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Marcus' Psychoacoustic Resources

Thanks to all of you who have bookmarked and used this site productivly! I appologize for not keeping it more up to date but I have great news for everybody. Starting today, the Silly Boy Media Group is up and running with the all the links below, as well as many others, and some things I bet you'll find very silly. Please navigate around and let me know what you think. The Silly Boy Media Group is a work in progress, so know that things are changing daily. Just go to and you will find everything I'm speaking about!

My name is Marcus and the links below are among my favorite and most used. I am a practicing psychoacoustician. While psychoacoustics is my bent (or why I'm bent) because I work most every day of my life in the computer, technology, and media fields, I collect massive amounts of technical knowledge, information, and resources. I author and co-publish Marcus' Psychoacoustic Resources so that I can access this data on any computer (connected to the internet) in the world. It's not all about me though, this page is also for the devoted follower of way too much dry and technical information.

Everything I know and can find with regards to acoustics, ambisonics, audio, audiology, bioacoustics, ear physiology, hearing, hearing-aids, hearing-loss, linguistics, listening, noise, noise abatement & control, psychology of audio & sound, psychoacoustics, speech inteligibility, speech pathology, sonics and sound is published here. I am involved daily in sound processing and recording, so recording equipment & measuring device manufacturers, distributers, and resellers are listed and links are provided as well. I deep link to find the information listed as quickly as possible.

The science of psychoacoustics is the study of how the human mind is affected by sound. My focus in studying psychoacoustics is understanding how music affects the individuals, communities, and societies human beings live with and in, so a fair amount of music theory and related links can be found below also. Specific areas I delve into involve the parameters of how, where, and why the sciences of bioacoustics, music theory, and psychology merge. I will be the first to admit, my psychology and music theory selections are quite thin :-(.

If you like the information contained in this site, then by all means, bookmark it and come back often. I committ myself to consistent editing, composing, and creation for Marcus' Psychoacoustic Resources, so be assured that constant, up to the day, information will always be presented. I am also a curmudgeon when it comes to making sure every link on this page is active!

98% of the links below contain technically demanding, scientifically developed, bleeding edge understandings of the latest systems, equipment, and knowledge surrounding the human mind, sound, recording, and everything audible. This page has been created to help furthur the science, art, and discipline of psychoacoustics, the recording sciences, and all applicable sound matters. If you have questions, comments, constructive critisim, additional links, broken links, or anything else worthy of e-mail transmission, send it to Me.



Acoustics Related Associations, Centers, Groups, Indicies, Institutions, Projects, & Societies
If a type of acoustics link isn't present, please let me know and perhaps I can find other resources to help you.

Ambisonics Theory, Research, & Examples
Ambisonic Bibliography, The (compiled by M. Gerzon, J. Silberman et al)
Martin Leese's Ambisonics information & links
Ambisonic Surround Sound Research

Apex AD600A DVD/CDR/CDRW/MP3 player
Apex FAQ for the AD600A pre & post Macrovision mod.

Audio, Sound & Recording Related Acadamies, Associations, Guildes, & Societies
Acadamy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences (AMPAS)
American Society of Cinematographers (ASC)
American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP) A great resource for those who write and arrange music. See also, BMI.
Audio Engineering Society (AES)
Broadcast Music Incorporated (BMI)
International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI)
Music Producers Guild of the Americas (MPGA)
National Association of Broadcasters (NAB)
National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM)
National Association of Recording Arts & Sciences (NARAS)
Professional Lighting and Sound Association (PLASA)
Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA)
Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers (SMPTE)
Society of Professional Audio Recording Services (SPARS)

Audio, Sound & Production Related Publications
American Cinematographer target="_blank">EQ Home/ Relthorn>8 nect Studios: Monthly US publication
Film & Video
Mix Magazine Professional Studio Recording: Monthly: US publication
Studio Sound Professional Studio Recording: Monthly: UK Publication
Hollywood Reporter WARNING: requests' cookies
Daily Variety Online Hollywood Gossip: Daily: US publication
WARNING: requests'cookies and has pop-up's :-(

