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In this section of "Matt's Web Page" a few of today's NHL goalie elite will be profiled briefly (maybe along with some of yesterday's legends). A few links for certain players will also be included, as well as some great shots of the men (and women) in action or off the ice. And lastly, a mark will be given to each goalie depending on his or her netminding abilities by me, Matt. If you don't agree with a few of these marks or like to share your comments about them, please sign my guestbook and let your cry be heard.

Trevor Kidd

A few summers ago I was fortunate enough to go to his goalie school in Calgary, Alberta, where by which he gave everyone tips & tricks on the technique of goaltending. This guy is a real genuine, nice person and I advise that if he ever has a hockey school in Florida (although its pretty unlikely he would there) , any goaltender to get involved in it. Not only did it improve my skills in the net, but it was a real ball!

Trevor Kidd was born on March 29, 1972 in Dugald, Manitoba and played with the Brandon Wheat Kings in the WHL.

He's a conservative goalie but does not only rely on positioning. Like a lot of the other elite in the NHL, he also has great reflexes with a hard working attitude to match. Overall, I give Trev a 3.5 out of 5. Below are some great sites featuring Trever Kidd:

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Mike Richter