Welcome to my background page.  All of the designs were created by me with Paint Shop Pro, as far as I know the graphics used to make the backgrounds are free and public domain. If any
image is copyrighted please let me know so I can either
remove it or give proper credit to the author. 

The backgrounds are for use on personal homepages only.  I have provided a banner to match the background you have select, feel free to mix and match the sets. Please link back to

 Please do NOT link directly to my server, download (right click...choose "save as") to your hard drive and upload to your own server.

Check back often for new additions.

Background Sets

Set1   The Guardian

  Set2         The Jewel 

    Set 3     Deep Thoughts

Set 4         Dancing 

Background Sets

Set 1      The Watcher

Set 2      A Message

Set 3      Friends