know I do, that's why I do it of course. Lalala, I need a break. Someone take me on a vacation...please?

6-27-01 by Travis

ouch-I am doing the unthinkable. My parents are out of town and what do I do? Clean. You heard me right. I'm in the process of completely redoing my room and throwing away everything. I am such a waster. I should take some of this stuff to goodwill or something, but I'm too lazy to drive, heh. I doubt that anyone would wnat most of it anyway, which leads me to think, why did I have it in the first place. OOOOOOOhhhhh well hehehe. Back to cleanin like a fiend, I'll check in later.

60% done.

6-25-01 by Travis

Give that dog an emmy!-I just saw my new favorite commercial, replacing Skate butting heads with the goat for the mountian dew. Ok, this is how it goes: Car is sitting on the street. Then this dog comes running out and barking like it is going to chase the car. Then the dog runs head first into the car and it's quiet for a sec and the dog scampers off and it says "look fast". If you see this commercial and don't laugh then I will END YOU...erm...I'll be disapointed heh.

In other news, my parents decided to randomly leave again. My mom didn't tell my until 11 last night. I don't understand why they wait until the last minute. It's not like I'm going to plan a major party or something. Tsk tsk tsk, some parents. Well anyway, this is the best part. I'm to lazy to get the phone and none of my friends have been online, so none of them know about this yet. Better yet, I'm starting to get bored, so any of you out there that see this, call me, we can chill. Heck yeah.

I'm out.

6-23-01 by Travis

Help me I can't swim!Well, it's been a while. Been too lazy to type alot and whatnot. Everyone needs to email Skate and tell him to get his lazy butt back in action on the page. "Oh I think I my start posting again" MY ASS! Not that I should be one to talk. Until today I hadn't gotten up before 11...hush you.

Yesterday I went to the grand opening of the pool. No one believed me that it was going to get sunny when I said that it would get sunny, but who was right this time! That's what I thought! And Some people need to stop putting me down for my jump off the high board since they wouldn't even go in the water at all. I'd like to see you go off there woman! heh. I did have a good time throwing sand and covering people in sand. And I think I might have even tanned alittle! Who would have guessed!

Later that night we went down to Home Depot (hey, what else is open 24 hours a day) and we played sardines for an hour or two. Man, those girls go there waaaay too much, cause the spot they found was crazy. Then we went down to Pearl street ice cream, and I got a strawberry sunday...*drool*.

Today, I had to wake up at *9* in the morning (are you kidding me?!) to go pick up a friend in salem. But it was all good cause we stopped at Enchanted Forest! Woohoo! I love that place...Ok, not really. I use to...when I was like 5. I got to go on the rollercoaster ride tho, and no matter what everyone else says it was BOMB digity!

Well that pretty much sums up the last couple of days...Time to do my dance thing, Laters


Timmy, Timmmy get out of bed Timmy!!!Wow, lately I have been getting out of bed majorly late. How am I to enjoy the summer when I sleep til 12 you say? I leave my window open and sleep in the sun, that's how! Muahaha.

Speaking of Timmy, I'm reminded of the time that me and josh ordered a pizza and I told the guy that my name was Timmy and then Josh started to yell at me like he was my mom and was going to beat me or something. The pizza guy was quite confused, mission accomplished heh. Or the time the pizza guy wanted the "baggie"...Yeah, I don't know what he wanted it for or anything, seeing as we only gave him 11 and we owed 16 and he didn't notice...dum de do...

I am now in the owner of a brand new 87 honda. I rule. My last car was...umm...Big, to say the least. Now that I don't have to drive it anymore I was to try and take it out on water and see if it actually floats like we all thought. It is also for sale. Call for offers, I know everyone out there wants it, so dont all call at the same time.

Gotta go to the park. Catherine, who decided not to tell me until last night, is going to Costa Rica for the rest of the summer. Lucky Ducky.

6-16-01 by Travis

I go boom boom boom, you go zoom zoom zoom-Schools out, yay yay! I've gotten more sleep in the past two days then I did in ALL of last week. Nothing like sleeping into 11. It's weird, up until last summer, I could no for the life of me sleep past 10...unless up course I didn't go to bed until 10. But now it's like, woohoo! sleep for me. Last time I heard, Skate was in the middle of trying to become nocturnal.

Yesterday, after getting a visit from the late alarm clock(Sarah) I went to a BBQ and saw Tomb Raider. The BBQ was alright, but my stuff was a little over cooked. I had the urge to start a real food fight, but I only flung a few noodles here and there because it wasn't my house. Tomb Raider was alright I suppose. Everyone I talked to didn't like it, but I thought for a movie based on a video game it was pretty good. The action actually reminded my of the video game(what I've seen of it) and even tho it had about the same kind of plot as the games (which is basically nothing), what more would you expect? I most certianly think that more girls should dress like that, and there is one in particular I can think of (oh man I'm going to catch one in the nose if she sees that one) heh.

As much as I love this lazyness of summer, I feel like I should probably get onto the stuff that I need to do over the summer. I thinks I have planned: 1)get a job (need money... *background singers* that's what I want heh) 2)start running again 3)get membership at like courtsports or something and start swimming also 4)this last one is a maybe if anyone else wants to do it with me...I wanna join a dojo and learn karate. And no, not so that I can beat thing up and feel cool.

I'm outtie

Hhhhmmmm...went out on a run. Yeah and guess what? I hurt myself. Again. Maybe this whole running thing just isn't for me. I haven't gotten any better since sophmore year. My whole body is just falling apart and I don't understand it.

I'm going to go ice my leg.

6-10-01 by Travis

There is a real cool club on the other side of town-SSSUUUMMMMMMEEERRR! And that's so much that it's summer times two. Yeah, I know it's not here, but it kind of feels like it is to me. I slept until 12 today for the first time since...who knows really! Too long, this is all I know. Half of my classes are pointless to even go to. I don't even have a math class anymore. I still haven't found a job, which I seriously seriously need. Cause this thing (call it a computer if you choose, I call it shit personally) will not do for much longer. If it doesn't break down on it's own then I'll put an axe through it and then my parents will have to get me a new one (for schooling reasons of course) heh.

I think I'll have more time to post, once summer actually does come. I started this thinking that I was going to have all these ideas and what not to post, and then I remembered that I never remember things that happen when I want to. I wish I could just like think somehitng then have it written down so I could have it put on here later. Yes, this would be good ne pas?

Last night I went to help out with the graduation of the seniors of my school (get them out of here and make me the top of the food chain again heh). It was defantly interesting none the less. I realized that I basically didn't know anyone from the senior class this year. I mean, I knew a few of them here and there but I never really hung with any of them. Anyway, when they were explaining to us that the seniors would try to do bad stuff and probably get lost and we would have to keep our eyes on them. At first I didn't believe that it was going to be that bad, but needless to say they were that bad and..well..I was jealous heh. I want to roam mindlessly around and have people point me to where I need to go.

Before that Sarah and I were helping Andy, Adam, and Emily with their video for lit. I dind't really do too much, I got to walk in the background at one point and act cool. But other then that I mostly got attacked by Sarah and Emily. Poor Travis. Then we watched some TV and I got Sarah back for all the sexual assult that she was giving me. Muahaha

I'm outtie for a while, maybe I'll post after the dance.

6-3-01 by Travis

Yeah...hhmm...Alright, well, Travis is on his lonesome for the being. I'll be ok...just remember to breathe...Yeah, so, anyway. School, yeah, it's um hard. That whole project thing we have due in 3 days, yeah, well I haven't even started it yet. Talk about suck.

This weekend has been pretty good. Went to the aloha dance on friday and got my groove on. I know I know, I have no rhythem and can't dance, but the people around me seem to pretend like I could anyway.

Yesterday, I saw shrek with Hannah, Brett, Andy, Christine, and Sarah. I'll admit, I went in a bit ready for the movie to kind of suck. But to my surprise, it was amazingly good. I found myself and everyone else laughing really hard outloud. A few of the party who shall remained nameless (cough Hannah cough Sarah)laughed alittle *too hard*, and when I politly asked them to quiet down so I could hear the movie, I was thrown insults and punches...that's graditude for you heh.

Ok, homework, I hear you calling! Check ya later.

5-31-01 by Skate

This post is just to let anyone know that might care that I'm done updating for a while. Maybe I'll start writing again when school gets out and I have more time, maybe not. Ciao.

5-31-01 by Travis

No kitty! Not into the wall! *thud*-History project. That pretty much sums up the night. Work work work. Finish History homework. Tease Sarah at the wee hours in the morning, hehe. Skate and Mike were over earlier helping. So anyway, Skate goes into the bathroom and comes out to find my kitty (who I thought could see through time, but after this I don't think it's true) laying right in front of the door like the dork that it is. It sees Skate come out from the bathroom and starts to make a break for my parents room (must have seen the killer gleam in Skate's eye). Seeing it start to scamper away, Skate jumps in the air to scare it more, and when the kitty started running fast it was still looking at Skate and didn't see that wall just inches in front of it. Thus the *thud*. Bad kitty....

Lucky, we found a pair of shoes. Now you may say, but Travis, why is it lucky you found shoes? Well, when all those pesky teenagers were over on saturday, one of the girls decided it would be humorous to leave her shoes in my brothers room for everyone to find. Smart one, yes I know. Would the owner please raise there hand?

I need to start running again. I think my whole body is just plain falling apart. I've been extremely sore, and the odd part is that I haven't been working out at all. I thought that was suppose to make me feel less sore. I'm going to carry around a sign that says "will stop whining for a back rub". Who knows, maybe it will work muahah.

I don't think I should still be up anymore, but the stupid late start threw my sleeping pattern off and now I don't wanna leave since I can't just leave someone all by themself :-). I'll sleep sooner or later....

