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Looking for David in Michigan


John Baptist Antaya, (son of John Baptist, son of Augustin, son of Peter, son of Francis, son of Nicholas) b. September 26, 1775, buried January 22, 1811 Assumption, married there June 19, 1797 to Geneveva Meloche, b. January 30, 1781 Assumption, daughter of John Antony Meloche and Mary Louisa Campau. Children of the union:

1. John Baptist b. May 1, 1798, buried May 17, 1798

2. Anthony b. November 24, 1799 Assumption, Sandwich

3. Angelica b. March 25, 1802 Assumption, Sandwich, married there February 2, 1818 to Louis Vigneux b. May 20, 1796, Assumption, son of Louis Vigneaux and Catherine Pageot

4. Monica b. April 12, 1804, buried January 26, 1823

5. Laurence, b. July 6, 1806 Assumption

6. Victoria b. March 4, 1809 Assumption, married 1st there to John Baptist Gignac b. August 26, 1782 Assumption, buried there November 17, 1839, widower of Agatha Boufard, son of John Baptist Gignac and Charlotte Bertrand, married 2nd September 2, 1850 St. Anne, Detroit to Alexis David widower of Esther Laforge and of Archange Fregeau.

7. Sophia, b. June 21, 1811 Assumption, married there September 30, 1828 to Andrew Tourangeau, bp. June 28, 1801 Assumption age ca. 6 months, son of Joseph Guillet dit Tourangeau and Margaret Droillard.


John Baptist Berthiaume, son of Noel, son of James, b. October 27, 1713 Ste. Foye, married 1st February 3, 1738 Montreal Mary Joseph Lacasse, b. June 22, 1709 Beaumont, d. before 1762, daughter of Charles Lacasse and Frances Paquet, married 2nd October 18, 1762 Montreal Charlotte Meunier b. February 14, 1728 Laprairie, daughter of Gervase Meunier and Catherine David.

Children of Mary Joseph Lacasse:

1. Andrew b. 1761, Laprairie.


James Campau, son of Stephen, b. May 31, 1677 Montreal, buried May 14, 1751 Detroit, m. December 1, 1699 Montreal to Cecilia Catin b. there, August 26, 1681, daughter of Henry Catin and Jane Brossard. James, toolsmith by trade, moved with family September 3, 1708 to Detroit, obtained a grant of land from the French Government in 1734, now known as Private Claim No. 18, where he resides.


1. John Louis b. August 26, 1702

2. Henry b. December 3, 1704

3. Mary Ann Cecilia, b. June 21, 1707 Montreal, m. July 28, 1732 Detroit to Joseph Douaire de Bondy b. February 27, 1700, Montreal, buried April 6, 1760 Vercheres, son of James Douaire de Bondy and Magdelene Duplessis dit Gatineau

4. Mary Angelica b. December 6, 1708 Detroit, buried July 1, 1720 Montreal

5. Nicholas Campau dit Niagra b. July 1710

6. John Baptist b. August 4, 1711

7. Teresa Cecilia b. June 16, 1714 Detroit, buried November 22, 1746 there, married there May 18, 1734 Frances Marsac, b. there October 22, 1706, buried there November 17, 1777, son of Jacob Marsac de l'obtrou and Teresa David

8. Claude b. August 25, 1715 Montreal, buried May 31, 1787 Detroit, married there January 22, 1742 Catherine Casse dit st. Aubin, b. there December 25, 1720, buried there March 7, 1805, daughter of John Casse dit St. Aubin and Mary Louisa Gaultier.


John Baptist Brillant dit Beaulieu, son of John Brillant and Jane Vigne, resided in Parish of Toussaints, diocese of Rennes in Bretagne, France, buried March 4, 1789, married July 6, 1752 Frances Itagisse of the Santeux Indians, buried August 22, 1781 Detroit. John Baptist came to America and later practiced medicine in Saginaw, Michigan.

