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Hi thank you for coming here.

You may know me as Ruffles or Two Feathers.
I have chatted on the WBS Net sense 1997.

Being Native American and Welsh, I would like to share some of my heritage with you.

I have never lived in England, so I know very little about the Welsh side other than Than that my father was from Cardiff. And I have many Aunts in Wales that come see me time to time. One of these days I shall go there.

I am married to Chief. Yes he is a traditional honest to good Chief. We have three little Indians of our own.

Always been interested in Astrology I can read a chart not a pro but pretty good one on one.

I love to chat. Would like to invite you to Talking Feather Native Chat sometime or Astrology Chat or Reality Box The RB host is Master Ho, a dear friend. Astrology host is Photo Gal (Nancy).

Bird Sings Different and I are the Talking Feather chat hosts. If you would be interested in Talking Feather chat, we talk about all different Native issues and Native History. We tell stories, and have a lot of fun. Anyone wanting to know more about Native issues can come. We would also like Natives of all tribes of the Nation to come in and chat with us! Welcome!

It is 7 pm PST on Tuesdays in WBS in a private room.
Write me at and I will give you all the info. I chat in WBS Astrology almost every night. Hope to see you there (its in the NEW AGE catagory.)

Here is a picture I am very proud of. My Great Grand Mother is the little girl in this painting.

(Paintings name is Ahnkuttie Tillicums )
That means Ancestors
Painting by Peggy O'Neal

My own personal thoughts on this painting is this said by a very wise man Chany

The Soul Would Have No Rainbow If ....Had the Eyes No Tears ...AHO

This is my country: I was in it when large trees were very heart is sick of fighting, but I want to live in my country. If the white people are willing I will go back to Deer Creek and live among them as I used to do ; they can visit my camp, and I visit theirs; but I will not lay down my arms and go with you on the reservation ." Tecumtum (Tyee john) May 20,1856

The so-called Rogue River Wars were preceded by years of injustice and suffering for Oregon coast native peoples. Caught between the pioneer rush to settle a land rich with natural resources and discovery of gold in California and southern Oregon; the tribes of Rogue river region were actually hunted in an attempt to exterminate them. Indian men, women, and children suffered the worst kinds of crime and violence, and villages were burned out of existence. Joel Palmer, the Indian Agent for the region in 1856 said..."the war had been forced on these Indians against their will...Indians in Oregon were being subjected to a bloody scheme by murderers...."
Because Tecumtum was the last leader to yield to final solution (the reservation); and because he and his band fought with such determination for the land of their ancestors, they were forced to march the treacherous Oregon coastline to the Coast reservation in Siletz. For most it was the last time they would see their homeland. Many died on the way. This painting depicts these last holdouts for freedom as they were marched into Port Orford, Oregon July 2,1856.

These are my roots as far as I can reach back too. Not too pretty. My heart is hurt from this.
As the wise man said The Soul Would Have No Rainbow....Had The Eyes No Tears !

LOVE sees no COLOR!
Let's all open our eyes.
Lets all walk in light one trail is as good as another.

After this after many years being a Siletz I jumped to Coquille Tribe(all coastal tribes).

Dai s'la ..."Welcome, Friends." Miluk and Athabaskan were the two primary languages of the Coquille Tribal members are currently working to revive the Miluk language.
Coquille Indian Tribe have lived for centuries on the Southern Oregon Coast, Along rivers and estuaries of Coos And Curry Counties..Coquilles enjoy a rich culture heritage that developed in an environment of abundant natural resources.
Large clam shells -usually empire Clams or Horse Clams- were used as ladles or spoons . If the spoon broke or was cracked during use, it was considered bad luck.
Storytelling was only permitted in the wintertime . To learn stories, children were required to report them verbatim. Story telling in the summer is bad luck. Story telling is a leisure activity. If you tell stories in the summer, during food gathering time, when winter comes around you will not have enough food to last throughout.

I like the stories most of all our things we do. That and POW WOWS. Hope to see you on the RED TRIAL *S*
Ruffles ...Two Feathers

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