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As far back as 2330 BC we can find the earliest recording of a therapy in the form we know of as Reflexology today, in an Egyptian tomb.

Reflexology is a pressure therapy. Through applying specific pressure to the feet, A Reflexologist stimulates every part of your body and encourage your body to rebalance itself.

There are over 7,000 nerve endings in the foot. Maybe this fact more than any other explains why we feel so good after our feet have been treated.

Reflexology is a Zone Therapy, it works on the principle that the body is divided into ten longitudinal zones running the whole length of the body. Each Zone on the foot corresponds to the parts of the body that are in the corresponding zone.

To the body the feet and hands are special. No other sensory organ reaches out to touch the world around us, to travel through it and manipulate it. Because the hands and feet are sensory organs of locomotion, they have a special relationship with the body. Furthermore because of the special relationship, they can serve as a means of interaction with the state of tension and energy consumption throughout the body.

The feet are a mirror of the body. The feet are miraculous structural masterpieces, exquisitely and beautifully designed perfectly co-ordinating many components. Among these are 20 muscles, tissue, 26 bones, 100 ligaments and an intricate network of nerves and blood vessels.

These marvelous structures also reflect our state of health. How we think and act has a direct bearing on how our feet do their job. Likewise, how we treat our feet influences our mental and physical health. It is a two way street, a reciprocal relationship.

The condition of our feet and the way that we use them reveals our physical and mental state. This affects not only their own performance, but the functioning of our mind and body as well.


Reflexology techniques induce relaxation, restore circulation, nerve supply (to the feet) and , most important of all, restore nature's balance.

If you have any problems questions or comments in regard to any of the treatments I practice please contact me via email.