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Updated 2-200

The Somewhat disjointed history of Eugene Radio

Editors Preface:

Not much has been done to document the growth and history of Eugene Radio and many, if not all of the early "Pioneers" have passed on. A few of what is perhaps the "second generation" of Broadcasters, those coming into the business right after W.W.II, still exist, but their age, too is taking its toll. The next group, the "Baby Boomers" were too transient in the market, in and out quickly, moving on to other markets in search of grater fame and fortune. There is only a very few of them left in the area.

All have left their mark in one way or the other, some for better and others for worse. It is my hope that the compilation of this bit of history will be of use to the reader who might desire more information about the personalities and "stars" of our small community.

Two of the best sources of information on Eugene Broadcasting were compiled by Roger Houglum and published by the Lane County Historical Society. Two pieces: "Educational Broadcasting Comes to Lane County" and "Early Day Broadcasting in Lane County" were completed by him and published before his death. These works are complete up to about 1983. But for the past 17 years, nothing else seems to exist.

Roger Houglum was the first Station Manager of KRVM after World War II and teacher and mentor to the second generation of Eugene Broadcasters. He eventually joined Lane Community College as head of the Electronics Department (1965) and headed up the efforts of Lane to obtain their FM broadcasting station license.

Much of what follows concerning the very early evolution of Eugene Broadcasting History, 1920-1950 has been compiled from the two publications referenced above.

This work is "organic" homegrown and hopefully self-perpetuating, that is, anyone and everyone who has anything to add is welcome to do so. Just send in your contribution to the Eugene Radio Guide e-mail address. I will gladly give credit for your contribution.

The Editor