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Free Secular Homeschool Resources for Anatomy

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Included here resources suitable for an anatomy unit study. Worksheets, lessons, coloring sheets, online dissections. If you have additional questions, or want directions to my new homeschool site, pleaseAbout Image

A Kids Heart - The Biological Heart
Heart Diagram
Acorn Academy
Unit study, nicely done, with a Christian perspective - but that part can be overlooked :)
Anatomy for Kids - A to Z Home's Cool Homeschooling
An excellent resource for anatomy - aimed at elementary age - indexed by body *part*. Lots of interactive activities
Anatomy Lesson Plans
Links to individual lessons, activities, and worksheets on anatomy
Ask a Biologist - Coloring Sheets/Pages
Coloring Sheets - Heart and skeleton
Body Builders Webquest
A unit study using websites. Good for independent study
Free Classroom materials
Female and Male anatomy handouts
Frog Dissection
Online interactive version
Gander Academy's Body Systems Related Resources on the World Wide Web
Web based unit study - aimed at middle elementary
Gray's Anatomy Online
Online version of the famous text - over 1200 illustrations
Habits of the Heart: Lessons: Heart Diagram
Interactive heart and lung lessons
Homeschool Classroom - Anatomy
Printable anatomy book
Human Anatomy at
Printable worksheets
Label Me! Printouts -
Printouts from Enchanted Learning
Human Anatomy Online
Interactive images and animations of the inner body - middle school and above
Human Body Teaching Worksheets
Printable worksheets
IMCPL Kids Human Body
Online anatomy - elementary level - scroll down to "Science"
Neuroscience Resources for Kids - Coloring Book
Anatomy pages to color
Reference Resources: Human Body
Anatomy resources
Online Dissection Links
Links for virtual dissections, frog, cat, pig, eye, brain