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Sailor Pluto's Eternal Palace
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Sailor Pluto's Eternal PalaceSailor Pluto's Eternal Palace

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Saturday April 22, 2000
Lots of Movies being uploaded today! Check out the movie section and see how many there are and there used to only be 2!!! I keep adding more so i don't now how many there will be by the end of this day!(hopes my bro dosent want to use the computer today so i will have more time to upload!! ^^)
My account at spaceports works!(see news for yesterday) And im uploading lots of movies to it, its a slow thing because each movie takes about 10 minutes to upload, but i had to get a FTP program because spaceports has no way to actually make your site with out one! But yesterday when i downloaded the FTP thingy it kept having errors but i tired again today and it worked!! ^^
The only problem is i need more time!!! Friday April 21, 2000
I got an account at spaceports, i got an account at xoom, i got an acount at spree........ i want to upload movies your u guys!!!!
Xooms problem...How are you sopossed to upload anything??? The only kind of web page i can make with them is with their easy editor crap and i just want to upload so scrath that idea
sprees problem... after i sign up and everything then their like o yeah you can only upload thinks 500k(small) and lower scrath that too
im still trying with spaceports! O just have to download an FTP thinger and work with that! Hopefully it'll work!!! Thursday, April 20, 2000!!
I found an awesome site! They have tons of clips from sailor moon! They even have Tin Nyanko clips (i searched for hours for some of those one time and i only found one but here theres lots!!)
The Awesome site!!!!!!!!!
Please go there and click on their banners to support their site so they can keep their files up!!!!
Saturday, April 15, 2000!!
I've been pretty much working on this site all day so far! I fixed the post card service. I spent most of the time doing that, i fixed the eneter picture because it was messed up when o put it up last time i updated but didn't feel like fixing it. I fixed some old links of my e-mail cuz i got a new one, but i think most of the places still have my old one so i guess I'll check it every once and a while. I made a quiz..... thats about it
Tuesday, April 11, 2000!!
I havent been updating latlery cuz i made a Ranma 1/2 page. I was working on it alot and its most definitaly NOT complete so i was working on that. I spent most of today at school and downloading stuff cuz my bro deleted a BUNCH of my avis! I used to have over 200! now i have about 50. Well i guess that still is kinda alot but i like having TONS of them!
Im going to work on this site today ^^(i have too many sites!)
~KittyTinNyanko(Yeah i got a new nick name! I like Sailor Tin Nyanko alot!)
Monday, March 6, 2000!!
Guess Who Just Got the Pretty Senshi Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Best Song Collection!(CD)
I ordered this CD online from on feb 18. Its about 3 weeks later and its finally here!! When i got home from school i got it out of the packaging and listened to it alot! I still am right now! Its so cool. It has songs from all the series and most of them are really pretty. And it came with a free sticker too! It was worth the looong wait!
Did everyone here the bad news?:-(
Shiho Niiyama(sailor star fighter/seiya's voice) died!!:-( :-( :-(
She had Kyuusei Hakketsu Byou (a kind of leukemia).
When i heard this bad news i cried. I know i didn/t care much for Star fighter, but it just made me really sad :-(
Shiho Niiyama
Died at age 29
We will miss you
We miss you Shiho Niiyama
Thursday, January 13, 2000!
Hiya! I'm going to *hopefully* ad some more downloads today! I have about 150-170 sailor moon movies on my comp! I know i'll never get to upload them all! But, i will upload some of the smaller ones, and then if i have enough time tonight I'll upload some bigger ones and link them on my movie downloads site!!!:-)! Also I'm going to be checking alot of links and stuff!And if i do all that I'll ad some more MIDIS to my site so that you'll have more selection of your music when your in frames! Saturday January 1st,2000
Hi!!! I'm making this cool new eternal layout!There really is no such thing as eternal sailor pluto but i found some pictures someone drew, scanned, and used the computer to color in. I couldent find one of pluto so i spent about 2 hours editing a mars to make pluto! Not bad eh?
Well i'd like to give thanks to my bro for helping me make that image and letting me take this backround from his DBZ site!
So any way i got a dbz site a while ago and i havent edited this site lately much cuz ive been busy on my DBZ site!
p.s. i got more power! im eternal now instead of just super! tee hee! if you didnt notice my name being different!
I can't really add any new pics lately because Angelfire got a new style and the way it is the pictures mess up when u upload em. I hav'nt aded any Dragon Ball Z or Dragon Ball things yet. But anyways i probably will just make a new site for that. I havent up dated latley because my homework is getting harder and I'm getting lazier and I have friends over, and sometimes I just like to do other things. Well I started a new page on Tripod just to upload pictures, while angelfire isnt working. So if you wanna visit it, its very crappy the url is its just pictures pretty much but some they arent all Sailor Moon, so i sugget not wasting your time by going there! Did i mention to you i got the Sailor Moon Super S movie. Well i did about a month ago. I love it! Its so cool, even if Pluto dosent do much shes in it, and she seems like shes the most genurous because she leant her powers to Usagi first :-) Well if you wanna get some Japanese sailor moon movies with subtitles go to and search Sailor moon and the movies are 17.99 + shipping so it cheaper then at the malls and stuff!:-) c-ya! ~*SuperSailorPluto*~

Sunday, November 07, 1999
I added this little news section to the main page. I'm starting to get obbsesed over Dragon Ball Z as much as sailor moon and pokémon! So im thinking of devoting space of my page for Dragon Ball z! Or i might just make a Dragon Ball Z page with its own URL. Im so ezited!
Bye-Bye For now!