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Fotoalbum of Osetia

Here I gethered some pictures showing North Osetia - Alania that I liked the most. Actually, most of them I stole from some other Ossetian sites. Well, sorry guys...I liked them.
There is an old folk story that tells, "If you come to Ossetia and if you put your foot on it, you will find thousands of buried warriors under your foot." That's how old my country is, that's how many battles we had. Through years of struggle for survival we have been standing like a rock. We are rising like a tender flower, that grows in the middle of the wilderness. (Thanks Robick)
Well, I'll try to give some comments on some of the pictures to make it more interesting (especially my spelling mistakes).

Click on the picture to see the rest of the them. Enjoy, it is really beautiful...