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**The Rugrat House***

Spread the Word! Hi! This page has been dead for... ever. I turned 13 yesterday, so I can now edit the page. I apologise for any messiness (that covers pretty much the whole page!)
By the way, it's days 'till Christmas, and days 'til the year 2002.

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I am a proud member of The Rugrats Circle of Friends!

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I have started another pics page. I will add more pics to this one!

Please check out my newest page- My Adopted Kids and Pets-for lots of.. well.. pets and kids!
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I adopted Spike at the Rugrats Playhouse
Good Boy Spike!
What's the matter Spike?
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Rugrats Links

The Rugrats Playhouse (where I got my background)
The Rugrats Fan Club
Rugrats World
Sarah's Rugrats Pages (where I got some graphics for this page)
Brittany's Rugrats Page