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Katherine's Event Journal 

January 28, 2006: So I haven't had an actual Event Dream yet, but I had an event "moment". I was standing outside at PSU on the one sunny day we've had this month, and I was suddenly overwhelmed with the desire to plot plans for eventing mind was filled with thoughts of pavilions, meal plans, new drink ideas, and garb...SO I'll let that substitute for my annual "Event Dream" to get my butt in gear. As many are aware, Clan Risio (and I will be posting this to both the Clan Risio and House of Fools websites, so bear with me) is in the process of restructuring, and I am very anxious to get things done so we can move on to the fun stuff of event planning. The malaise of last year has dispersed, and the coming event season looks to be an exciting one indeed. The Kingdom of An Tir is celebrating it's 40 Year Anniversary, we will be attending our second Gathering event on Memorial day weekend, Gypsy Seadog is going to be a 5 day event again this year, that I am personally VERY much looking forward to (MUST make up for the fact that the only part I really enjoyed of last year was Saturday night, thank you Pyro.. ;) ), and hopefully this year my tent will be in shade and I will not throw a rod through the engine block in my car. :P (By the way, broken 98 Geo Metro for sale cheap, still has some good parts on it :P); in addition there are several smaller events, throughout the season, which will be posted on the Clan Risio website as soon as it goes public (it's currently under construction and will be online SOON!!). Ben has been working very hard on this project (as well as many others) and his progress has been quite impressive, I think everyone will like the site when they see it. Well, I will sign off here for now, I will post again after the heads of house meeting.
Foolishly Yours,
Katherine Wells de Risio


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