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Welcome to the Bodies Under Siege Webring Page.
This webring was created for members of the Bodies Under Siege mailing list.It is for members' sites and pages dealing with self-injury.
This was not actually my idea, but is the brainchild of sine nomine. We put it together to make it easier for us to find webpages pertinent to self-injurous behaviour and so that all (or most) of our members' pages would be linked together.

Thanks to daemongrrrl for the cool "Bodies Under Siege" graphic which is our logo. All other graphics on this page were created by me.

I'm sorry I haven't been answering my mail! I just discovered that I had not changed all of my accounts and hyperlinks to my new address so I haven't been getting all of my mail! If you have written me and not received an answer, please forgive me and try again!!
If you would like to join the Bodies Under Siege webring:
You must either be a list member or your site must contain information on/about self-injurous behaviour.

You must submit this form to enter the queue.

You need to add the HTML fragment your site.

Note: Your site will not be automatically added to the ring, you must first complete all of these requirements, and then your site must be apporved. You will be notified when this happens.

Add your site to the Bodies Under Siege Queue

Site Owner's Name:
Site Address (URL):
Site's Name:
Site Owner's E-mail:
Password (needed to make changes to URL):

Adding the HTML Fragment

First you need to save the BUS "logo" and "next" images so you can keep them on your server. Do not link to the images here as this page may move and the filenames may be changed or moved! To download the image just right-click on the image here and choose "Save As".

Now you need the HTML fragment. This must be on your page before you'll be accepted into the ring! Choose "View" and then "page source" or "document source" (It will say where to start and end the cut at) and then copy (CTRL+C) and paste (CTRL+V) it into your own pages HTML.

Replace all the generic phrases with your info. (Example: your eMail address and name in place of the generic ones.) The YOUR_SITE_ID will be the number your page is given.

(To see a fragment all filled and working visit
Kharre's Home and "view page source" - note that my image is a bit smaller, though. I had to adjust its size to fit in the frame properly.)

The Fragment:

This Bodies Under Siege site is owned by Your_Name_Here.

Want to join the Bodies Under Siege Ring?

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