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"My life is the poem  
 I would have writ, 
 but I could not both 
 live and utter it." 

        Henry David Thoreau   


ROSE, when I remember you,
Little lady, scarcely two,
I am suddenly aware
Of the angels in the air.

All your softly gracious ways
Make an island in my days
Where my thoughts fly back to be
Sheltered from too strong a sea.

All your luminous delight
Shines before me in the night
When I grope for sleep and find
Only shadows in my mind.

Rose, when I remember you,
White and glowing, pink and new,
With so swift a sense of fun
Altho' life has just begun;

With so sure a pride of place
In your very infant face,
I should like to make a prayer
To the angels in the air:

"If an angel ever brings
Me a baby in her wings,
Please be certain that it grows
Very, very much like Rose."

                         Sara Teasdale 

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