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Last Updated: August 14, 1999

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GH's Teen Generation

Meet Emily, Nikolas, Lucky, Elizabeth, and Juan; Port Charles'Generation X.

Juan Santiago: The newest addition to Port Charles. He came believing Sonny Corinthos was his dad, when in reality, he is the son of Lilly and Miguel. Juan and Sonny have issues, in spite of the lacking blood relations.
Current Girlfriend: Emily Quartermaine

Emily Quartermaine : A sweet ex-drug addict who was/ is best friends with Lucky and Elizabeth. Her mom died of cancer and left her in the care of Monica Quartermaine. She currently works as a model.
Current Boyfriend: Juan Santiago

Lucky Spencer(deceased): Son of Luke and Laura, the most famous of soap opera "supercouples." He fell in love with Elizabeth Webber and supposedly died after his apartment caught fire on April 16, 1999. He is being held by orders of Helena Cassidine, little known to the residents of Port Charles.
First Love: Elizabeth Webber

Elizabeth Webber: Lives with Audrey Hardy, her grandmother. She was raped on Valentine's Day,1997 and found by Lucky. As she healed, they became best friends and, eventually, a couple. His cruel death left us wondering; will there ever be another? However, in the wake of his death, we find her leaning more and more toward his half brother, Nikolas Cassidine. A romance is expected to begin before this year is up.
First Love: Lucky Spencer (deceased)

Nikolas Cassadine: Ex Prince of one of the largest empires in the world. His paternity was uncovered in the 1998- 1999 season during Stefan's murder trial. Laura Spencer is his mother, making him Lucky's half brother. He had a love affair with his father's ex fiancee, Katherine Bell, which just ended.
Status: Single

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