Children of the Union:

1. Catherine b. April 28, baptism July 15, 1753 Mackinac, married July 9, 1770 Detroit Anthony Meny b. June 15, 1751 Detroit, buried there January 30, 1797, son of Anthony Meny and Jane Sequin dit Laderoute. Bride resided Grosse Pointe, the groom at the North East Coast of Detroit.

2. Frances, b. April 11, 1757 Detroit, buried there November 21, 1817. Married there January 10, 1774 Joseph Pineau dit Laperle, b. July 31, 1741 Three Rivers, buried June 2, 1814 North East Coast of Detroit on the Church farm, son of Joseph Pineau dit Laperle and Mary Magdelene Bertrand.

3. Jane b. April 9, 1759 Detroit, married there June 26, 1775 Francis Gastinon dit Duchene b. February 15, 1752 Grosse Pointe, son of Francis Gastinon dit Duchene and Mary Joseph David. Groom resided Grosse Pointe.

4. Mary Angelica b. March 15, 1761 Detroit, married 1st there October 30, 1781 Francis Contant, buried before 1797, son of Peter Contant, married 2nd July 10, 1797 Detroit Joseph Baret dit Courville, buried there July 17, 1797, son of Joseph Baret dit Courville and Louisa Roy, married 3rd January 7, 1800 Detroit John Baptist Casse dit St. Aubin b. October 15, 1757, buried there September 17, 1845, son of James Casse dit St Aubin and Catherine Jean dit Vien.

5. Cecilia b. November 1763 in the woods, baptism June 10, 1764 Detroit, buried there September 29, 1793, married there June 1, 1787 Peter Meny, b. April 12, 1761 Detroit, son of Anthony Meny and Jane Sequin dit Laderoute.

6. Teresa b. at the Saginaw River, where the family was wintering, baptism May 28, 1766 Detroit, age ca. 25 days, married there September 1, 1789 Andrew Derome, b. March 25, 1763 Beauport son of John Baptist Derome and Mary Magdelene Hunaukt.

7. John Baptist b. August 16, 1768, Detroit.

(Note from Robin: Etienne Beaulieu drowned in the sinking of the Pere de Famille 2/17/1770, returning to France)


John Baptist Chaucois, b. February 1, 1700 Montreal, buried there April 26, 1736, married November 4, 1725 Quebec, Mary Gagnon, b. May 25, 1701 Chateau Richer, daughter of Vincent Gagnon and Ann David.


1. John Baptist b. 1732


Simon Gelibert (called Gilbert dit Sans Peur) b. in the Parish of Lerac, diocese Angouleme, France, son of ohn Baptist Gelibert and Catherine Roy, came to Canada, was a solider in the Company of Blainville, m. February 28, 1713 Montreal Margaret Lepage, b. 1692 in the New England Colonies, bp. August 20, 1700Montreal, buried July20, 1730 Detroit, daughter of James Lepage and Magdelene David. Simon came to Detroit and was a Sergeant at the fort. He obtained from the French Government a grant of land, 4 by 40 arpents, now known as the Lieb Farm, Private Claim No. 15, on which are now the Marine hospital and Mount Elliott Cemetery. His grant was executed July 9, 1734 and confirmed by Louis XV, King of France, February 22, 1735. This farm became the homestead of simon Gilbert dit Sans Peur. In his old age, all his children having left him, for a consideration of getting his support he deeded his rights to the farm to John Baptist Campau and his wife Catherine Perthius August 10, 1749. John Baptist Campau obtained full legal rights August 23, 1750 and he and his wife Catherine deeded November 8, 1750 to John Baptist Peltier and his wife Josette Cornette.

Children called Gilbert dit Sans Peur:

1. John Simon b. February21, 1714 Montreal

2. Francis b. August 17, 1717 Montreal

3. Frances Mary b. April 11, 1726 Detroit

4. Catherine b. February 13, 1729 Detroit

5. Angelica b. June 5, 1730 Detroit, married there July 25, 1746 Francis Racine, b. 1725 son of Joseph Racine dit Beauchene and Margaret Pilotte.


