A Pagan Sight
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Saroinne's Pagan Sight

What are you looking for?

In this moment, what do you most deeply desire?

Name it.

Request it.

See it.

I am a deeply intuitive Pagan with gifts to share. I am offering my services free of charge to help you in obtaining whatever is your hearts desire. I truly honor your need, your wanting, your vibrant seeking. If you send me a request for help, please be specific. I will do my best. Simply send an e-mail message with your name and the answers to the above questions along with your expressed permission to apply my sight and craft to help you. I may or may not send a return e-mail. But be assured that I will give your request my attention.

I will also include on this site, a few links which may also support your process and some suggestions for getting clear about your purpose.

What tools do I use?

Telepathic communication with Elementals, circle, spiral, elements, several multipointed stars, heavenly bodies, candles, color, voice: toning, The Names, invocation, oracular divination, trance-movement, enscription and most essentially, my sight.

Place of Dreams: Divination, Knowing Tools for a decision.

Three Love Spells

Money Magick

The Loom: A Cure for Madness

The Spiral of Power

This Shamanism Web Circle site owned by Saroinne.

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Email: saroinne@biosys.netemail

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Is this service really free of charge?