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Hi and welcome to our show-off page. Here you will find photos of the staff of the Clackamas Town Center (Portland, Oregon) Spencer's Gifts store dressed up in costumes for our various theme days and Halloween, as well as, well, anytime we're not wearing our standard uniforms! :). Staff includes: Sandy, manager; Jay, manager in training; Debbie, Assistant Manager; Rob, Assistant Manager; Christin, Sales Associate; Katherine, Sales Associate; and Rachel, Sales Associate. Also featured on this page is Chris, who was the Sales Supervisor before she transferred to another store in November 1999, and Alina and Cambrae, who still work at CTC but not at Spencer's. Also pictured is Kate, who now manages another store (which will have it's own page soon!)


Sandy, Chris, Kate, and Rob on Kiss Day, May 1999Chris as Peter and Kate as AceChris as Peter, Rob as GeneRob as Gene, Kate as AceRob as GeneKate as AceChris as PeterSandy as PaulKate doing some paperwork (as Ace)Sandy on 70's day, early 1999 Christin on 70's DayCambrae as Catwoman, Halloween 1998Christin as a babydoll, Halloween 1998Rob as Cartman, Halloween, 1998Rob as Gene, Sandy as Paul, Halloween 1998Chris as an MnMChristin on Austin Powers DayRob on Austin Powers Day
Alina as some sort of boy superhero.. :) Halloween 1999Rob as Dr. Evil, Halloween 1999Cambrae and her rat friend, Halloween 1999Christin impersonating a backwoods hick.. :)  Halloween 1999Debbie as Dorothy, Halloween 1999Rob as Obi Wan Kenobi, Halloween 1999
Rob as Gene Simmons, Halloween 1999Rob as Angus Young of AC/DC, Halloween 1999Rob as Dee Snider of Twisted Sister (he loves his rock and roll!) Halloween 1999Katherine and Kate on Family Night, Nov. 99The management staff dressed up on Family Night, Nov. 1999



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