Francis Gastinon dit Duchene, son of Leonard, b. October 12, 1700 Montreal, buried July 28, 1780 Detroit, married there June 29, 1739 Mary Joseph David, b. 1698, buried March 1, 1793, Detroit, daughter of Joseph David and Mary Morneau. Francis settled on a farm in Grosse Pointe.

Children born in Detroit:

1. Mary Joseph b. October 24, 1740, buried October 31, 1740.

2. Mary Jane b. January 16, 1742, buried February 3, 1742.

3. Mary Frances b. February 17, 1743, buried October 19, 1743

4. Mary Joseph b. December 11, 1744, buried November 2, 1813, married there 1st February 12, 1759 Julian Frenton b. 1727 Parish of St. Join de Moidon, diocese of Nantes, Brittany, France, buried July 4, 1767, son of Peter Freton and Frances Allot. Bride and groom resided Grosse Pointe. Mary Joseph m. 2nd January 4, 1768 Detroit Alexander Blondin dit Ellair (Hilaire) b. April 20, 1739 Terrebonne, resided on his farm in Grosse Pointe, died there before 1793, buried Detroit, son of Peter Sureau dit Blondin and Agnes Ledoux dit Latreille, married 3rd May 7, 1793 Detroit Bonaventure Reaume b. there January 28, 1746, widower of Jane Deshetres, son of Peter Reaume and Susanne La Croix.

5. Magdelene b. August 5, 1747, resided Grosse Pointe, buried December 30, 1824 Detroit, married there January 11, 1762 John Baptist Aide dit Crequi b. February 18, 1829 Pointe sux Trembles Quebec. Resided at Grosse Pointe, buried September 26, 1795, Detroit, son of John Aide dit Crequi and Mary Louisa Mezeray.

6. Catherine b. February 20, 1750, buried January 13, 1783 Detroit, married there November 7, 1762 Nicolas Patenotre, b. June 21, 1740 Longqueuil, son of Joseph Patenotre and Margaret Achim. Bride and Groom resided at Grosse Pointe.

7. Francis b. February 15, 1752

8. Peter John b. April 18, 1754

9. Claude Thomas b. April 19, 1756


Abraham Simon Rivard, (Michael, John Baptist, Nicolas, Nicolas, Nicolas, N.N.) B. December 18, 1800 Detroit, buried February 13, 1851 Mt. Clemens, married Edesse Dequindre b. October 26, 1823 Detroit, daughter of Anthony Dequindre and Catherine Chapoton.


1. Anastasia b. 1836, buried October 8, 1857 Immaculate Conception, Anchorville

2. Mary b. 1838, m. October 24, 1854 St. Peter Mt. Clemens John Baptist Peltier b. February 3, 1830 St. Francois Clinton River, son of John Baptist Peltier and Margaret Phoenix.

3. Cecilia b. 1840, m. May 7, 1860 Immaculate Conception Anthony Grave, b. 1834, son of Anthony Grave and Catherine Belay.

4. Agnes b. 1842 m. May 17, 1867 Immaculate Conception Robert Martin, b. 1833 son of James Martin and Jane Martin.

5. Simon b. March 21, 1843 Detroit, m. November 14, 1871 Immaculate Conception Sara Delaunay, b. 1850, buried August 16, 1873 Immaculate Conception, daughter of Toussaint Charles Delaunay and Frances Rivard.


A. Mary Elizabeth b. November 2, bp November 3, 1872, Immaculate Conception

6. Anthony Jerome b. February 14, 1845 Detroit, married May 1870 Assumption Sandwich Cecilia David b. 1845, buried July 24, 1871 Immaculate Conception Anchorville, daughter of Michael David and Emily Dauphin.

7. Abraham, b. June 9, bp. July 20, 1847, Mt. Clemens


Rose b. April 10, 1824, buried December 23, 1854 Ste. Anne married 1st November 24, 1841 Abel William Shaw b. 1815 buried January 26, 1849 Detroit, married 2nd September 2, 1851 Ste Anne Michael Moses David, b. 1821 Montreal, son of Francis Basil David and Rose Belard.

