The not-so-FAQ

Get it? Not so frequently asked questions? Because no one reads my page? You get it. I see you laughing on the inside.

Hi, Jack!

No, I'm not Jack. I'm Tyler. I say that this is "Jack's weblog" in reference to Fight Club. Go see it, it's the greatest movie ever made.

What's alt.child supposed to mean?

Well, I always think of myself as an alternative kinda kid. I guess I think it's the best word to "categorize" me.

Who are all the people on the right over there?

Those are my friends' weblogs.

You mean you ALL have weblogs?

Yep. I don't really know why, we're cool like that.

So what's your story, Jack?

No no, Tyler. TY-LER. I'm 18, I live in Eugene, Oregon, and I go to the University of Oregon.

What's with your page? You just talk about random stuff.

Well, that's the idea. I just write about whatever I'm thinking about. It's sort of my way of philosophizing. Or venting, depending on my mood.

What do you do when you're not busily slaving away on your weblog?

Well, I like playing video/computer games, hanging out with friends, snowboarding (when I can afford it), and playing DDR.

Huh? Dee dee are?

DDR is short for an arcade game called Dance Dance Revolution. If you've ever played Track and Field (with the power pad) for old school Nintendo, it's like that. Except instead of running, it's dancing. You really just have to see it.

Can I *gulp* talk to you?

Heh, sure! You can e-mail me at sk8rainman at hotmail dot com. Or if you have Instant Messenger, my screen name is Sk8Rainman, and my ICQ number is 36488519 (I don't use ICQ a whole lot though).

Why'd you write your e-mail address funny?

It's my feeble attempt to cut down on getting unsolicited e-mails. There's punks out there that pull e-mail addresses from websites and sell them to companies.




Josh B.