07.11.99 [15:05] The cover for this Mp3 page is coming together nicely. Maybe a few noticed the designer of these pages is Daniel, the same webmaster who's behind the making of medBlikkmotParadis(it's in norwegian). Altough Andreas &Vegard are on the pages design crew as well, :mark that this is an project with all part involving their expertise. Hope people got our point of view..

07.11.99 [15:05] Our freelancing company DvA #Mp3, as of today, officially declared opened. In the following months we hope lots of people find their way to this site. As another famous person once said; I have a dream... And so do we. We have a dream that someday, in the future, DvA #Mp3 will be reconned to be a known site in housing Mp3's. To fulfill this, we need your help in advertising by telling friends about us!
    Thanks from the Crew of DaV #Mp3
For more info about our Crew, please go to the info-page take me there

07.11.99 [18:22] Just added some new songs to the archive. In the following days to friday, this week, we'll be adding amounts of new Mp3's. Our main goal is to have none broken links - Ohh.. and as we just said, we don't have broken links, right?! And by the way, look out for the british band called "Cheap Shots" (see cover to the left), today's music tip..

05.11.99 [23:48] Been working all week-end on our submission for the Uploading Colviex book, that will hopefully prove to be a massive sell-out. We will not tell what it is about, but it has to do with our very secret BW project. Wow - a secret...!?


04.11.99 [22:44] Finally finished the cover for the Iniquity "Five across the eyes" CD.

04.11.99 [14:19] Interview with Andrew Johnstone in DesignIsKinky. If you cannot find the interview, please follow this link

12.8.99 [17:22] The long awaited KALIBER10000 t-shirts are finally done, and they look quite nice. If you'd like to get one go to the KALIBER10000 site right this minute and get equipped.

Other news: Back in my old game, beating mschmidt's sorry FIFA-ass, 3 CD's in store for me (I think want the entire Tribe Called Quest collection. [ a b c d e ] hehe.) Got mschmidt all depressed and worn out. Poor bastard.


04.8.99 [01:36] Working on a cover for the most scary hardcore deathmetal band in Denmark, Iniquity. Took some shots of mschmidt yesterday (which was a horrible day, lost my title as the FIFA master to mschmidt; fucking five CD's!) - anyway, the photos were very 36-roll-in-a-hurry-like, but they work really well, when working McKean-style (as you do).


19.7.99 [14:29] LOTS photographed + designed the LOVE postcard, which was printed and distributed by Danish Go-Card. It was so popular that it was reprinted 3 times. Available for free in most Danish cafés.
The card was a sort of a KALIBER10000 ad-stunt, look for the hidden messages on the back. Back of card was designed by Lots and

19.7.99 [14:52] While in London I started off designing some pretty useless collectors cards called the good life '99, Still working on the overall concept, but I am sure they will be a huge success. You will
never have seen anything like it. Just finished the
fish'n chips card.

19.7.99 [14:15] Have been doing some messing about on a piece for SUFFOCATE called thank you my friend; couldn't find a category that would fit it, however.

19.7.99 [12:34] Be sure to check out the LOTS piece for the IMG SRC 100 book, still available at SHIFT. The book consists of 100 works from 100 different webdesigners around the globe and is very red.

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