5-28-01 by Travis

Like a Shooting Star, across the midnight sky-Bored bored bored. Nothing to do. Watch me sit, it is so interesting I swear. I finish the book for lit, and I still had 100 pages...and i read slow...blah. I can't find my dog either :-( It's somewhere up in my forest, but evertime I go up there looking it stops barking.

Haven't done to much over the 3 day weekend. I went and saw pearl harbor on friday night. It was alright, but it took both sides too far. To much love involved and during the battle, it repeated the same kind of shots over and over again. I personally don't get war movies. Why do people pay 5 bucks to watch how other people suffer and die. You'd think we'd have better things to do, but I guess I'm wrong since I went to it also. Amasingly enough, the group of people I went was so big that we filled a whole row, and since I was on the end, I didn't really see too much of everone else. And since Sarah wouldn't stop talking...;-D jk! After we went to Shari's and I got a strawberry waffle...*drool*. I wish I had one of those right now...

Saturday I went to a dance, and then had a buncha people come over. We didn't do alot really. Hung out, played pool, watched a movie, you know how it goes. My amigo Kev needs to get on with it or else he knows what is going to happen to him. I'm gunna go finish my movie now.....MUAHAHAHA<~~laugh of perfect sanity, yes.

I've decided that I have a case of bored so bad that it has turned into a complusive disorder. I can't stop doing stuff. this is what I've done since 10:30 this morning (and keep in mind it took a couple hours to get bored also): Took a shower, watched a movie, read the end of the book, made and ate food 5 different times, practiced bass for an hour and a half, daydreamed, washed all the dirty dishes (which were stacked literly like 2 feet out of the sink), cleaned the entire house, brushed my teeth 4 times, made a cd, listen to the cd, ate some pop rocks, worked out for a while, played zelda, posted earlier, bothered some people online, ran around my house chasing my cat, and took a short nap. I did random stuff in between all that too, and if you know me well enough...well I'll just leave it to your imagination(I pretended I could play ddr even tho they still don't have it to buy here...ggrrr). Oh well, back to finding something to do

5-24-01 by Travis

At first I was alone, I was petrified- Tsk Tsk Tsk. The first(and basically only) bad sign of summer has got to me already. Looking at my arms and comparing them, my left arm is already starting to tan enough to give me that uneven look that we all love so dear. Ho hum.

My parents are leaving tomorrow, yay yay! The problem with this is I tend to get a bit lonely at night. But, the weekends usually makes up for it, and I suppose it's like good to practice having a place to my self for a long amount of time.

I've decided I need a change in my life. Luckly summer is coming soon, so maybe that will get rid of this urge, but who knows. This whole thing...yeah, I'm kinda of tired of it. It's dragging me down. *struggle not to drown* tee hee, only 7 more classes of each....

Morman dance this weekend! Last couple of ones I've gone to have been alittle lame... but I think it's cause like noone was there, but since everyone is going this time it should be a ball. Another chance to bust my groove (I know you all love busting out the dance floor as much as I do). Time to go practice my moves so I'm ready for then, I'm outtie hehe

PS, I'm trying to put up a picture of me from cali(it's SUPER bad, but you my loyal fans may see)

5-22-01 by Travis

Girls = evil! Well no, not really. I surely don't think that way at least. But needless to say that it has been Mathematically proven so who am I to argue with that? hehehe. I showed this theroy to my lit teacher today (an avid woman lover, we all know it but we like her anyways) and needless to say she wasn't to thrilled by it. Andrea did make a good come back by saying that boys are evil because they use math and math is evil. Got me there I guess :-).

Ok, is everyone out there sitting down? I hope so, cause if you aren't... you are going to get the shock of your LIFE! Heart attacks will result in my next words. I, Travis, have dropped out of the dirty car running with Skate and washed my car. *gasp*. *shudder*. Skate now has taken the crown (we all know my car was dirtier Muahaha) from me and is now the king of the naturally dirty car. I tip my hat.

Skate...I invent stuff like that, duh. I mean, where would the would be without the earswob dance? My contribution to the world, take it as you please haha.

I might be inline for getting the coolest job ever. I might get to work at a certain factory that runs the vending machines all around town. Now you say, how is that cool? I'll give you two guesses...nope, that's not it....nope that either, jeez, you aren't good at this game :-) tee hee. Well anyway, one of the companies that uses them is pepsi, which basically would mean all the pepsi I can drink for free :-D. Muahaha.

Time to call it a night for poor little Travis.

5-21-01 by Skate

I just an excellent quote from Garret, Josh A's older brother. "Computer games don't affect kids; I mean if Pac-Man affected us as kids, we'd all be running around in darkened rooms, munching magic pills and listening to repetitive electronic music." -Kristian Wilson, Nintendo, Inc, 1989. In case this doesn't sound familiar, this is EXACTLY what people do at raves, and go here and read about them, you poor deprived child.

In my spanish class today, we played a not-so-well-thought-out game sort of like hot potato but without a point. No winners, no losers, no point to competing. Adam V accurately labelled it a socialist game.

Greed greed greed. Greed makes the world go round. When I went to apply to Fred Meyer, do they ask about what a good worker I am? No, they ask questions regarding whether or not I'm going to steal from their store. Today I started my lifeguard training, and do they start with life saving stuff? No, they teach us all about liability so that the pool won't get sued for my dumb actions. How sad.

Only three mondays left in the school year! Isn't that the best news you've heard in months?

Alright, the title of the homework that I should be working on right now is "Argentina: The Failure of Democracy." In case you don't know this information, we too are a failed democracy, and in fact democracy is rather an impossible form of government, like communism. If this isn't government propaganda, I dunno what is.

5-17-01 by Skate

Prom last weekend was damn fun. Although it sort of began crappy, Eric was nowhere to be found, and about 5 minutes after getting my boutineer (how do you spell that) from Andrea I promptly destroyed it by bumping it into my car door. Suave.

I was thinking the other day about how dumb we all are. We know all this crap, useless stuff like quantum mechanics and string theory, and yet no one knows -why- people sleep. Obviously people sleep because they get tired, but scientists haven't figured out why exactly sleep is necessary. I think we need to get our research priorities in order.

Speaking of that sort of thing, who are they? If people want something, they'll say "They should invent that." Who's them? Those magical invisible scientists in some far off world that make us wonder about what they'll think up next? I think they're just a cover up for a big government conspiracy. Why? I don't know yet. I'll work on that.

Mother's day was last sunday right? That was exciting. I went over to my mom's house to give my mom her yearly present (a hug, it's the thought that counts right?) then we went with my sister to Chapala's for dinner. Then about five minutes later they erupted into a massive argument. It didn't even have a point, it was one of those arguments that two year olds have that they forget what they're arguing about. This made me realize what a beautiful ability getting along is. It's not all that difficult, but some people just don't have it, and they ought to learn. I think I've figured out how it works.

First, an argument has many stages. The first few stages are just sort of preliminary and can't be avoided, neither should they be. They're just regular conversation, mild chit chat, exchanging of ideas. Then, one person says something that can be taken as offensive. This part can be avoided, and with quarrelsome people it should be, but with us normal people it's no big deal. Then here's the problem stage, the other person reacts either defensively or offensively rather than passively, and bam you've got an argument. People need to learn when to fold their cards and shut the hell up for the sake of getting along.

5-15-01 by Travis

One more time...-Wow, it's been quite some time! That whole life/lazy thing has really hit me hard, bleh. It sucks cause all my teachers could smell us starting to get lazy so they've decided to double the work lately. Much fun, you better believe it.

Went to prom this weekend. I had an amazing time and had an amazing date (you looked stunning Sarah :-) hehe). I feel a bit bad though because we kinda ditched a few people we were with, not on purpose of course, and I felt bad... but it was well worth it. Danced the night away hehe.

I should probably write more...but I don't think I'm gunna. Mostly a post to say I'm still alive and kicking.

5-11-01 by Skate

Yesterday I did something I've never done before. Not only did I have fast food once, or twice, but three times in a single day. Not only that, but all three meals were at Burger King. Aren't you jealous? I think I've consumed more burgers than any other 16 year old on the planet.

A new version of Mountain Dew has been released! I'm sure most people already know this, but I thought I'd write about it anyway. It's Mountain Dew: Code Red (AWESOME name huh? gives me chills) and it's kinda like cherry Mountain Dew. Not only that, but it has 25% more caffeine than regular Mountain Dew. Althouth that's still only about one ninth of what pure espresso has. So far I've only had a little bit and it was pretty good, but I think I prefer the original. I got that caffeine info off a pimp site called Erowid that has excellent information on drugs, even including stuff like tobacco and nutmeg. So just in case you have an amazing impulse to try mushrooms, read about them first, and trip responsibly.

Spring is such a beautiful season. Too bad I dread it. If you don't have allergies, consider yourself a lucky person. For those of you who don't know, this is how seasonal allergies work. You get things like a runny nose, or itchy eyes, in the spring when there's a bunch of pollen in the air, because your body is too dumb to realize that pollen is harmless. It reacts to it like it's going to hurt your body. What a miracle of evolution that is. Quickly! Attack what won't hurt you! Immediately!

Well I'm done with my AP test, and now for the rest of the year in calculus, all we're gonna do is watch movies. How cool is that? Now I only have 4 actual classes. The first movie we're going to watch is Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, because my math teacher is tired of people in our class bitching at eachother. The moral of that movie is "be excellent to each other," so whenever people bicker, Mr. Blackburn points his finger and reminds us of Bill and Ted. That or he'll yell "SHUT IT." I'm not sure how much business Keanu Reeves has dealing in morality, though.

