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 jules has a lot of fun with art that doesn't fit into any category.  If you are interested to see the stuff that doesn't make it on to the important pages, read on.
Of course it's been a long time since these ecards were created, and I wouldn't recommend the valentine for someone you actually loved, unless you're planning to put them into a trance.  Click on any of the e-cards to go there.
Happy New YearMeri Kirihimeteparty timehappy birthdayKia Ora
 Spotty the guru cat
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Spotty on beauty...Spotty on decor...
(still alive and well by the way, now aged 20 in human years)
Doris the Chook
Poor old Granny!  The story has since been re-named (from Doris the Chook), re-written and re-illustrated.
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Please don't take any of these images without asking.  That would be stealing.  These images and all other images on julesart websites are copyright.  julesart would be more than happy to share them with you if you ask first.
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