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Here is the KKNX story as provided to the Eugene Radio Guide by CO-owner Susan Melkie.

"I purchased KKNX From Paul in 1996. July 18, 1996. We completely gutted what had been BS 84. Replacing everything that was analog with digital equipment. We moved the studios to 945 Garfield Street upstairs of Willamette Print and Graphics.

KKNX is Solid Gold Radio 84. We broadcast at 840 KC’s in digital AM Stereo, To Lane, Linn and Benton counties. We have been Streaming our audio 24 hours a day at for the past three years. We are converting now to MPG 3 we will have this switch-over completed by the end of January 2000. We are a local family owned and operated.

John S. Mielke. Moved up from Medford in 1980 to go to work at KEED Radio he was transferred along with Dan Voles to Anchorage Alaska. After leaving The radio Station there he became the General Manager and Program Director for Catch 22 Music Television in Anchorage. He became the first Television Programmer to receive a Gold Record from the RIAA. For Ah Ah’s hit "Take on me." Catch 22 was the proto type....for KLSR TV 25, Eugene’s only music Television Station. John was the General Manager, and Program director. Playing Music Videos with Berry Corkery, John Napier.

He also hosted the $10,000 Jackpot Bingo Show on KLSR and was the Voice and Arm for Motimier the first Fox's Kids club host puppet. He is now doing the Mornings on our station KKNX. This last October KKNX Solid Gold Radio 84 received The Best Music Program Award, From the Oregon Association of Broadcasters. For the Special John Produced called the Number One Hits Of the 60's. It is the first time in over 30 years that a music award has been given to an AM Radio Station." [sm]

Susan Mielke KKNX Solid Gold Radio 84



Thanks to Chris Murray, [crm] Engineering Director of McKenzie River Broadcasting for the updates and additions to some of the above material. Thanks to Susan Melkie [sm] for the updated material on KKNX. Thanks to Randy Painter [rp] for additions and corrections. Thanks to Ron Norwood for material on KORE in the ‘70’s. Thanks to Greg Purkey for additions and corrections.

There’ll be more to come as we try to capture the broadcasting memories of some of the remaining radio pioneers in Eugene; George Hathaway, Ralph Cook, Bill Riley, Kurt Raines, Jim Huntington, Bob Rathman and others. As they say…"Stay Tuned."

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