Why do two movies of the exact same thing always seem to come out at the same time? Like Armageddon and Deep Impact, Saving Private Ryan and The Thin Red Line, Red Planet and Mission to Mars, the list goes on. It's not even like with Scream inspiring a buncha ripoffs, they're coming out simultaneously. You'd think that releasing a movie very similar to another at the same time would be bad for business, taking away viewers that would have gone to see your movie otherwise. Maybe it has something to do with movie ideas being stolen, so 2 different versions of the same movie end up coming out. I dunno why else this would happen regularly.

5-9-01 by Travis

I wanna hold you hhaaannnndddd-Test test test. That sums up the week of work for me. My fellow sufferies will agree that after they are we should take all the IB papers and books from this year and start a bon fire outside of the stupid church on the otherside of town and dance around it. All the agree say aye.....aye.

On the upside, Dance Dance Revolution is out in stores tomorrow, and the second that I get out of the test that is where I am heading. Just you wait, I will be the master in a few weeks and then you will all say look at that kid dance, I wish I was as cool as him!

Speaking of dancing, Prom is this weekend. Yup, it's going to kick major booty. Even if Ms Chan threatens to not go just because of little things(I still don't think that funny woman!), I think shes just being a goofball like always ;-). Travis made a little trip tonight, and he's still confused if it was a good idea, but i had fun so that's what counts right? right.

5-9-01 by Skate

You probably don't want to read this paragraph if you haven't seen The Matrix. In that case, go see it. Now. My man Lanx told me about a freaky page all about symbolism in The Matrix. Surprisingly enough I found it to be an excellent page with stuff that I hadn't even considered. Like Cypher's (the traitor) real name is Reagan, and he says to Agent Smith, "I want to be someone important... like an actor." and, "I don't want to remember anything, you understand me? Nothing." Of course this is probably the most shallow of the symbolism, but it's still excellent stuff that makes sense, unlike a certain class I'm in.

I noticed today a result of the stupidity of my goat. If I tie him to a post, no matter how long his rope is, he'll eventually get wrapped around it completely, because he only makes left turns. Not only that, but that the grass within the radius of his rope was all beaten down counterclockwise from his rope dragging across it consistently the same direction. I can't believe that a species of animal that exists in the wild could be so stupid. Maybe this "survival of the fittest" stuff is a bunch of crap, I don't know how else animals similar to my goat could make it. If you're lucky I'll find a way to record my goat making his usual funny noises and post them up here.

Homework has to be the most counterproductive thing we do in school. I can understand that it gives you good practice for things like spanish or math, but most homework ends up just being busywork, and we spend half the period every day going over it. Just imagine how much more stuff we could learn if we didn't go over homework for 40 minutes. This is especially the case in Mr. Hamill's history class. We get an assignment every day to read in our books about some junk, and then we spend most of the period listening to him go over exactly what we read about. What the hell's the point in that? School should be like in Poland. Adam tells me that in Poland, homework is completely optional, it has no bearing on your grade at all. It's just assigned if you want to do it for the extra practice. Ohh, I'd be in heaven.

Tomorrow is a most unfortunate day. I have to take my AP calculus test in the morning. I usually don't mind tests, but I don't have a prayer of passing this one. The one practice test that I bothered to do, I got 15 out of 45. That's right, 33%. And I need at least 50% for a little bit of credit. Doesn't that just suck. Maybe, if I'm lucky, I'll end up testing with a buncha idiots, then I might pass, because it's graded on a big curve. Damn that'd be cool.

5-5-01 by Travis

Don't try to think you know what's I'm thinkin, so give it up now, give it now-Bleh Bleh Bleh, I hate tests! I haven't even had to take any of mine yet and I'm already tired of them. Who's bright idea was it to put every hard test in May? I'm burnt out already, I can't take tests now...but NNOOOO.

I also figured out what that girl was talking about in my last post. Apparently becky already knew that sarah was going to ask me to prom but she had to go and leave me confused for another day, thanks alot :-ř, hehe. But sarah did ask me and I this makes me happy and I dance hehe. I hope this prom has better music then the one in cali, but other then that I know that it's going to be a blast. Ok, got to go bowling(woohoo).

5-2-01 by Travis

You take your car to work, I'll take my board-Today was quite insightful for me and believe it or not, I actually learned stuff. Crazy I know. Lesson one, wind has a mind of its own. I had a track meet today and some how the wind managed to be blowing at me on both straight aways. Last time I checked, this wasn't something that happens very often, and seeing as it was during the whole track meet it much have been some fluke of nature. Lesson two, falling behind in school sucks. It's like 11:30, I'm dead tired but I still have 30 pages of reading before I can go to bed...stupid school. Lesson three...well actually I already knew lesson 3 but I learned it again. Girls are confusing as hell. I'm sitting here at my computer minding my own busness and I get an IM from one of my female friends. "anything good happen today??"...not that I can think of, why? "oh nothing :-)"...this is where all guys attach their heads to the wall repetively cause it hurts. What in the world does that mean? Is something good suppose to happen every day or not to think about it. In other news, the people on the track team cause be bastards on road trips, 'nough said about that. Ok Ok, back to reading.

5-1-01 by Skate

Advertising has to be the most screwed up industry ever. People pay huge sums of money to have goofy 30 second segments of crap played on television on the off chance that some more people will buy their crap. These people will actually make an effort to make their advertisement as annoying or incomprehensible as possible to get your attention. A little bit ago I saw an advertisement for Lexus that was entirely in French. There's probably four people in the United States that speak French fluently. I don't understand why people would put ads on TV, watching it is the only activity I've ever noticed that not a single thought runs through my head. My brain just turns off. This would probably not make me the best receiver of advertisement. When was the last time you saw a straightforward advertisement? Never? Yeah. The ad that made the biggest impression on me I think was for... Mercedes. Anyways, the commercial simply showed a few cars, and said they've come out with some new, innovative cars and that you might want to check them out if you plan on purchasing a car. I couldn't believe it. Honest advertising! What the hell's the world coming to!

I had a story to go along with this, but I forgot it. Anyway, Mrs. Downey today said "shuckydingdangit!" I figured you care. Among other Mrs. Downey related news, Jenny Rogan of all people took it upon herself to tell the entire class to shut up. To which Eyal promptly replied "WHAT!?" I found this amusing. We had a not-so-interesting discussion about fate versus free will. Regardless of what's right, I saw this thing on TV where two twins were separated at birth, and reunited like 30 years later, and they were both fat, bald firemen. What a random paragraph.

You know what the most pointless philosophy in the world is? I can't remember the name, but there's this philosophy where you do as much as you can to get maximum enjoyment. And of course it's not just short run enjoyment, like eating and drugs, but long run enjoyment, so you want to avoid getting fat or getting fucked up. What the hell? This is a basic human instinct. EVERYONE does this. There is not a single person that would consciously make a choice that would give them less satisfaction than another. If they make a choice that is more beneficial to another than to them, it's because they get satisfaction from satisfying other people. So selfless people are selfish when it comes down to it, just in a good way.

Alright, this will make me sound like a hippy. But that's ok. You know what this world needs? Understanding. I can't say this in a better way, so I'll use a quote. "Your enemy is never a villain in his own eyes. Keep this in mind, it may offer a way to make him your friend." People do what is right in their own eyes. Just because what's right for them happens to bother you doesn't mean that they're a terrible person. Of course, if they kill your parents because they think it's the right thing to do, it doesn't mean you should forgive them, but if they do something that annoys you, try to have a little consideration and patience. Probably the only reason that it annoys you is because you don't fully understand why they happen to be doing it.

I'm realizing more and more that I'm obsessed with philosophy. After college, when society has invested tons of money into educating me, I plan on going into the forest to be a hermit to think without any interruptions. Mmmmm... I could talk to trees, and befriend forest animals, and maybe write a book after a while. Doesn't that sound like the best life ever?

4-30-01 by Travis

I don't want you, I don't need you, I won't sleep with yyyyoooooouuuu-And I have come back to my loving fans, or lack thereof. I know you all missed me hehe. What can I say? Cali was good, 'nough said. Heh just joking, that's what I'm posting about, so if you don't wanna know...don't read :-).

*deep inhale*

The weekend started off pretty well, I didn't even go to school on friday cause I was far too lazy and I needed to clean my house cause it was sooo messy from my parents not being here hehe. So most of the day consisted of cleaning and making sure I had everying and blah blah blah. So anyways I get in my car and get to the airport at 3 like I thought I was suppose to be. But guess what. The plane LEAVES at 3. So I find myself running through the airport yelling help help! Hot potato! But luckly enough the plane was alittle late leaving so I made it just in time. Whew. Then I ended up sitting around for 4 hours in the seattle airport being bored. Then I remember, hey Ellen and her parents have to pick me up and I should probably tell them that I'm going to be a bit late. So I call up and we chat for a few and I told her I was sitting in the seattle airport and she was are in seattle? what the hell? This had to be the funniest thing I've heard all day hehe.

So I finally make it to Ellen's house and she's not there of course, but she comes and picks me (yay hehe) and we went to denny's(bleh, don't eat there) and I met a couple of her friends, but nothing too exciting happens. Then we drove everyone home and went back to her house and I really wanted to just stay up and chill, but I was ready to crash, flying takes alot more out of you then one would think.

Then the next morning Ellen decided that it would be fun to wash her car at 8 in the morning. Now I'm not use to this thing called warm mornings. I think we should get these here if you ask me. So yeah, we wash the car chitchat, and got in a water fight that I WON no matter what she says, cause she never got me back so ha! Then we went and picked up Grace and went to golfland. This is like the coolest place I've been in a long time. So many cool many flashing lights...musst go back *twitch*. hehe. I say we strike until we get something like here in eugene! Very good idea no? Then Ellen had to get her hair done so I pretty much sat around her house and watched bball for like 3 hours(why does it take so long to do hair? stupid girl competion, it should stop once they have a date or whatever, the guys are going to think they look good no matter what.). Then she finally comes home and puts on her dress (this is where I have to somewhat take back that last part, cause she look hella good, ouch! hehe) and we take off to meet up with everyone and went to dinner and from there is prom. And prom was...prom. What can I say about it? Dancing, food, pictures(if you beg enough maybe I'll put some of them up), and a bad dj, and perfect set up for a fun night. And that's what it was. I don't know what to say about it other then I had a ton of fun...oh yeah! Ellen likes to try and lead while slow dancing hehe, maybe I'll let you next time, your still a good dancer if you step on my feet all the time lol ;-). After prom we were going to see a movie but the stupid place was closed which really sucks, and then we just kinda drove around and went to a girl's house and then went to Ellen's house at like 4 and went to bed.

