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NOTES: Eternal thanks to Mog for letting me play in her ATF AU sandpit. Thanks heaps to Enid (known affectionately here as my font of all knowledge) for all the brainpicking I have done. Thanks to my net sisters Lyn and Dayna for all the collaboration and characterisation help, couldn’t have done it without you. Keep your tissues handy.


Chris Larabee replaced the phone receiver back in its cradle and leaned back in his chair. His mind awhirl with the news that he had just received. Standing he moved to the window and looked out over the city below him. The rest of the team were not going to be happy at all. But Dammit, Orin wanted them there as a team, well he was going to get them as a team, if it killed him.

Stepping out of his office, he cast his gaze around the men he was proud to call family and spoke loudly.

“Conference Room Boys” he stated. It was an order not a question. He preceded his men into the room and waited at the end of the table for the others to arrive.

“What’s up Chris?” Buck asked as he lowered his frame into a chair.

“Nothin” Chris spoke “Where’s Ezra?” he took stock of his men and realised that the southerner was missing

“I’m here Mr Larabee” Ezra spoke from the doorway as he closed the dor behind him, he was still moving a little more gingerly than normal after a near fatal shooting 6 weeks ago, but he refused to spend any more time away from his Team 7 cohorts.

“Damn Ez” he spoke with a smile “Even when you are in the office when the meeting is called you’re still late to it”

“Just wouldn’t be gentlemanly of me to be anything other than fashionably late” he smiled, sinking into a chair beside Vin

“Why the meeting brother?” Josiah asked quietly

“I just received a call from Orin” he stated

“And?” Nathan asked

“We have just received an invitation to a party tomorrow night” he waited for the words to sink in

“And just why does this warrant a team meeting?” Ezra’s eyes narrowed realising that something was afoot here.

“The honourable AD Travis has “requested” that we attend as a team” he watched the looks of incredulation on the faces of his friends

“Why?” Vin asked

“Apparently the newspaper is honouring Mary and for some entirely female reason it is important that the team be there” Chris answered

“Well why didn’t she ask us?” JD spoke

“Who knows?” Chris answered

“Could it be perhaps that she anticipated our reaction to that particular request would be in the negative?” Ezra spoke leaning back in his chair his eyes closed happily listening to the banter

“Probably” Chris mulled the notion over in his mind

“What’s the problem? A party could be just what we need” Buck’s head was already filled with thoughts of the ladies he could be meeting.

“The party is fancy dress” Chris waited for the explosions from his men, when none was forthcoming, he looked up into their speechless incredulous faces.

“I ain’t going” Vin spoke

“Me either” JD stated

“I do believe I am already engaged that evening” Ezra drawled

He listened to their delayed spluttering reactions letting them die down before he spoke again

“No Dice boys” he spoke “This is important to Mary, therefore it is important to me. We will be going” he stated firmly “As a team” a slight smile crossing his face as he spoke again “Besides Orin has threatened to put us on surveillance duties for the next six months if we don’t go”

There was complete silence round the table for several minutes as he watched his men weigh up the costs of surveillance against the complete embarrassment of dressing up.

“What’s your plan Mr Larabee?” Ezra spoke realising that there was something working through his boss’ mind.

“I figure, he wants a team” Chris spoke “He’s gonna get one” he paused watching the recognition dawning on the faces of his men “What we have to do is come up with a team theme.”

“Ahhhh I see” Ezra’s devious mind had caught onto Chris’ thought and was already starting to work “Something that is obvious enough to signify to all present that we are united in our solidarity, yet still obviously a team”

“Yeah” Chris knew that Ezra would understand his thought even if none of the others did.

“But I will tell you right now that I refuse to attire myself in the manner of Ms White’s Miniscule Cohorts” he continued

‘Huh” Buck and JD chorused together

“The Seven Dwarfs gentlemen” Ezra rolled his eyes and leaned back against the headrest, thinking hard

“What else is there?” Nathan asked

“What about the Seven Deadly Sins?” Josiah questioned

“The Days of the week?” Vin offered

“Good thoughts” Chris spoke “But I don’t thin they make the statement we are looking for”

The others all looked at Chris, not understanding what he meant.

“Allow me Mr Larabee” Ezra filled the silence that followed “What we need is a team that everybody knows. A team that is renowned for their kinship. Something that is easily costumed and recognised as that team.” He scoured his mind for an example “An example would be Batman and Robin, The Three Stooges. A perfect example would be the Three Musketeers, however, as you are aware we seriously outnumber that particular group”

“We could always go as the movie Magnificent 7 western characters” JD spoke

“Since that’s what they call us”

“Good thought JD, but they will expect that from us, so we must dare to be different, to challenge the boundaries of what they think they can expect from us” Ezra replied

“I have an idea” Chris spoke almost to himself, he looked at his watch and then back at his team “We’ll meet back here in two hours” he stated listening to the grumbles of his men as he briskly left the room

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