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Misc Pics....

Family pic from Sept 2002
Another family pic...
Yet another...
Ok, I know....last one!
Star Wars Mural....please don't take without expresssed permission. Made by Jeanne M.
My bro's puppy
Another pic of the Puppy
One more of the Puppy...oh, if you wanted to know...her name is Osita
Here is my Sister
Another of my sister....
One of my sis playing dress-up
A really good friend of mine...
A pic of a sunset outside of my house...
Me and some friends at GameWorks in Seattle
Another of My friends and a Mariner's game, in Seattle
Here is a pic of my is from the Summer...if you didn't know...he is holding his puppy..when she was still small
Here is a family pic..
Here is a pic from the same night, just me, my bro, and my sis.

More to come soon....just have to find some. :o)

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