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Free Homeschool Art and Music Resources

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Butch's Homepage - links to my other theme pages, art, math, free worksheets and planners, timeline resources

Included here resources for free art and music homeschool resources, including history, worksheets, printables, and "how to" lessons. If you have additional questions, for would like directions to my NEW homeschool site, please About Image

Art Education and ArtEdventures from Sanford and A Lifetime of Color
Art projects, lessons, and art history
Art History Resources
Difinitive resourse of art history resourses on the net
Art Takes Time
Timeline approach to Art History
Cartoon Drawing Sheets
Printable 'how to' drawing sheets
Colorworm teaches about color and light - freebies
The study of color and light, art as science
Drawsketch - Drawing and Sketching Lessons and Tutorials
Free Drawing lessons
Homeschool art lessons
Fine Art Education
Drawing, mid school to adult, learn shading, composition, and perspective
Home School Arts Main index Page
Free art lessons, drawing and painting
Resources - Art and Music of the World Pg1
Tons of art resources
KinderArt - Art Lessons - Art Education
Art lessons, crafts, printables
Orihouse: Knotology, the art of creating spheres from strips of paper
Interesting origami page
The Metropolitan Museum of Art - Explore & Learn
Art history, photos of great artwork
Free Music Theory Workbooks!
Free On-Line Piano Lessons
Interactive Piano Lessons Includes Audio
Gary Ewer's Easy Music Theory
Free basic music course
Mr. Land's Piano Lesson Number One
Online piano lessons
Music worksheets, quizzes, online lessons and internet links
Ricci Adams'
Music Theory
The Printable Staff Paper Page
Printable Staff Paper
ThinkQuest Library of Entries
Music Notes: An Interactive Musical Experience