1. Oliver b. July 19, 1826


Francis b. 1671, Parish of Nieul diocese of Saintes France, son of John Letard and Catherine Couraud, sergeant in army under M. Le Villiers, came to Canada, m. February 9, 1699 Boucherville Martha Herou, b. December 26, 1678, daughter of John Herou and Jane Pepin.


1. Joseph Letard dit St. Onge married February 29, 1740 Boucherville Magdelene David, daughter of Joseph David and Mary Moneau (Morneau)


A. Francis St. Onge b. Boucherville, married November 17, 1796 Detroit Mary Angelica David, widow of Benjamin Jones.


Richard Vernier, (Laurence, John Baptist, Laurence) b. May 1827 Grosse Pointe, buried July 24, 1902 Immaculate Conception Anchorville, married September 13, 1852 St. Paul Grosse Pointe Eleonora Meldrum, b. May 24, 1834 Clinton River, buried May 11, 1889 Immaculate Conception Anchorville, daughter of James Meldrum and Eleonora Boyer.


1. James b. July 1853 Grosse Pointe

2. Clement Napoleon b. November 9, 1854 Grosse Pointe, buried there January 1855

3. George b. February 10, 1856 Grosse Pointe, married January11, 1881 Immaculate Conception, Anchorville Mary Hebert b. 1856, daughter of Julian Hebert and Margaret Blanc. Children bp. Immaculate Conception Anchorville:

A. George Joseph b. February 15, bp. March 19, 1882 from there, buried September 1, 1882

B. David John b. May 29, bp. June 1, 1883

4. Clemence Geneveva b. April 13, 1859 Grosse Pointe, buried August 24, 1873 From Immaculate Conception Anchorville

5. Elizabeth b. March 26, 1862 Grosse Pointe, buried March 19, 1874 from Immaculate Conception Anchorville

6. Julia b. May 23, 1864 Grosse Pointe, married October 30, 1882 Immaculate Conception Anchorville Joseph David, b. 1861, son of Joseph David.

7. Victor b. December 2, 1865

8. Theodore Emmanuel b. October 1, 1867 Grosse Pointe

9. Eleonora b. May 30, 1870 Grosse Pointe

10. Elisabeth Angelica b. February 9, bp. February 17, 1873 Immaculate Conception Anchorville

11. Richard Joseph b. January 12, bp. January 17, 1875 Immaculate Conception Anchorville


Bonaventure Reaume (Peter, Robert, Rene) b. January 28, 1746 Detroit, married 1st January 6, 1767 Church of the Hurons Sandwich Jane Deshetres b. September 27, 1749 Detroit, buried February 28, 1789 Assumption Sandwich, daughter of Anthony Deshetres and Mary Charlotte Chevalier, Bride and Groom resided Coast of the Ottawas, South Coast of Detroit. Married 2nd May 7, 1793 Detroit Mary Joseph Gastignon dit Duchene b. there December 11, 1744, buried there November 2, 1813, widow of Julian Freton and of Alexander Blondin dit Ellair and daughter of Francis Gastignon dit Duchene and Mary Joseph David.

Children by Jane Deshetres:

1. Bonaventure b. April 29, 1768 buried September 6, 1793 Detroit

2. Charlotte b. November 14, 1769, married January 13, 1789 Assumption Sandwich John Baptist Langlois, b. March 14, 1762 Detroit, buried July 18, 1821 Assumption Sandwich, son of Nicolas Langlois and Magdelene Pilet.

3. John Baptist b. January 20, bp. January 21, 1772 Detroit

4. Teresa b. March 16, 1775, buried August 27, 1821 Assumption Sandwich, married thereOctober 31, 1797 Alexis Louis Chene dit Labutte, b. January 2, 1757 Detroit, son of Peter Chene dit Labutte and Mary Ann Cuillerier dit Beaubien

5. Susanne b. December 21, 1776, married September 6, 1796 Assumption sandwich John Baptist Lauzon b. April 17, 1765 Detroit, son of James Lauzon and Mary Casse dit St. Aubin

6. Paul b. January 18, 1779 married February 14, 1804 Assumption Sandwich Catherine Dequindre b. there July 22, 1783, daughter of Charles Stanislaus Dequindre and Catherine Chene dit La Butte. At the time of his marriage, Paul resided at Thames River.