Then on Sunday we wanted to go to San Fran and berkely. So we got up at like 9(bleh, I was soooo tired) and picked up Grace again (who was far too lazy to go to prom) and then we got on this bart thingy. I dunno, it looked alot like a monorail to me, but what do I know hehe. And I did a flip in the car when noone was in there, fun fun heh. San Fran was our first spot to hit. So we started off by going into a store to pick up mentos and pop rocks(I have pop rocks! YES!) and we ended up walk up and down that street a couple times trying to decide where to go at first, and this guy comes up to us, looks at the girls, then looks at me and says, you are a damn lucky man. hehe, all I could think was hell yeah(but all I said thank you or something stupid hehe). So we go to china town. I thought this place was soooo cool! But, I was like hella stared at(and one guy kicked me out just cause I wasn't ordering anything and I didn't speak chinese, there had to be like 30 other people in there that spoke chinese and I just happen to be the onle he told to leave, right) and for no reason people kept asking if me and Ellen where going out in chinese. I was like..what? But haha, whatever they want to think is fine with me hehe, jk. And then there was the whole strip club...that was so scary, I don't think I'm going to talk about it hehe. We also went to pier 39, but I felt kinda like I was in an amusment park, so i didn't like that too much but it was kinda cool. We also went to berkely for alittle while, and the only thing that I have to say about that is this: eugene if people were smart. That sums up the campus. We talked to this cool guy who was really good at juggling and he taught grace to juggle, kinda hehe.

*gasp for air*

That night we got home at like 9 from berkley (me and Ellen had a sweet convo about the old times on the way back, how I wish I was in 8th grade again, things were alot easier if you ask me) and Ellen had a buncha homework that she was going to "work on". Ha, as you may of guessed, that didn't happen to well, and I guess MAYBE it was kinda my fault(sorry Ellen hehe). Then her mom started yelling at her in chinese about something and she had to go back in her room, which sucks cause I was having fun hehe.

This morning was kinda odd. I felt really really bad cause I was going to do the whole hug big goodbye see you later thing right? But her parents were right there and I didn't know what they'd think about that, and to tell the truth I was pretty sad cause I didn't want to leave and I didn't want her to know at the time :-\. So basically she was probably left wondering and i was left kicking myself. And the part that really got to me was that her mom hugged me at the airport so it would have been fine with them...grrr *kick kick kick self*. Ellen I'm sorry! Don't hate me! :-) ok, maybe it wasn't that big of a deal but let's just say my head still hurts from banging against anything I could...oh well.

Well, that was my trip. My plane got cancelled in portland and I managed to sneak into a spot on one of the other planes cause everyone else was complaining too much hehe. Wow, I could write some more, but my hands hurt and stuff. I'm out.

4-26-01 by Travis

Cause I'm leavin', on a jet plane, don't know when I'll be back again-Well well, tomorrow is the day when i get on that plane and say, whheee the whole time till I land again and see how many people I can anger in just a few short hours Muaha. I have a friend who, everytime that he is in a plane that takes off says "here we go" just like mario from mario 64 and everytime I think of that I laugh without end hehe. I should go to class tomorrow, but i only have one that I could go to and it's not that shes going to teach anything, it's an inclass essay(blah), So i could make it up...hhmm...

Just looking around my desk..I have like 50 pepsi cans around it..but I've only open two cases since the beganing of last week...and last time I did the math that doesn't come out right..don't question it Travis>

Ok, so I'm off. Wish me luck, hope my plane doesn't crash, andrea I'm not going for booty no matter what you say, everyone better email me or I will feel unloved, and finally, hi grace(feel special lol)! peace

4-25-01 by Skate

Last night I sort of had a flashback driving home. About a week ago driving at night up my hill, I almost hit a cat, and had to slam on my brakes to avoid it. Last night I thought I saw something running out into the road right as I passed my skidmarks. You would think a cat running out into the street at night would be a bad thing, but if it did this during the day I would have surely hit it. Why? Because the genius people that work at Subaru decided it'd be cool to make my dashboard really shiny. So now when I drive up my hill with the sun out all I can see is the glare from my dashboard. Don't worry, I won't die or anything...

Anyone notice remember how Mrs. Downey was explaining about how if symbolism is found in something that the author didn't intend, it doesn't really matter? She said that the author either wrote it in subconsciously, or that since people take it that way, it IS that way. That's fine and all, but then when people come into class and give their interpretations of poems, she has no reservations whatsoever in telling them flat out that their wrong. I think I smell hypocrisy.

Ok Kevin, this one's for you. This is my theory as to why your perfect city doesn't work. This idea I've discovered is applicable to lots of things, but it's kinda hard to explain, so bare with me. Competition is necessary. Whether motivated by greed, or anything else, it's needed. But it needs certain rules and restrictions, to keep competing from harming other people's opportunities. For example: capitalism over communism. Communism doesn't work because there's no motivation, no benefit for competing and working hard. Capitalism sucks because there ends up being an elite few on top holding everyone down. So that's why we have laws like being unable to pass a huge chunk of money to your descendants, and anti-trust laws preventing monopolies from coming into place, which would squelch the chance of any small companies. This idea also applies to video games. Your reason to compete is because it's fun to win. But then there needs to be restrictions holding things back like cheapness, being able to remove any chance of winning from your opponent. Otherwise, they can't compete, and the fun is sucked out of playing.

4-23-01 by Travis

And I says to him, jesus walt, you know your just going to get that cat stuck in you ass too, why don't you just knock it off?-man, I'm so hungry, but am I to lazy to make food..maybe pizza in a minute hehe. Word of advice to those out there, when you are sick and bored, that does not, repeat, does not mean that you should stay up really late on a school night. It causes bad things too happen. it's a good thing I had chem today or I might not have gotten any rest today either Khakhakha. I should be doing homework right now, but I decided that since I don't have THAT much that I should watch mallrats before hand(thus the off the wall quote, brodie is my hero).

I need mail people, this whole coming home and not having mail just doesn't cut it. I want both of you out there that read this to email me to say hi so i can run around and pretend I'm important :-D haha. Back to my movie!

4-22-01 by Travis

This bottle of steavens, awakens ancient feelings-Well the weekend went alright I guess, but I did far more sitting then should have been done if you ask me. I think i might have got Andrea in trouble too(deny deny deny is the key), but I'm sure she'll be ok. I probably should have been on here helping skate with all the little details, but instead I decided to not be at my computer for most of yesterday(but I left it on just to tease him Muaha).

Last night was a tad bit creepy. For some stupid reasons I decided that it was better to not have anyone over last night. So I was home, alone, in the dark, in the country. Gah! Weird noise came from everywhere, stupid imagination. But what cures wierd noises better then loud music and random dancing? Nothing of course!

I don't think I'm going to make it once I get out on my own. Right now I have some money right? But I can't spend it cause when it's gone, I don't eat anymore till my parents come back(quite a diet plan actually). SO anyways, I've been tempted to buy all of this stuff that I don't even need(where have I heard that before? heh) and I'm going crazy already. How I'm ever going to save my money in college is over my head, I'll probably be one of those guys that gets all his money sucked out by some girl(leechs hehe). Just kidding ladies. Ok starting to babble again, i'm going to go watch fight club in french, salut.

What the fuck do you thing your doing sending me...Oh my God, your face!-Ok, well I finally got up onto that little area up there(everyone knows what I'm talking about, that area up there in that place) and it's really not that exciting. I was like..yay..I'm tall and stuff..woowoo..I'm bored again. But now I have another, why is there a plugin up there? Hey this is a convent place to put a plug, right where noone will use it too! let's go for it! And then there is the other question...where does that vent up there go to? If I climb down it will I end up in some secret lab with some old guy telling me he doesn't want me to talk, he want's me to die? double o trav, hell yeah hehe.

Bored bored bored! Call me people! Having a house to myself is only good if I can share it...if that makes any sense. I hate being alone, bleh, oh well! Time to run in circles!

Wow, I look up my name and I get some weird stuff. Everything from a pastor to getting a referral from a chiropractor to being on another track team on the other side of the states. I'm a talented boy no?

huh?what?huh?what?huh?what? I got a hearing problem, it's my disablity!-I got drug to church tonight, bleh hehe. i thought about going up and starting something with the priest(if people are evil and even more evil in groups then why such big meetings for church? hehe) but choose not to because I didn't want to embarass the person who was making me go. I screwed up on the whole eatting bread thing tho. Apparently you are suppose to wait till everyone has their bread and wine(or juice in this case), but observant me had the bread in my mouth before I could notice. Luckly, I don't think anyone saw me do it so I just pretended to eat another piece hehe. And I resisted the holy hand. Many people while singing put up their hand thus making them more holy (of course) and I feel kind of weird standing in a group of people doing it and not do it also, but I don't give into peer presure! Go on boy! Go on where? To bed? I think so

4-21-01 by Skate

I've been working on the page for about three hours and what do you see from it? Very little. I archived some junk so this should load a bit faster, and moved a little bit of stuff around, and that's about it. I must be very unproductive. Oh I also added some quotes, so they shouldn't repeat every few days now.