Audiology Associations, Networks, Newsgroups, Societies, Supplies, & Web Sites
Audiology Information Network, The
Audiology page Marshall University
Audiology and Electrophysiology Supplies Neurosoft, Inc.
Canadian Association of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists (English & French)
HTL-Calibration/repair of audiometric equipment
Newsgroup bionet.audiology
Searchwave-The Audiology and Hearing Loss Search Engine 1588 different pages can be linked to through this vast archive!
Tinnitus (FAQ)
Video Otoscopy
Vestibular Lab John Hopkins University
Vestibular Disorders Association
Yahoo Health/Medicine/Audiology
Univ. of Minnesota Clinical Psychoacoustics Lab
Index of Hearing Health Resources many, many more links (over 200 new ones in August already!)

Bioacoustics Related Archives, Centers, Committees, Councils, Groups, Indicies, Libraries, Links, Laboratories, Societies & Web Sites
If a type of bioacoustics link isn't present, please let me know and I'll try to find other resources which maxhelp you.

DVD Information, Links, & Resources
DVD Utilities all types of DVD information and utilities
The Wolf's Lair how to rip a DVD

Ear Information, Links, & Resources
Kid's Ear Page A great resource for the young discoverer.

Electronic Information, Links & Resources

Free Online Storage
Angelfire Up to 30MB (mp3 capable)
Docspace 25MB (mp3 capable)
Freedrive 50MB (mp3 capable)
Tripod 11MB

Hearing (Conservation, Education, Loss, Etc.)
HEAR - Hearing Education and Education for Rockers National Hearing Conservation Association
Self Help for Hard of Hearing People, Inc.

Hearing Aid Designers, Manufacturers, Retailers, Supplies & Testing
A&M Hearing Limited designer, manufacturer and supplier of hearing aids and audiological instruments to the hearing industry.
Advanced Hearing Aid Center provides hearing aids, hearing aids repair, batteries and more.
Affordable Hearing Aid Center retailer of hearing aids and hearing related products. supplier of digital hearing aids.
All Ears Hearing Aid Center services include sales and service of hearing aids, batteries, and assistive devices.
AmericanEar contains hearing health and consumer report related to variety topics of hearing issues such as cochlear implants, hearing aids, and listening devices.
Assistive Listening Device Systems Inc.
Audiological Services of San Francisco - custom ear molds and hearing aid systems.
Bell Hearing, Inc. features speciality hearing aids.Golden Gate Hearing Service
S.F. Hearing & Speech Center [WARNING: requests' cookies!]
Unitron make hearing aids [US]
Oticon make hearing aids [DK]

Home Theatre Component Manufacturers
B&W Speakers

Internet Music Resources Now owned by Yahoo! Internet A & R
The Internet Music Resource Guide
Realguide Real Networks Music Guide

Internet Radio Stations
MIT Internet Radio Database

Difficult Listening RTR-FM programming
ILA International listening Association
Listening Quotes
Listening To Salsa by Francis R. Aparicio
Machine Listening Group MIT
Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab

Media Encoding, Decoding, & Streaming; Hardware, Software & Streaming Clubs, Companies, Groups, Institutions & Web Sites
a2b AT&T labs secure audio delivery algorythm
Audio Highway
The Betalounge Now owned by Yahoo!
Digital Entertainment Network
Dolby Laboratories propritary algorythms media library encoding solutions
GTS Graham Technology Solutions- only 8kHz, 8 bit audio sampling :(
Liquid Audio Utilizing Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) for propritary music encoding algorythms The original MP3 super-site!
Quicktime 4 The new ISO/MPEG IV standard (utilizing Advanced Audio Coding-AAC)
Real Networks propritary Real Player (G2) & Real Jukebox
Streaming Media West (Dec. 7-9, 1999, San Jose, CA)
XING Streamworks propritary music encoding algorythms live internet events

Media Search Engines & Web Sites
a2b music search engine mp3 search engine new music search engine mp3 search engine music search engine music search engine music search engine
Shoutcast music search engine music search engine music search engine mp3 utility tool search engine

Microphone Manufacturers
DPA Microphones (formally Breul & Kjaer)
Josephson Engineering
Neumann Microphones
Schoeps Microphones (Posthorn Recording website)

