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Troop 101 Stands Strong!!!

Scout links that will enlighten you.

History of Troop 101
Name and Rank of Our Scouts
Order of the Arrow for Troop 101
Past Events for Trooop 101 in 1999
Games and Skits and Stories for Scouts.
Good Info for Leaders.

Hello and welcome to Troop 101's homepage for the new millenium.Hope you enjoy!

Scout Law:
A scout is LOYAL
A scout is HELPFULM
A scout is FRIENDLY
A scout is COURTEOUS
A scout is KIND
A scout is OBEDIENT
A scout is CHEERFUL
A scout is THRIFTY
A scout is BRAVE
A scout is CLEAN
And a scout is REVERENT

Scout Oath:
On My Honor
I will do my best
To God and my country,
And to obey the Scout Law,
To help other people at all times
To keep my self
Physically strong,
Mentally awake,
And morally straight.

Scout Motto:
Be Prepared

Scout Slogan:
Do a good turn daily.

Our troop is called the Dragons, this little song is our troop yell:
Little dragon Fufu, flying through the forest, picking up the village people, and BITING OF THEIR HEAD.