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Sarah Mclachlan

To me Sarah Mclachlan's music is more than just music.

Her music centers me and brings me to life. I can feel at peace and find direction through the lyrics. Not one song that she has put out hasn't been worth listening to. Her music is definetly a gift from the heavens above.

Currently Sarah has out 6 CD's. Sarah's first alblum, Touch was released in 1988. Then in 1991 she released Solace. Fumbling Towards Ecstasy came out in 1994. Freedom Sessions was released in 1995. Rarities,B-Sides & Other Stuff was in stores in 1996. In the summer of 1997 Sarah's hit alblum Surfacing was brought to life. The release of Mirrorball in 1998, is helping to bring classic Sarah songs such as "Ice Cream" back to the radio. Mirrorball is a collection of songs from all of her alblums.

All Time Best Sarah Songs

*~*Path Of Thorns*~*





*~*I Will Not Forget You*~*

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