Does it ever puzzle anyone how stupid song lyrics are sometimes? I love the music, but some bands just desperately need to hire songwriters. Like in one song by Lit, they rhyme "It makes me mad, cuz I wanna be happy so bad" over and over for about two minutes. Papa Roach is definitely that way too, awesome music but the songs would be ten times better if they were sung in a foreign language. Shouldn't these guys be able to come up with some better lyrics? Is that too much to ask? It's not like they have jobs that they have to work. Bums.

The other day I was watching Fight Club for the eight millionth time, and I realized (not for the first time, of course) what an incredible point Tyler Durden has before he gets punched in the ear. He says "how much can you know about yourself if you've never been in a fight? I don't wanna die without any scars." I don't know about getting the shit beaten out of you being the way to enlightenment, but people are always worried about getting scars because they last the rest of your life. So what? You're not gonna live forever, might as well quit reserving yourself for something that will never come and live a little. Mr. Durden is a genius. Bow to him. Also on the topic of Fight Club, an esteemed colleague of mine made the mistake of confusing Mr. Durden's words of wisdom "self-improvement is masturbation" for "masturbation is self-improvement." I found this quite humorous.

4-19-01 by Skate

Now this is a story all about how my night got flipped, turned upside down
And I'd like to take a minute, just sit right there
I'll tell you how I had an adventure with a friend with big hair

In Eugene suburbia moved and raised
Being lazy is how I spend most of my days
Kickin it, relaxin, sleepin, all cool
When I get really bored I go shoot some pool

When Eyal called me up and said "This is no good
I got car trouble in the 11th neighborhood"
I told him "Let me grab my shoes, I'll be right there"

Ah, fuck it.

Anyway, Eyal's car died at 11th and Garfield and I went down there to jumpstart it. After some messing around with hoods, jumper cables, and maneuvering around a huge puddle he ended up parking in, we got it started, and then it died, and we learned that it dies when it drops under about 3,000 RPMs. We tried again, and I yanked off the bumper cables and closed his hood as fast as I could (no rhyme intended), and he got about 3 blocks and then it died once more. We jumped it a third time, made it a couple more blocks, couldn't find where we wanted to go, and it died again. Then a cop came and bothered me, and seemed uninterested in offering any sort of help. After that, we decided it would be prudent to push his car across the street and go in my car and find the repair shop we were looking for. After having a short conversation with a guy who commented on the high tweaker population of the area, we drove over to the repair place and back, to get the route down. After that, we decided to push the car across the street again so we'd start on concrete rather than gravel, because if you keep your RPMs high on gravel then you go skidding out. Then randomly while pushing the car this awesome guy just comes up and starts helping. Didn't ask if we wanted help, just helped pushing. Then after very nearly pushing his car into a parked car (YOU try stopping a rolling car by pulling it, heh) we jumped it a fourth time, made it about 4 blocks, and it died yet again. By then we had the process down quite well, and we jumped it a fifth time, and finally made it to the repair shop. The triumph! We win! You would think I'd get annoyed by all of that, but it felt like a great victory, plus I was helping a friend out which is very self-gratifying. I have no idea is self-gratifying is the proper thing to say right there, but I think you understand what I mean.

4-18-01 by Travis

Hi Everybody! Hi Doctor Nick!Woo, guess who's parents are leaving for a WEEK and a half. Damn straight. Not that I'm REALLY going to do to much about it, but it's still a house to myself for an extended amount of time. Skate knows what that means, I'm getting on top of my laundry room sometime during their away time, Muaha. So anyone out there that happens to have nothing to do, call me, we'll chill, hang, cause trouble hah.

I want anyone that this happens to also to tell me(yes you have it skate, don't bother heh). I've noticed that the only time I really seem to try for something is when I can't have it. Like grades for example, I know that if I could get straight A's if I really tried, but since I know this, do I take my time and do it? No of course not, and I really couldn't explain why! But then you have the stuff that I can't have, like the ability to jump high(that doesn't work cause I don't really want it but you get the idea) and so I'd go off and try for hours to figure out why I can't jump high and keep trying even when I know I can't have it. Wierd no?

I'm so excited, while skate has to go and get a job to get a new computer, Yours Truely has talked his parents into buying a computer for him for "schooling reasons" Khakhakha. Of course this isn't complete bullhonky(my computer can't even open Mword if it's been on for more then an hour) but I still see it as a way of cheating the system. In the words of American beauty, I rule.

4-17-01 by Skate

Anyone out there want to lend me $2,000? I'm good for it. I want a new computer, and soon enough I'll be getting a job, any volunteers? Maybe I won't be getting a job very soon, I went around the other day to six places to get job applications and only ended up with two applications. Isn't that against the law or something? I dunno, who cares. Looks like I'll be working fast food.

In the last week I have seen two awesome bumper stickers. The first, was the coolest thing in the world, with a picture of the Tick shouting "SPOON!" The other was about abortion, so I was surprised that it didn't annoy me, but it simply said "Abortion is mean." It didn't spout I'm right you're wrong or anything, just abortion is mean. I hate it when people say that they're right on issues like abortion. There are issues out there, like abortion, that a lot of people have given a lot of thought to both sides, without one side being ignorant, and as far as I can tell these issues obviously have no right answer. I hate it when people have things like a Jesus fish eating a Darwin fish. Think what you like, but quit flaunting that you think you're right, because you're not! Neither is anyone else!

We live in the United States of America. This is a description of the unity of lands that we live in. Is anyone else bothered that our country has no name? Is anyone also bothered that the term "Mexican American" is redundant? Just curious...

I think it's ironic how rape works out. Excepting all other things, it's much much much better to be a guy as far as rape is concerned. Some guys end up raping because they're stronger and they can, and they do because they're also the hornier gender, and girls are quite obviously the beautiful gender. I don't say that simply because I'm a guy, you can ask any girl and they'll agree. Not only this, but in my opinion, guys can't really be raped. I mean, a girl could tie a guy down, and have sex with him against his will, which is technically rape, but something would obviously have to be going right with the guy for this to take place, if you know what I mean. Not that guys have any self control over that kind of thing, but there just has to be a certain level of enjoyment taking place for this to happen. As opposed to girls, where everything could be going wrong, it could be an extremely violent experience and the guy would still get what he wanted. I think it's a little ironic how terribly ganked girls are in that department. Not that I dedicate a lot of my thought to rape... oh well.

4-15-01 by Travis

one two one two three-Happy easter to everyone out there from me too you(don't you feel special). The only problem with this holiday is that it cause major break outs and mass dieting follow. How does that celebrate the rising of Jesus? I'm not going to question it, I'm 30 bucks richer.

I should be doing homework right now, but seeing as it's only gunna take me a few minutes I'm going to wait until the last possible second Khakhakhakha. I know it, I'm evil.

I finally cleaned out my car today(and the peasants rejoiced..yay). It was quite messy, I even found a found a few homework assignments from last year that I should have turned in but they got lost somewhere along the way. As you can ask anyone, this was a MUCH needed process, I think it was even comparable to the outside of Skates car hehe. What got me outside to actually do such a laboring task(it did take almost an hour, I cleaned out the trunk and everything)? My only answer is the planets must be in alignment. Oh PS, for those who wonder, I changed my SN(at bottom).

4-14-01 by Travis

Look how they shine for you, and all the things you do-Man, I have been so lazy recently. Oh wait, replace that lazy with bogged down by sickness and homework. Bleh to that. I went to a little kids track meet the other day, I never realized that I've grown so much since that age. Maybe kids are getting smaller, that much be it Muaha. Wow, starting up typing is alot harder if you don't do it alot, I don't know how everyone out there waits days in between. Hhmm.. tis way to late and I have to wake up at 9(which should be outlawed in several states, including mine hehe) for a review of econ... yay I guess, at least I won't be alone. I will have other people out there to help me drive the teacher mad(you know who you are Muaha).

4-10-01 by Travis

With a surfboard under her arm, the first moment I saw her, I knew she'd do me some harm-has anyone out there ever had the feeling that you get when you met someone new and they are going to change your daily routine? Now I my be going out on a limb here, but like half the time when I meet someone new and I know that I'm going to continue to see(weither I like it or not), I get this feeling. Sometimes it good, sometimes it bad, sometimes I don't know what the fuck it means. Like this one girl (a certain sister of a certian blogger link to this page). Ok so it's like the first day of school freshman year and I see this girl who is in my class, and I think, damn that girl is going to stir this place up and piss people off doing it. Ten minutes later...*thwack* hits some girl in the head with a stick trying to hit a pinata and sends her the hospital. Adn ever since I been having it...I don't know what that means but oh well!

Someone gets to sleep in tomorrow! HECK YEAH! This is another odd twist I've taken in the past couple months. During the summer and all before that, I could go to bed at like 3 am, wake up at 7 and not even be phased by it...Now if I don't get at LEAST 8 hours then you better stay outta my way till I've had a shower and a pepsi. No i haven't changed anything. Stupid body functions.

As the saying goes Tyler, half of something is below average ;-) Wait, if you listen close you can hear it... that's right that's tyler sizzling from that last burn! Khakhakhakhakha!End brain wash.

4-10-01 by Skate

Do you ever wonder if people that are paid to research things end up mis-using their research money? Oh yes, it happens. I was waiting to get my food at Nacho's a couple hours ago and I was reading the Comic News and found an interesting story. Researchers in Netherlands have discovered a way to pour beer at 0 gravity without mixing the liquid carbon dioxide with the beer, which traditionally happens in a regular keg. Not only that, but it comes out in convenient ping pong ball size chunks of beer. That's great and all, but what the fuck? How can that possibly be construed at useful? What happened to researching a cure for AIDS?

