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The Really Big Hanson Fanfic Awards 1999


The results are in! Congratulations to everyone who got nominated and are receiving awards. If you are receiving an award, you will be mailed within a few days with a link to a page where you can pick up your award. Thank you to all who participated and helped make this so much fun!


Best Cast & Characters

Best Cast - I'm Not A Playa, NOW DOWN, Amber,

Best Isaac - More Than Anything,, Keridwen Moonshadow,

Best Taylor - For What It's Worth,, Kristen,

Best Zac - Lived,, Amanda,

Best Male Character - Hugo, I Ain't No Angel,, Nick,

Best Female Character - Samantha, Driving Him Crazy,, Tasha,

Best Hero - Taylor Hanson, Zac Says Tay Still Wets the Bed,, Nick,

Best Heroine - Katie Elizabeth Dawes, 3+1=HITZK,, Erin Guthrie,

Most Hated Character - Kelly, The One Who Writes,, Myra,

Best Evil Character - Diana Hanson, She's Not Real,, Lisa,

Best Name - Euphrosene, A Plague On Both Your Houses,, Amerika,

Most Annoying Character - Dan, The Best Things in Life,, Keryn and Kayla,

Best Sidekick - Kate, I Guess We'll Never Know,, Keridwen Moonshadow,

Best Moron - Kristen, Dazed, Confused, and Horny,, Kris and Jen,

Best Old Flame - Ryan, The Best Kind of Alone,, S. Kistler,

Best Airhead - Stina Starrdust, Forever Together: A Hanson Story,, Stina,

Best Best Friend - Hugo, I Ain't No Angel,, Nick,

Best Snob - Kelly, The One Who Writes,, Myra,

Best Jealous Ex - Ryan, The Best Kind of Alone,, S Kistler Story's Author's E-mail:

Best Next-Door-Neighbor - Rebecca, The Best Kind of Alone,, S Kistler,

Best Psychotic Character - Melanie Kim, A Memory of Ashes,, Samarah,


Best Writers

Best Writer - Amber,, PAGE DOWN

Best Veteran Writer - Amanda,,

Best Rookie Writer - Libby,,

Most Dedicated Writer - Myra,,

Most Overlooked Writer - Arielle,,

Writer with Most Potential - Libby,,


Best Stories

Best Clean Story - I Love Her,, Felicity,

Best Dirty/Erotic Story - One Night,, albertanechild,

Best Teenie Story - A Typical Teenybopper Story,, Erin,

Best Multi-Author Story - Tulsa 74132,, Laurie, Mel, and Sarah,

Best Story w/ Less than 5000 Hits - The Love Song of J. Taylor Hanson,, Jamie,

Best Cliffhanger - A Memory of Ashes,, Samarah,

Best Horror Story - Camping Trip Nightmare,, Tania,

Best Short Story - Immortality,, K. E. Fields,

Best Story w/ Long Title - I'm Not A Playa, I Just Crush Alot?,, Amber,

Best Story w/ Single-Word Title - Stay,, Pamella,

Best Unfinished Story - She Said,, Aoe Lauren,

Best Journal/Letter Story - Nothing Moves at Midnight,, Allee Thireau-Jaques,

Most Original - Holding Onto Nothing,, Allison,

Best Tear-jerker - Prison of Lies,, Myra,

Best Funny Story - VooDoo,, Michaddison,

Best Story w/ Substance Abuse - Walls,, Sheryl and Laurie,

Best Plot Twist - Holding Onto Nothing,, Chapter 32, Allison H.,

Best Story Never Updated - Tulsa 74132,, Sarah, Laurie, and Melissa,

Best Story Frequently Updated - Lover Lay Down,, Alison Logan,

Most Realistic Story - DCH,, Jenny,

Best Religious Story - Manchester Trilogy,, Stephen Davenport,

Best Sequel - Prison of Lies,, Myra,

Best Trilogy - Zac Says Tay Still Wets The Bed, I 'Aint No Angel, My Little Blonde Friend,, Nick,

Best Story - Zac Says Taylor Still Wets The Bed,, Nick,


Notes & Other Miscellaneous Stuff

First of all, I - Katie - will not be running the RBHFA webpage. Neither Lisa or I want to be doing *everything* again this upcoming year. We had a lot of fun, but we never realized when we started this what a huge project it would become. For the upcoming year, we are hunting for a new webmaster and a group of people to help out with taking nominations and votes for different categories. If you are interested in doing this, please e-mail me.

If you see any mistakes in URLs, e-mail addresses, or names, please tell us here. We apologize for any mistakes!

Our banner is still up and running. However, you'll need the code for the new banner, which is now at this page.

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If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail us. Thanks again, so much, for making this so much fun. 8^)


Katie       Lisa