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Goddesses and Gods

The intent of this page is to list the 40 gods and goddesses that make up the Tsurani religion. It is not a complete page since I have not had a lot of time to read lately, but I will keep working on it slowly but surely. I just found REF’s official list at his FAQ so I have listed the deities in the order that he listed them. He describes each of them in three ways, so the first three things are his comments. After that I have added my own comments about why the deity is important to the story. He does not have the full list of 40 up, so there may be some others that you have noticed in the books. I know of at least one, and I have put her on this list. If you see any mistakes or have any additions please e-mail me. Thanks!


  • Chochocan: The Good God. The Healer. The Bringer Of Rest. The priests of this god perform marriages, funerals, and various other blessings as needed. These priests are always seen at the major events.

  • Zamach: The Leveler. The Fountain of Knowledge. The Master of Justice.

  • Oxalaca: The Master of Oceans. Builder of Ships. Master of Fishers.

  • Lashima: Queen of the Sky. Mother of Birds. Builder of Clouds. Goddess of Wisdom She is one of the key deities in the series because Mara almost joins her order. Mara often prays to Lashima, using meditations she was taught when she was novice in the temple.

  • Juran: The Just. Master of Life. God of the Home. Father of Winds.

  • Sibi: Goddess of Death. Lover of All. Dancer in the Darkness. Turakamu's sister. Sister's of her order are the most intimidating in the Empire and no man but one has ever approached them and lived to tell the tale. No light ever reveals their faces. Supposedly the Sisters embrace Death itself when they join the order.

  • Jastur: Lord of War. Bringer of Terror. The Revenger.

  • Thanaxaca: Master of Song. Lord of the Dance. Father of the Arts.

  • Hilbantucan: The Architect. The Silent Builder. The Master of Works.

  • Fa: The Sleeper. Master of the Night. The Retriever.

Lower (in order of their relationship to the Higher Gods)

  • Tomachca: Bringer of Peace. Lover of Children. Protector of Orphans.

  • Hilio: The Teacher. Master of Wisdom. Judge of Life.

  • Juru: Lord of Sailors. Father of Waves. Lord of Fish.

  • Salana: Mistress of Rain. Harvest Mother. Mother of Beasts.

  • Hantukama: Lord of Healers. Bringer of Blessed Health. Cloud Rider. The priests of this god don't care about power or prestige, just the character of the person being healed. They would heal a sickly slave before a ruling Lord if the slave was well loved. The philosophy of this order is a foreshadowing of the main theme of the whole series.

  • Turukamu: Brother to Death. Eater of Hearts. The Silently Waiting One. The Red God. The soldiers pray to him, hoping to be "sung into Turkamu's hall" when they die a glorious death. Priests of Turakamu are present at almost all important ceremonies, usually to try and draw the god's attention away from the festivities. The death god ends up playing a key role in at least three ways throughout the books.

  • Baracan: Lord of Swords. Singer of Battle. God of Honor.

  • Milianxana: Goddess of Singers. Mother of Happiness. Mistress of wine. Goddess of Love.

  • Tuth: Master of Levels. Hewer of Stone. God of Builders. Lord of Laborers.

  • Nictac: Lord of Thieves. Master of Assassins. Protector of Travelers.

    In books but not on REF’s list

    • Kelesha: Goddess of Brides She is mentioned when Mara gets married for the first time. I am not sure if she has anything to do with fertility, but I would guess she does.
    • Lulondi: God of Farmers. He is on page 179 of Mistress.
    • Kerbuchi: God of Chaos. He is on page 154 of Mistress.
    • Zurgauli: God of Ill Luck. He is on page 322 of Mistress.
    • Aliham: Goddess of Travelers. REF lists Nictac as the God of Travelers, but on page 147 of Mistress Aliham is mentioned. Perhaps one of them is the lesser god?

      Special thanks going out to Jimmy for info on Kerbuchi, Zurguli, Lulondi and Aliham!

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