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It's nice 2 have a goal dontcha think... My original goal was to be the 'King" of wavs... Priorities change and so has my online time... However i am still very interested in wavs and I have some links below 2 some great pages and links 2 link pages... I hope u enjoy ur ride and if u have a page that u would like me 2 add please e-mail me and i will review it and add it 2 the appropiate page... I am going 2 put in this disclaimer: I am a G-Rated sort of fella but i understand that different people have different views on this subject and i will include pages 2 wavs that contain a variety of different ratings... I dont recommend u collect anything which offends u... AOL has conviently added a delete button which i find works well... If u dont like it delete it... Enuf said... I have had requests 2 add wavs here that u can download directly from this page... That is in the works, so ckeck back and i will hopefully have figured it out... If u enjoy G-Rated stuff let me know and i will gladly send u something... ¤¿¤ Papa™

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