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Info about Me

First off, the usual stats:, a little about me.....I was born in Oklahoma, the second son of a military man and his wife. I was born on November 9th, in 1978. I have lived in Oklahoma, obiviously, Kansas, Alabama, Hawaii, Oregon, and now Idaho. Been in more states than I care to count....almost all on this side of the Mississippi (west if you don't know what side "this" is :o)). I have now lived in Boise for about 2 months. I graduated from High School in Hermiston, OR...went to Blue Mountain Community College for a few years.. ...and I am now supposed to be attending BSU or Boise State University....but, I am not going this year because of financial aid problems.. I am majoring in Criminal Justice, going to be a state police officer one day....or something else that has to do with law enforcement. I also work part-time for UPS. It is a great job...fits perfect around my schedule at school and allows me to have a little extra money.

Well, a little about my family....I have one brother, he is just over a year older than me. I wouldn't trade him for anything...if I ever have a problem...he is there for me. I also have one sister...she is almost 13 years younger than me. I know.....You are probably thinking she was an accident, or I was...well, you are wrong. She was adopted from Korea through Holt International. She is a major brat, but I love her to death and would do just about anything for her. OK.....of course I have two dad works for the Post Office here in town and my mom does a lot of work for the Church and attemps to keep an eye on my little sister....which can be a major hassle sometimes..... Well, as for pets, we have 2 lop-eared, or semi-lop-eared rabbits and a Chow Chow. Well, the puppy is actully my bro's, but she lives with her grandparents since they don't allow pets in the apartment my bro and I live in.

Here is a pic of a sunset from right outside my parent's house...
It has nothing to do with anything really....just felt the need to put it on here. All it does is show the majesty of the Creator!!

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