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Hi there!
I see that you found the attic
This is where I store and keep all of my graphics. So,dust yourself off a spot, sit down and start exploring. You know how it is,everything seems to end up in the attic. Please feel free to use any of the graphics that you find here, but for the protection of your image transload it to your site. If you find anything that belongs to you, please let me know and I will gladly remove it.
When you have had your fill of my attic, you might want to wander down to the backyard for a cool drink and some of the great garden graphics I have listed there.
Thank you for visiting and come back and check for more graphics as I obtain them.
Please sign my guestbook, before leaving.

Things better left in the attic.

Goofy Grandpa

Dancin Granny

Baby chicken breaking another egg

Enept wizard

Flashing skeleton

Eyes in the attic

BIG red eyes

Green eyes

Cats eyes

Eyes that change to wolf eyes (black background)

Ghostie's in the attic

A sad mouse

Moving box?

A bat

Mouse in a martini glass

drunk dancer

flying pig

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