(A) Catherine b. 1807 buried October 10, 1830, Assumption Sandwich, married there September 25, 1830 Peter Langlois b. there August 9, 1804 son of John Baptist Langlois and Charlotte Reaume

(B) Pelagia married 1st February 23, 1829 Assumption sandwich James Langlois b. there February 4, 1802, died of cholera, buried there September 5, 1832, widower of Mary Louisa Racicot and son of John Baptist Langlois and Charlotte Reaume. Bride resided St. Pierre Thames River, married 2nd November 8, 1837 Assumption sandwich John Baptist Cote. Groom resided territory of Wisconsin.

7. Charles b. November 10, 1780 married September 9, 1811 Assumption sandwich, Veronia Pilet, b. there May 23, 1792, daughter of John Baptist Pilet and Magdelene Peltier. Bride and Groom resided Riviere a la Tranche.


(A) Jeannette m. August 16, 1848 Assumption Sandwich Alexis Pilet b. there March 28, 1828, son of Alexis January Pilet and Victoria Chene dit La Butte

(B) Teresa b. 1830, died September 2, 1905 Windsor Ontario, buried from St. Alphonsus, Windsor, married January 28, 1851 Assumption Sandwich Hippolyte Campau b. there December 1, 1822, son of Charles Campau and Teresa Parent.

8. Claude b. September 22, 1782

9. Peter b. May 9, 1784

10. Alexis b. July 23, 1786

(Note from Robin re Langlois: Louisiana Troops 1720-1770, Francois Langlois Discharged November 30, 1769, roll of January 1, 1763, folio 45; Jacques Langlois Discharged June 1, 1751; Jean Baptiste Langlois deserted June 24, 1757 at Vera Cruz. See the roll of June 1, 1761; folio 10, Pierre Langlois died at New Orleans December 10, 1757 company of Grandchamp.)


Jacob Marsac dit De L'Omtrou b. 1667, son of Jacob Marsac, physician, and Catherine de Marsac who resided Parish of St. Andrew, City of Poitiers, Poitou, France, buried April 27, 1747 Detroit, married June 12, 1706 Montreal Mary Teresa David, b. September 4, 1664 Three Rivers, buried September 24, 1727, widow of Martin Masse, daughter of Claude David and Susanne De Noyon. Jacob enlisted in the French army and promoted to Sergeant.


Theodore Meldrum (James Wallace, James, George) b. March 30, bpt. April 8, 1866 Immculate Conception, Anchorville, married Oliva David. Children bp.: Immaculate Conception except #2

1. Edmund Joseph b. January 2, bp. January 2, 1892

2. Infant b. April 28, buried April 28, 1893 Immaculate Conception

3. Emmanuel b. May 20, bp. May 27, 1894

4. Ernest David b. May 7, bp. May 10, 1896

5. Arthur Eugene b. January 20, bp. January 30, 1898


Peter Ouellet married Magdelene David.


1. Thomas b. Lower Canada, married August 25, 1830 St. Antoine River Baisin Sophia Drouillard, b. there, daughter of Joseph Drouillard and Agatha Montmeny.


Joseph Vaudry (James) b. November 15, 1687 St. Francois du Lac, married 1719 Margaret Lepage b. 1692 New England, buried July 20, 1730 Detroit, widow of Simon Gelibert and daughter of James Lepage and Magdelene David.

Children born in Detroit:

1. Margaret b. November 12, 1719

2. Mary Magdelene b. November 11, 1720

3. Joseph b. November 3, 1722, buried there October 28, 1741, Detroit

4. James b. December 31, 1723


John Baptist Billiau dit Lesperance, b. Parish of St. Joseph, City of Grenoble, diocese of Grenoble, Dauphine, France, died before 1788, became a soldier under Baujeu, came to Detroit, later took up residence on the Canadian side of the Detroit River, son of John Baptist Billiau, a weaver by trade, and Claudine Heroux, married May 8, 1758 Detroit Mary Meny b. there June 17, 1744, buried there March 7, 1812 daughter of Anthony Meny and Jane Sequin dit Laderoute.