Midfield and Nearfield Monitor Manufacturers
Genelec Inc.
Westlake Audio

MP3 Research & Development
Angelfire Up to 30MB storage (mp3 capable)
Docspace 25MB storage (mp3 capable)
Freedrive 50MB storage (mp3 capable) mp3 search engine
International Federation of the Phonographic Industry The IFPI is currently shutting down all illegal mp3 sites the world over! mp3 search engine mp3 utilities

MP4 Research & Development

Music Theory and related Groups, Organizations & Web Sites
The 8th Note Music Resources
Guitar Theory Resouces

Music related Groups, Organizations, Search Engines & Web Sites
a2b music search engine
DGM Discipline Global Mobile mp3 search engine Neil Young unofficial page
Krishna Productions Inc. Asian Indian Music new music search engine mp3 search engine music search engine
Pink Floyd Music List Database music search engine music search engine
Shoutcast music search engine music search engine mp3 utility tool search engine

Noise (Abatement, Control, Engineering, & Pollution)
Active Noise Control FAQ
Institute of Noise Control Engineering
International Institute of Noise Control Engineering
Noise Polution Clearinghouse

Professional Audio Recording Equipment Manufacturers
Apogee Electronics
Atlas-Soundolier (Microphone Stands)
Cooper Sound Services
Dan Dugan Sound Services
Furman (AC Power Conditioning & Regulation)
HHB Genex (24/192 Multitrack)
HHB TC Portable DAT
Manley Laboratories, Inc.
Michael Grace Design My favorite microphone pre-amps.
Radio Design Labs
Rip-Tie (Cable Management)
Solid State Logic
Sony Pro Audio (The Referee)

Professional Audio Recording Equipment Retailers & Distributers
Full Compass (Conneticut)
Location Sound Corporation (L.A.)
Leo's Pro Audio (S.F. & Oakland)
Posthorn Recording (New York)
Professional Sound Corporation(L.A.)

Professional Sound Reinforcement Equipment Manufacturers
Atlallpaundolier (Microphone Stands)
Altec Lansing (Speakers & Cabinets)
Anchor (Portable/Wireless Speakers)
Electro-Voice (Speakers, Microphones & Cabinets)

Professional Audio Recording & Editing Software
Arboretum Systems ( Hyperprism-ProTools Plug In)
Cakewalk (Recording & Editing for the PC)
Cedar Audio USA (Noise Reduction Software)
Dolby Laboratories (ProTools Plug In)
Digidesign (ProTools & Sound Designer)
Opcode Systems
Pacific Microsonics (HDCD)
Sonic Solutions (DVD Authoring)
Sonic Foundry (Recording & Editing for the PC)

Psychoacoustics & Related Information
Acoustics & Psychoacoustics Michigan State University
IPEM: Institute for Psychoacoustics and Electronic Music Dept. of Musicology, Ghent University, Belgium
Psychoacoustics University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Hearing & Psycoacoustics Resources

Physiological & Psychological Acoustics
Physiological & Psychological Acoustics

Recording Companies
DGM Discipline Global Mobile, Robert Fripp's own record machine
John Marks Recordshigh-end minimalist recording
Ubiquity Records San Francisco's own!

Recording Techniques
CD Recording FAQ

Speech Recognition & Text to Speech Software
AT&T's text-to-speech demo, utilizing AT&T's Next-Generation TTS algorythm, for .wav & .aif file types only
Text-to-Speech Interface (Axel Belinfante) Can you say Phonems representing IPA in ASCII?
Dragon Naturally Speaking Sound Recognition Software for the PC
IBM's ViaVoice Best of show at New York MacWorld '99 $80

Surround Sound Equipment, Hardware, Interfaces, Software, Technologies (see also, Ambisonics, Home Theater above)
DTS online, surround competition for Dolby
Genelec 1030-1034 surround monitors
Surround FAQ compiled by Bobby O. Slightly dated, but the best I've found!
Klipsch ProMedia v.2-400 4.1 surround monitor sys. for CPU's $250

Wireless Audio/Communication Equipment (IFB, Microphones, PL, & Radio)
Anchor Portable/Wireless Speakers
Clear-Com Intercom/PL Systems
Lectrosonics Wireless IFB & Microphone ems

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