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Welcome to Jonathan's Home Page

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Here it goes...another addition to my web page list! LOL I figured I really needed to get back in and work on this since i have a ton of stuff that has changed.

Well, I am still working at both Circuit City and, I am still a very busy bee. Don't get much time for anything else anymore....and still no money, which is the bad thing. In case anyone doesn't know, I do have a wonderful little baby girl. She is currently 8 months old, was born Oct. 12th of 2001. You can see some pics of her here and more here.

Ummmm....not too much else going on here. Since most people know I dye my hair a lot, it is actually the natural color and has been for going on a year actually. Ummmm....nothing really going on special in my life. Just trying to meet more people and make some more friends.

Well, I suppose you would like to know a little about friends......or whatever else I feel like putting on here. Feel free to browse around the page and whatever, but please sign the guest book so I know who is visiting.... :o)

See some of my friends...

Multnomah Falls and Montana pics....

A little about me and my family...

A little about my daughter, Sylar Dawn.

Here are some pics of me.....I know you are all dying to see...LOL

Just some misc. pics.....


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