Speakin of, I have an excellent (in my humble opinion) idea for research foundations. You ever think it's unfair that all this money is donated to disease research and then whoever discovers the breakthrough is going to be filthty, filthy, filthy rich? They should all form this big disease research foundation trust. Then, if say AIDS or cancer finds a cure, then they take all the money they make and give it to the other foundations. Then maybe it'll just have a domino effect and cure all the diseases with so much research money to go around! That or we'll learn more efficient ways of pouring beer at 0 gravity, I guess.

Alright, what the hell? I read everyone else's weblogs and all of a sudden everyone writes about how I'm obsessed with the specifics of male bird anatomy. Correction: I don't care. I make a joke and everyone has the need to document it... I must be one important person. I have countless followers.
Why do people get all hyped up from the media? There's this incredibly widespread fear that if you reveal anything more than your first name on the internet, someone is going to hunt you down and kill you! I'm sure that this had to happen to -someone-, but can you say paranoid? I'm sure I could put up a website with my full name, contact information, address, and even say the hours of which I sleep to make it convenient for a stalker/murderer to come kill me and there's absolutely no chance of anything coming of it.

Dammit Travis! I was the one that started this web page, but now I'm practically a guest in how often I post. I feel so inadequate. I think I'll go eat worms.

I can't say that I'd ever been moshing before, but last weekend at the Homegrown concert I didn't really have the choice. I just kinda got thrown into the mix, and people were thrown on me and into me, and that sort of thing. I couldn't believe that people were moshing when there was only about 100 people total, it was so... personal. I was afraid that if I shoved some guy really hard he might come seek revenge. I think that was definitely the best part of the concert though. I was also really surprised when I saw three hardcore guys ready to kill eachother and when one fell down, then the other 2 immediately stopped to yank him back to his feet. Those moshers are quite the compassionate bunch. Although that impression slid a bit when someone flew into me from behind and I got whiplash.

4-09-01 by Travis

I try to talk to you, my words all come out wrong, what will I say to you? That's why I sing my song-Another boring uneventful day at school today. I went to my 'migos kevs house for my free period, drive all the way back to school just to find out that the sophmores have to take some special test. First time in history I've ever been mad about having a free period hehe. Then I rode in nick's truck up to justin's house, and I love to surf, I find it quite amusing. And believe it or not a surfer song came on, think of the luck. I also feel the need to sing you've lost that loving feeling to everyone who cared to listen on the streets. Today during track my couch decided that it was "fun run" day and he was going to take us out 11 miles and leave us to find our way back. I love the smell of springfield, that blend of beer and just makes me want to really, I do want to cry when I have to smell it heh. I have a history test I don't want to take tomorrow, so I have a proposition. Anyone out there who is good at history and is will to wear a mask that looks like me and takes my test there is a mr lincoln in it for you. I suppose I can take it, I get out of school at 10:30 tomorrow (well I have to check in at 12 real quick).

4-08-01 by Travis

I am not a vegetarian because I love animals; I am a vegetarian because I hate plants.-Whowhee, last night was cool. We saw a couple really cool bands that I had never heard of. Homegrown kicked ass of course. Andy got the bass player to say happy birthday to me which is cool cause he is like my hero or something like that. Portland was kind of cool, but we didn't have time to really see any of the cool spots(we didn't drive around and I still got home at like 3:30) but oh well, I can always go back I guess. Sorrees go out to the souties, we tried to call you back to tell you we couldn't come but the phone like cut out or something, and I was to lazy to try and call again.

EEgad! Kevin! You left that the EVIL can in my room! damn you! now I have to touch it!

4-07-01 by Travis

Don't think of it as extinction. Think of it as downsizing.-Well, it's finally the big 1-7 bday for yours truely. What does that mean? Not much...I can get into movies without lying(and I don't feel any more mature, so I was right you damn movie theater!), I can rub it in my parents face that they can only tell me what to do for another year, and I can almost get a good job, but not yet. To tell the truth, I usually hate my bday, but today has been good and has big out looks. I got 11 hours of well earned sleep(stupid senior projects! die!), and Sarah decided that I needed my bday card and drove it all the way out to me(your too sweet for your own good sometimes ;-)jk). Tonight I'm going to a concert(the one and only homegrown) up in ptown.

I don't post too much, you post too little skate :-ř

I'm off to party, wish me luck!

4-6-01 by Skate

Well it's about 5:30 am and I'm here at my computer. Why, you ask, am I awake at such a god forsaken hour? I don't really know. I probably should have gone to sleep or something, about 5 hours ago, but I didn't. I had a three hour nap today, and because of it I just didn't go to sleep. Oh well. The only problem with staying up all night by yourself is it's extremely boring. I think Burger King opens in about 30 minutes, and I'll probably be outside waiting.

I was just looking over the web page and I realize Travis has posted eight thousand times since I've posted. Poop on him.

I need money. And that's all I have to say about that.

This idea is straight out of Gattaca. People always talk about excuses to why they can't succeed. They are under burdens like being minorities, or having a bad background, like being poor or not having a good environment. So what do I suffer from? Nothing. I'm a white male with a nearly perfect background. I don't have any good excuse or reason to fail, so now I get a new kind of burden: the burden of perfection. Things are supposed to be easy for me. The only problem with this, is it doesn't make life any easier. It doesn't make my homework take less time, or good grades easier to get. But If I don't succeed, then I'm just a screw up. I wish everyone was like this, taking responsibility for screwing up. I was watching TV one time and this guy was being interviewed about how he'd thrown his entire life away with heroin. Money, family, home, everything. He was trying to scrounge up $10 to get more. When the guy talking to him asked him about his past, if he was abused or anything that would drive him to this, he said that he was a man and had to take responsibility for what he had done. I felt really bad for him after that; there's plenty of heroin addicts out there but I bet not many would accept it like that guy.

Which brings me to my next topic. I saw a gambling addiction thing on TV. I think it's really a sad thing when people become addicted to gambling and just gamble their entire life away, but there was some guy on there that said "I would much rather be a heroin addict than a gambling addict." I bet that guy's never tried heroin.

4-04-01 by Travis

Now is is time to dance with the monkey-Say what? No simpsons tonight? Stupid sports always getting in the way. Big meet on Friday for me. Ok so maybe I will only being running against one guy who I can probably beat, but that's not the point. I hate having a bad memory. I was bored in class and was thinking all of these songs that I need to get but the second I sit down at my computer I draw a blank...I can't remember my homework either but who cares about that heh. uhoh, food time, I'll post something later maybe.

What state do you live it? Denial-I need to get out of the house if I'm ever going to get my homework done. I think I sat around for like 5 hours and got the amount of homework that I should hae gotten done in like 2. But on the plus side I found my calvin and hobbes book, which has to be the coolest book I own by far heh.Tomorrow is going to suck, I have like 4-6 hours of homework and I have a track meet, so I can't stay up late, which means no slacking off. Slacking off is like the one thing that I'm good at. Bleh I'm tired.

4-03-01 by Travis

Talk a little louder cause I just don't understand-Oh man, I think I'm going to explode. I ate sooo much food today. You see that blimp out side your sindow? That's no blimp it's just me on my way to my studying, so point and laugh and go on your marry little way. Ok, maybe I'm not that big, heh. Stupid senior project has me caught in the library for most of the night, so you will all have to just survive without me for now. Laterz boyios

4-02-01 by Travis

Where is the life I recognize? Gone awayyyyyyy-Well today was the first day back for me and surprisingly enough, it wasn't that bad! And it was a monday too! Now I know your out there saying, but Travis, good monday's don't exsist, and I say DUH! But for a monday, it wasn't bad. I actually woke up and stuff without too much problem. The beganing of another week and I'm already for the end. I got some big plans. I have a funny picture I'm looking to post, that all two of you should enjoy. I've got a concert(homegrown! woohoo! and it's on my bday! party and everyone is invited!). And hopefully SOMEONE(who's name starts with S) will finally do something with me instead of just saying she will and then forgetting! I also got asked to go to prom in a couple weeks. You say, so what? everyone is going to prom. Oh yeah, well I got asked to got to prom in Cali, how cool is that? Now all I have to do is talk my mom into letting me stay a girls house who she hasn't met in like 3 years and I'm in.
My cat is the stupidest thing alive. Aww I know blah blah blah. But seriously, how many of you out there have seen my cat, yeah that's what I thought. I think it can see through time too. Sometimes it looks like it's focused onto something far off and then for no reason it will get up and run(well it's more of a waddle) off. From there it will repeat this pattern every hour on the hour. Get out from under my mom's bed, lay down in front of whoever seems to be looking in fridge, come and push up my door and make me chase it off, get frustrated and bite my sister, find somebody in the kitchen and lay down behind them so next time they move they trip over it, get chased off by whoever it almost triped and go and hide under my mom's bed. That about sums it up.

4-01-01 by Travis

I am the embassador of kickyourassador-Well well well, another April fools day come and gone, and what do I have to show for it? Nada. WHy so you may say. SImple enough reason for that. How am I suppose to pull a prank when half the population already expecting it. That's why I always wait until the 2nd to pull all my pranks. So you better all watch out tomorrow MUAHAHAHAHA....or not. Today I was going to make a point of getting up early(like 10, shut up that is too early), but these stupid friends of my mom called my house EVERY 20 FECKING MINUTES! And this is at like 7:30. So finally they stop calling and then I'm like, ok, well i suppose I can sleep in a tiny bit more, I been up since like 7. So then at 12 one of my friends calls and says I'm coming over now...did you just wake up? Didn't you promise to go to church today? Crap, i forgot to do that too. The rest of the day consisted of cleaning(the down side to a house to yourself for the weekend), kicking myself cause I can't do my homework and wanting to bust out Skate's PS2 that he left here but resisting hehe. Hohum, I'm tired of typing.