1. John Baptist b. December 2, 1760 South Coast of Detroit

2. Mary Jane b. November 18, 1762 South Coast of Detroit, buried October 3, 1791 Detroit, married July 18, 1776 South Coast of Detroit Claude Thomas Gastinon dit Ducene b. April 19, 1756 Detroit, buried December 2, 1799 Assumption Sandwich, son of Francis Gastinon dit Duchene and Mary Joseph David. Bride and Groom resided at Grosse Pointe.


Nicolas Giard b. 1633 Parish of Melancon, Poitou, France, son of Louis Giard and Michelle David, came to Canada, married November 17, 1665 Montreal Claudia Prat b. 1651, parish of St. Jacques of Troye, in Champagne, France, daughter of John Prat and Aimee Le Jeune.


Joseph Hunault (Anthony, Peter, Toussaint) b. 1726, married 1st January 7, 1747 bout de L'Isle of Montreal Mary Charlotte Daoust b. 1726, buried November 12, 1756 Bout de L'Isle of Montreal, daughter of Charles Daoust and Mary Angelica Dauver dit Laplante, married 2nd February 6, 1758 Soulanges Mary Ann Arrivee dit Delisle, daughter of Philip Arrivee dit Delisle and Mary Ignatia Normand:

Children by Mary Ann Arrivee dit Delisle:

1. Peter, b. July 3, 1767 Bout de L'Isle of Montreal, married April 20, 1795 Detroit Angelica Jones, born there February 13, 1779, daughter of Benjamin Jones and Mary Angelica David.

(A) Teresa b. February 10, 1796, Detroit


Benjamin Jones b. 1722 of English nationality, buried December 14, 1794 Detroit, married Mary Angelica David and became a resident of Grosse Pointe.


1. Mary Angelica b. November 26, 1765 Grosse Pointe, married Stephens Letpheneens

2. Francis b. March 11, 1769 Detroit

3. Magdelene b. April 29, 1770 Detroit, buried there September 27, 1800 married John Shaw buried January 12, 1816 Detroit

4. Charles b. June 8, 1772 Grosse Pointe

5. Benjamin b. June 1, 1775 Detroit, married Mary Hurt dit Portier

Children born in Detroit:

(A) Elisabeth b. April 18, 1797, married Joseph Bonhomme

(B) Francis b. March 5, 1799

6. John Baptist b. July2, 1777 Detroit

7. Angelica b. February 13, 1779 Detroit, married there April 20, 1795 Peter Hunault, b. July 3, 1767 Bout de L'Isle of Montreal, son of Joseph Hunault and Mary Ann Arrivee dit Delisle

8. Louisa b. March 16, 1783 Detroit

9. Teresa b. March 16, 1786, Detroit


John Baptist Aide dit Crequi (John, John)b. February 18, 1729 Pointe aux Trembles of Quebec, buried September 26, 1795 Detroit, married there January 11, 1762 Magdelene Gastinon dit Duchene b. there August 5, 1747, resided Grosse Pointe, buried December 30, 1824, Detroit, daughter of Francis Gastinon dit Duchene and Mary Joseph David, John Baptist secured a farm from the Government known as Private Claim No. 261.


Alexander Blondin dit Ellair (Peter, Hilaire) (Ellair is from Hilaire) b. April 20, 1739 Terrebonne, died 1793 Grosse Pointe, buried Detroit, married January 4, 1768 Detroit Mary Joseph Duchene, b. December 11, 1744 Detroit, buried there November 2, 1813, widow of Julian Freton, daughter of Francis Gastinon dit Duchene and Mary Joseph David. Alexander resided Grosse Pointe.


Peter Lambert Renaud (John, Charles, Charles, Louis, William) b. June 25, 1811 Assumption Sandwich, married there November 11, 1834 Frances Parent, b. there September 27, 1813, daughter of Peter Parent and Monica Peltier.

