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Cover Pictures

The following three pictures are of the art work that graces the covers of the US editions of the Empire books (not including the orginal cover of Daughter which is just much too ugly to post). They were done by Janny Wurts husband, Don Maitz. Also, if these are posted here illegally and you are the person who is going to sue me, I have no money (I am a poor teacher after all) but I will remove them immediately if you ask me to. I don't think they are illegal, but if I am wrong I am sorry in advance.

This is the opening scene of The Daughter of the Empire. I really love this, and all of these pictures, because they accurrately reflect what is happening in the scenes. I also feel they show how the characters look, unlike most books that get important details wrong. I suppose it does help that a husband painted these for his wife's books.

This is my favorite cover because it shows Kevin, the dream man *g*. Ok, I admit I am a little strange, but I really do like Kevin (he does need to shave that beard off though).

I like this picture because it shows that Mara has aged since the opening of Daughter, but I really do wish it wasn't the last scene. The first time I read the series, oh so many years ago, I was able to piece together too much of the plot from looking at the cover.

Here are some extremely strange book covers I found on the 'net. I have been told that they are the UK editions and probably the work of Geoff Taylor, although that is speculation. I am posting them because I think anyone who has actully read the series will get a kick out of them.

This one isn't too bad, but since when did the Kelewan homes have spires? And when does Mara ever wear blue? She should be wearing white if this is where she is mourning the death of her father and brother.

This one is very creepy looking. I believe that is supposed to be the prayer gate in the background, but I can't be sure. If it is, then the narrative scene is off. Not suprising after looking at the next picture.

Since when did Mara become an Amazon warrior? *lol* I am assuming this is when she and Lujan are looking for the Cho-ja, but I don't really know. I can't quit laughing when I look at it though.

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