3-31-01 by Travis

How can you drink THAT so early in the morning-Just so both of you out there don't spend time trying to find that quote, that was what rachel said to me because I was drinking pepsi at 12:40. Whatever Rachel. How many of you out there have been in a situtation when it feeling like your standing between two bucks fighting for a mate while having a rabid gerbal attack you a dull spoon? Well if you haven't had this happen to you, I highly suggest skipping it. That pretty much the sum up of last night. AS you know, my parents where out of town, so being the responsible kid that I am, I had a buncha people over. It was going pretty good till everyone except 3 decided to leave, and those 3 decided that they were going to stay the night, which was ok cause my house is scary alone. But then I realized that the two guys(the bucks) liked the one girl that was staying and I knew I was going to be of a long night. The whole night was pretty much which of them could get her attention more while Yours Truely sits on the couch or danced likea child of the night. The gerbal, well that's a different story I don't care to talk about. I'm not trying to complain, I had fun last night, it was just a weird place to be. Oh yeah, my house is still all wet because we decided a water fight in the house was justified, maybe I should turn the heat up or something so it'll all evaporate. Or I could just not do anything about it and tell my parents it was a freak rainstorm in the house.
Pooh in your shoe and lick it up too-Stupid spring break! I've forgoten everything I've learned! How do I tie my shoes?! What day is it?! How do you spell cat...wait ok, maybe not everything. I COMPLETELY spaced this whole skip ahead in time thing, I really don't like. Thus, it should be the one licking the pooh outta my shoe.
Whow, Skate just blew my mind. You know how sometimes you see something out of the corner of your eye and you think something has moved but you look and nothing has moved. Well, what if there is really like people that you can only see out of the corner of your eye or like floating something or others. So THAT is what you'd bee see, but when you turn to look nothing is there because you can only see it outta the corner of your eye. So your never actually wrong when you think you see something, you are only made to believe that there is nothing there. Why would anything want to do that to people? My answer: Why not?! If I could do that I would do it alll the time just to make people frak and and feel stupid. Well I've gone to an idle blabber, night night time for Travis.

3-30-01 by Skate

Happy spring break! Too bad it's almost over already. Sorry I haven't updated in a while, the entire break I haven't spent a single night at home and I've been living in a sleep deprived, caffeine induced fatigue, and I've consistently been 30 minutes late everywhere I go. I love not having school. Also, my friend Lanx's girlfriend is out of town, so I got to hang out with him! I slept over at his house five nights in a row. Count em, five. He also just got Black and White for his computer, and I'm addicted to it. You get to be god, control cities, expand, and control a Titan, almost like a really cool Tomigotchi. You can teach it nearly anything, even to poop on the townspeople. He even grows and develops according to how good or evil he is, can fall in love with another Titan, learns spells... it's endless. I think I'll die if I don't get that game.

Is anyone else a bit pissed that it's required that we do community service to graduate from high school? I can understand that kids should go out into the real world and experience what it's like to volunteer and do something good for your community; I think that's a great idea. But this isn't volunteering, it's mandatory. I should think that something like that in a public school is a violation of my rights, bastards. You don't learn anything and experience what it's like to volunteer if it's just required grunt work. If anything, people, like me, will backlash from community service and never bother doing any when it isn't required. Even moreso I doubt I'll do another hour as long as I'm in high school, it's rediculous. There's too many people that get by with stuff like supervising kids and counting the hours while they're sleeping *cough cough Josh A.* If you make someone do something, they won't want to do it. Just like Adam S. having to practice chess for four hours a day. I feel so bad for him, he's a victim of his parents. It also works the other way, if you try to shelter people from doing things they'll just become more curious about it and get obsessed with it. Like if you don't let your kids see rated R movies until they're 17, they'll just get a weird obsession with seeing them. That's why catholic school girls often have that dirty slut reputation. Not that sheltering is always a bad thing, you don't want a four-year-old kid watching porn, it's just not right.

Quick question, why do people watch Who Wants to be a Millionaire? I think Josh B. did a beautiful job summarizing that show, "Its the same ol' bullshit every other night. Regis gets a new tie, and fat people with glasses get a chance at becoming a fatter person with contacts." Maybe people just like watching a show where they ask questions that they can often answer, unlike Jeopardy, which is a cool quiz show. They even did a behind the scenes thing for Who Wants to be a Millionaire (god knows why I watched it) and they blatantly said that they coach the people on how to answer the questions. So you end up with people answering questions like "which fruit has its seeds on the outside?" accompanied by an explanation of how when they were little they used to pick strawberries with their grandma. Dumbasses!

3-30-01 by Travis

You and I in a little toy shop, buy a bag of ballons with the money we got-Yay, Travis finally got out of the house for once. Yes I've been stuck in this house way to much for a spring break. Tonight was interesting. First I went to shoot some pool with some buds of mine, and since there was 4 of us, we broke into teams. The girls thought that since there was two guys and two girls, it would be fun to play guys vs girls. After crushing them by like 5 balls on the first game, I decided maybe I should let them win and sunk the 8 ball twice, oopsies heh. Then we stopped by my 'migos house and we watched this completely random french movie(is there anyother kind?). Then we took off and went to IHOP. I've got nothing against IHOP, but the fries I had SUCKED, and while the coversation we interesting, it was aslo quite different. We left there about 12 and came back to my house to check in. We were going to go back out, but everyone cept for two were pretty tire(including me) so here I am. My sum up of the night? I think that us men should unite together and find a chick that is willing to squeal all the little secrets about girl talk. I don't know how many other guys have noticed this, but when girls are in a group and they don't say anything out loud, it means they are talking behind your back with some kind of face sign language or something. Don't lie to me ladies! I know the secret and I'm ready to let the world know! If only us guys could throw together some kind of silent protest. Too bad that would only last about 5 seconds. Most guys would either lose concentration or get a look from a girl and run off...maybe some day, hehe.
I forgot to sign up for the stupid SAT's in may, so now I have to take two major test in the last month of school. Who's wicked idea was it to even schedual big tests in the last couple days before summer? It's a proven fact that everyone under 18 loses all brain mass between the months of june and august.
I know I could probably write more, but it's way to late and it'll all come out gibberish, hehe. Last note:down load 99 red ballons by goldfinger. This is one of many examples of how the 80's could have been cool.

Dude...You're a MAD chick magnet-Well, after getting a good night of sleep, I'm back and well refreshed, with some good news also. My parents, for no reason other then they wanted to, have left me the house to my self for the rest of my spring break. Now this provides a major problem for yours truely. I haven't worked on homework at all this week, and I need to put some major time into this senior paper that I have to write. But on the other hand, I have the house to about battle of the good and evil. Most likely noone will want to do anything on sunday, but that's too little time to get my work done. Ohhum, I'll figure something out, heh.

3-26-01 by Travis

And we didn't see him no more..dick!-Doesn't everyone just love being backstabed? OK, so I have this friend...we'll just call him ass right now. Ass in the past 2 weekends has messed up all my plans for a day and night 3 times, single handedly I may add. Why does he do this? Because everything is harder for him then it is for me of course! That's why I have as many AP classes as he has classes in total, and why the girl he likes(which has been the cause of most of these screw ups) still talks to him and is super nice to him while he is the biggest dick and the girl I like ignores me practicly. But of course he has to have everything his way or he makes everyone else feel like shit also...Grrrrr. But on a lighter note the simpsons are on! woohoo! Maybe I'll finsh posting later.

This is where Cameron goes berzerk-What a waste of a day. I did nothing today. I mean I didn't even bother to put on my shoes. I know breaks are suppose to be lazy, but this is waaaaayyy too lazy for my style. And no, for those of you thinking it, I haven't been online all day, I did stuff around the house, so don't give me that look ok! I'm gunna go dance.

3-24-01 by Lanx

I hate stupid people that think they should obligate themselves to drive. Iíve noticed recently, that old women shouldnít be allowed to operate a motor vehicle. Not just women at that, old men either, especially if they sag under the steering wheel. I was driving home from lunch with my girlfriend a couple oí weeks ago, not more than a 5 mile drive, and I was just about involved in 3 different accidents. The problem: old people who donít use blinkers, donít look in their blind spots, and just drift into the next lane while changing lanes. What kind of moron thinks that just Ďcause theyíre old means that they have the right of way, can drive insistently 5+ mph slower than the limit, and can be lazy about signaling? It just drives me up the wall.

Iíve been going to Albertsonís with Skate for the past few weeks to see if he got a job. Every time we go, the lady heís supposed to talk to is constantly ďGone until next week.Ē Does she actually exist? Or is she just a figment of popular thought, like Big Brother? I dunno, if sheís gone next time when sheís supposed to be back, I think Iíll make a complaint.

I canít wait for Spring Break, I get DSL tomorrow! Rock On! Also, Black and White is supposed to be here on Tuesday, the 27th. Iíve already purchased it.

Well, Iím getting tired, gonna hit the hay early for the last day of school before Spring Break.

3-23-01 by Travis

Whatever happened to suburban rythms-Well I survived my long journy to the center of the world and back, and it one piece to boot!I had a HORRIBLE race tho, stupid people going fast and stuff. But the highlight was more around my bud Josh. I don't know what came over him, but he found a baseball and decided that it needed to be signed by all the 12 year olds that where sitting in the bleachers. And who would have guessed but 9/10 of them decided to sign it, and one even gave him an apple that we ate down, yummy hehe. The RBF concert was pretty cool, and I even saw a buncha people there that I didn't think would go. We yelled, we screamed, and a good time was had by all heh.

Who's house?....Run's house-Today is the first break and I must say that being only...11 hours into it and I'm already throughly enjoying myself. Here is my plan... to do as little as productively possible, with maybe a side trips to the coast heh.

3-22-01 by Skate

You ever notice how computers just crash a lot when they get older? What is it with that? They just get old, and then they crash every 5 minutes. Last night I tried to type something up for school, my computer crashed. Tried to chat, crashed. Tried to update my webpage, crashed. So now I'm updating from Andrea's computer. Phooey. I'd like to ask a computer genius why this happens, but he'd probly just tell me about how unforeseeable programming complications lead to incompatibilities and disfunctionalities. I say take that penis out of your mouth and fix my computer.