Children b. Assumption Sandwich:

1. Alexis b. August 4, 1835 married June 24, 1861 Ste Anne Detroit, Philomene David b. 1840, daughter of Isidore David and Emily Dauphin


(A) Richard Isidore b. June 22, bp. June 24, 1862, St. Paul Grosse Pointe

2. Peter Benjamin b. October 25, 1837

3. Frances Aglae bp. October 24, 1840 there

4. Charles Joseph b. February 18, 1845

5. Mary Helena b. November 23, 1849


Gabriel Maillet (John Baptist, Rene, Peter) b. 1723 married November 24, 1749 Lachine Mary Ann Brunet b. 1725, daughter of Francis Brunet dit Bourbonnais and Frances David.


1. Peter buried December 12, 1804

2. Joseph b. 1763


Nicolas Lacelle (James) b. February 17, 1715 Montreal, buried April 28, 1779 Detroit, married there January 14, 1754 Mary Joseph Cardinal b. 1733 buried September 26, 1763 Detroit, daughter of John Baptist Cardinal and Mary Louisa Massiott, Nicolas was a carpenter by trade residing St. Jacques Street, Detroit.


1. Nicolas b. July 3, 1755 Detroit

2. Mary Joseph b. April 24, 1757 Detroit, buried there December 22, 1796, married there January 17, 1774 Peter John Gastinon dit Duchene b. there April 18, 1754, buried there October 5, 1813, son of Francis Gastinon dit Duchene and Mary Joseph David. Bride resided St. Jacques Street, Detroit, groom resided Grosse Pointe.

3. Hyacinthe b. January 28, Detroit, buried there November 9, 1759.

4. Joseph b. January 25 Detroit, buried there August 31, 1760

5. John Baptist b. July 4, 1761

6. Archange b. July 17, Detroit, buried there July 29, 1763


Mary Ann Greffard b. April 21, 1773 Detroit, married there 1st January 21, 1788 Michael Monet dit Boismenu b. September 27, 1756 Ste Rose, died before 1800, son of John Baptist Monet dit Boismenu and Magdelene Darpeau. Married 2nd January 28, 1800 Detroit to Peter Gastinon dit Duchene, b. there April 18, 1754, buried there October 5, 1813, widower of Mary Joseph Lacelle, son of Francis Gastinon dit Duchene and Mary Joseph David.


Sophia Drouillard b. St. Antoine, married there August 25, 1830 Thomas Ouellet b. Lower Canada, son of Peter Ouellet and Magdelene David.


John Peter David, widower of Mary Judith Ricard, married 1815 ______ Tremblay, Detroit


Davey, Elias C. Co. K. 8th Michigan Cavalary
Davey, Elias C. Miscellaneous
Davey, George R. Co. I, 2nd Mich. Cav.
Davey, Patrick Co. K, 3rd Mich. Inf.
Davey, Richard H. Co. H, 24th Mich. Inf.
Davey, Wellington D. Co. H, 10th Mich.Inf.
Davey, William Co. D, 22nd Mich. Inf.
David, Addison 9th Mich. Cavalary
David, Alexander (Listed also as Alexander Davis) Co. C, 14th Mich. Inf.
David, Ambrose A. Bat. F, 1st Lt. Art
David or Daniel, Charles Co. E 11th Mich Inf.
David, Ednar C. (Listed also as Edward C. Davis)
David, Henry C. Co. I, 11th Mich. Inf.
David, James I. Co. K, 1st Mich Cav
David, James I. 9th Mich. Cavalary
David, Jasper 27th Mich. Inf.
David, John Co. B, 27th Mich. Inf.
David, John Co. K, 1st Mich. Sharpsh
David, Julian (Listed also as Julian Davis)
David, Orson (Listed also as Orson Davis) Co. C, 4th Mich. Inf.
David, Orson O. Co. D, 27th Inf.
Davids. Chester W. Co. D, 22nd Mich.
Davids, Joseph Co. C, 26th Mich. Inf.
Davids, Philander Co. C, 2nd Mich. Inf.
Davids, William H. Co. E, 8th Mich. Inf.