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The Author

  By way of introduction, allow me to explain that I am the mundane human behind Sir Beef. I don't take full responsibility for him, though, I sluff that honor off on Beef's original DM. My name is Les Child, I'm 44 years old (as of Sep. 2002), and have been role-playing since 1978. Through several different rpg systems, a few of which I've designed myself, I've had many different and varied characters. None though, have distinguished themselves as has Sir Beef. Now, for a bit of history.
  Sir Beef started out, oddly enough, as Mr. Beef. A silly sounding name, but at the time, I was quite a bit more flippant about such things, and didn't know that he would have the longevity he has had. Of course, he was beefy. As a human fighter, rolled up on Arcana tables, he started life with a natural strength of 18 (83). He was good in his fighter stats and average in the others. Later I dropped the Mr. and just referred to him as Beef. When he helped put the common heir to the throne of  the common lands, he was knighted, along with his party, and Sir Beef was christened.
  Through the years and all the other characters with whom I've identified, Beef has remained my favorite. When I DM, I always play a character with the party. Beef has crossed many party lines, and has met most of the characters of the people we play with.
  As my family grows up, I'm sure that at least some of my children will want to role play. My wife of 21 years plays, as does my 16 year old daughter. I feel that role-playing is a positive social activity, and can be a breeding ground for intelligent thought and creativity. I heartily endorse it for my children and friends, even though some religions (my own included) frown on it.
  If you have a favorite character, or one that has distinguished him or herself in some way, please take the time to email me at: and tell me about them. I'd like to hear your story.

Sept. 18, 1998
Les Child

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