I was poking around on the internet a few weeks ago and searched on Google for Tyler Harding and I found his picture! Apparently he goes to Dakota State University. He's kinda scary looking though.
Not too long ago I had a few friends over during a free period to hang out, play pool and such. I got thirsty and went downstairs to get a drink, and there happens to be a nice cold Coke in my fridge. So, thoughtfully, I take it out and bring it upstairs as a present for Kevin. When I get up there I ask him how much he loves me, and he responds with something like "I hate you, you god damn son of a bitch." What a bastard. Ah well, that's how he gets when he plays video games too much I guess, so I gave him his Coke anyways. Aren't I the nicest guy ever?

I was on Instant Messenger a few nights ago and this random girl IM's me tells me I'm sorry to say but your friend Justin Willemsen is gay, I'm sorry to have to tell you. She also told me that he's a stupid player and tries to juggle girls. I thought this could have had something to do with his ex-girlfriend, but it soon became clear that she knew nothing at all about Justin and was just randomly bashing on him to try and make conversation. The sad thing is that it kind of worked in a Psychic Friends Network sort of way. There's no way in hell she could have been a day over 12. One thing she did was tried to make it look like I asked her for sex, so on my screen it looked like:
SassieGrl420: Sk8Rainman: Will you have sex with me?
Sk8Rainman: Clever...
SassieGrl420: What? I was looking through my folders.
God she was stupid. She also said that whenever I'm walking by myself and feel like someone's watching me, that's her, and that I'm her next victim. Right. Too bad there's no such thing as natural selection anymore.

3-21-01 by Travis

Free tacos for all!-I don't know how many of you out there have seen this yet, but it is the coolest thing ever. This only proves that taco bell is the coolest real fast food place. I say real because I have an idea for a fast food restarant. Here is the idea...every day the theme changes. Like one day could be backwards day, so if you order a small shake, then you get the biggest burger on the menu. Or on another day they could have McD's day, where all the food looks like it's gone rotton or something. Is that not the greatest idea? And the other thing I do is make it serve al kinds of food. Like tacos, burgers, sandwhichs, the whole bit and then some. I mean think about, wouldn't it be worth waiting another minute so that you could get a fry and a pizza while being in the same place? Of course you would.

In or out...In, in-Man, tomorrow I have to spend 7 hours on a buss with my track team just so we can go to a meet. Charter or no charter that is a damn long time to be driving and ending up in the same exact place. But it is looking like I'm gunna get to see Reel Big Fish tomorrow also, which will make up for it. I think our page really needs a links page *ahem Skate* but seeing as I'm not that talented, I guess it'll have to wait till another night, when I can get together and do it, but it's spring break soon! Woo! Erg, it's 11:30 already.

3-18-01 by Skate

I know I haven't updated since um.... Christmas? Yeah, sorry about that to whomever might still read this stuff. Now Travis and I are gonna do this page together so I think I'll stay a little more motivated to keep updating. He'll probly beat me if I don't, so no worries.

The other day I tried to go to see Enemy at the Gates in Gateway Mall. Since my bud Lanx was the only one who was 17 with ID he tried to buy all of our tickets, but apparently they don't sell more than one ticket to one person anymore. Then when we all bought tickets for Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon (awesome movie) and snuck in, they came and kicked us out and didn't want to give us refunds. Honestly, what are we supposed to do if we want to see a rated R movie and half of us are 17 and half of us aren't? Bring a parent? Right, like any 16 year olds like their parents enough to bring them to a movie. There needs to be some federal regulation on what an adult is. At 11 years old you can be tried as an adult for murder, and at 16 I can't see a movie with some blood and bad language? Right...

A week or two ago Travis called me a punk bitch like in Rush Hour and I couldn't stop laughing. I dunno what it is about some things, they're incredibly simple but they just make me crack up. So I called all my friends punk bitches for two or three days straight, and I've slowed a bit. It's still fun, but now I've changed to telling them they have a penis in their mouth. What is it about some things that just make them funny? There's nothing logically amusing about telling someone they have a penis in their mouth, but it's just so much fun.

I've been talking to Sarah and she's is absolutely convinced that she can beat me armwrestling. *evil grin* Muahaha! I'm looking forward to armwrestling her more than I look forward to nearly anything. Then again she could beat me, Suzie was almost even with me left handed. I hope not, I'd never hear the end of it.

Alright, 7-11 has invented the coolest thing ever. The Mountain Dew slurpee! *triumphant music* Who would've thought! And my awesome girlfriend bought me one and delivered it to me, how cool is that? Needless to say, they're the best slurpee flavor ever.

I'm sure everyone has gotten enough of this but I had to complain a little. Ok, what's with Mrs. Downey's symbolism? Seriously... alright, she's got this thing she likes to call "ambiguous symbolism." That's when one thing symbolizes two incompatible things. Like when the "A" in the Scarlett Letter represents the lack of truth that society imposes, and yet, it symbolizes the truth of Pearl, hence Pearl runs when Hester removes it. Ok, if you discover these two things, and wanna call it ambiguous symbolism, you're just plain stupid. Obviously the author didn't mean for it to symbolize either, so go read a different book. She seems to think this kind of thing makes the author a genius... or something.

3-18-01 by Travis

Ok, after my first post was magically eatten by the Net Monster, I've decided to try this again. Gggrrrrr... damn internet hehe.

No School! woohoo!-I love 3-day weekends. Two days of sleeping in and none of that school thing for 3 whole days, it makes me quite happy, hehe. And it would be a complete lazy weekend, but Skate had to come over and TRASH my room(that's right punk bitch!), so that resulted in me cleaning. Conk.

Who got the cheese baby-Yet another, boring, homework filled day. Bleh is all I have to say to that. But it's all good, I got my tunes, and I got my grilled cheese. I know your all jealous, heh. Welp, I had something to talk about, but I've lost it, so I'm off to enjoy my grill cheese!

Duuuuuuuuude- This bad boy has to be one of the coolest thing I've ever seen. It may only fit one, but is that like right out of the future or what? Now if only they made it small enough to go into my pocket... then I make a fool of myself or something, or push the button on the top the car pops and and everyone around me eats my dust, heh.

12-26-00 by Skate

Merry Christmas! I got all kinds of neat presents, like Fight Club on VHS and DVD, and snowboard gloves, and a new Dodgers hat, and.... well that's about the extent of my cool stuff. I'm supposed to get shoes but when I went looking for shoes that I wanted, the pair I like happened to cost $89.95. How in god's name can a pair of shoes cost that much? Two shoes can't cost shoe companies more than $4 to make. It's theft, nothing less. $89.95 takes me more than two months to accumulate and could probably feed some poor starving Afghanistani child for a year.

A few days ago I had to get up bright and early at 9 am to go to the doctor's and at the end of my driveway there was a nice fat tree fallen. How's that for a bad omen? So I discovered that I have bronchitis, pitoriasis, and nasal heart irrythmia. This means what? I have a little cough. Stupid doctors. I personally don't believe in germs. Have you ever SEEN a germ? No. So why do we get sick, you ask? The human body is a machine, no machines work flawlessly. Shit happens. Quit washing your hands every ten seconds. You ever notice how the most sickly people are the ones that are health freaks? The ones that won't eat anything that's touched an animal or has a gram of fat, and they take all these herbal medicines and crap? I eat bread, meat, and Mountain Dew, and I get sick once a year on average. Nutrition is bullshit.

I got Napster for Mac about two days ago, and I already have 30 mp3s, god I love that program. I don't care how many copyright laws it infringes upon, it's a blessing from god. I feel bad for people whose parents won't let them get it because of their stupid principles. Do you really think that YOU can make a difference? No, you can't. Same with voting. Everyone says this election, if nothing else, has proven that each vote counts! 'Fraid not. Thousands and thousands of votes were almost (or fully? I don't care) completely disregarded because of legal nonsense. I think this election has proven that if an election comes down to the SINGLE vote, it gets flooded with legal nonsense until one vote doesn't matter again. I hate politics.

12-18-00 by Skate

Ya know, putting together a web page from scratch is a real pain in the ass. You wouldn't believe how long it took me to figure out how to move the friggin date over to the right side up there. I guess I'm pretty rusty at this HTML mumbo jumbo. Welcome to my page and all that... hope you like it. My apologies for that annoying pop-up, I'll be getting rid of it as soon as I can. This'll just be my place to rant, obviously, about what's pissin me off or making my day. I hope it looks a bit prettier by the time you're seeing it than it does now...

Alright, rant number one. It's not too pressing of an issue but it's worth addressing. Two words: luxury SUVs. Alright, SUV stands for SPORTS UTILITY VEHICLE. Luxury SUV in itself is a nice fat oxymoron, and companies like Lincoln, Mercedes, and Lexus have no business making cars designed for such tasks. It's frickin heresy. Are you gonna take your $61,950 SUV out offroading? NO! Quit buying the freakin cars. Buy a nice shiny moped and give me the money leftover, I'll make sure to put it to good use. Or as my good genius friend suggested, instead of a moped, a rusty red wagon with a pinto engine. Of course I'm probly not quite preaching to the right audience but that's ok :)

Yesterday was my first day snowboarding this season, and it taught me one thing: exercise my damn legs. After they're only used for walking for eight months and then snowboarding a day I can barely climb my stairs. Other than that, the day fuckin ruled, the sun came out after an hour, and the back side of Willamette Pass opened, and I went around crashing here and there. Snowboarding has been and remains my number one choice of things-I'd-rather-be-doing. But, if you're here reading this nonsense, you probably know that. If you've never been, SHOO! Go now!

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