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Name Description
freezaslice.mpeg Trunks comes up and slices Freeza in half.
gogeta.mpeg The fusion of Gogeta!

Name Description Goten and Trunks fuse into Gotenks! Goku and Piccolo fight Brolly

Name                                                 Description                                                              An angered Cell getting beat up by ssj Vegeta Vegeta Bebi using his big bang attack at Little Goku The intro to Japanese GT
gohan_video01[1].mov Gohon beating up Nappa in front of the watching Vegeta
gohan_video02[1].mov Gohon and Krillin escaping from an underwater grave Goku doing a Kamehameha in "The Worlds Strongest" Tien battleing Mirai Trunks Goku turning ssj4 in the watchful eyes of Bebi & Pan
video01[1].mov Vegeta escaping from is pod in front of scared humans
video02[1].mov Vegeta Beating up Zarbon (transformed)